JavaScript Count String Occurrences in Array

In this article I will show you how I use JavaScript to traverse an array of strings. While doing so I will count the number of times that a specific string appears in the array. Then I will do the same for integers. There are a few ways to do this. The method that I use here is one that I find intuitive and elegant.

If you want to download the script in the article, you can do so below. The ZIP file contains 2 HTML files that you can run.

    <p id="MyOutput"></p>

    let MyArray = ["apple","cherry","pear","lemon","apple","banana","grapes","grapes","banana","pineapple","banana","cherry","apple","banana"];
    let Counter = 0;
    let LookingFor = "pear"; // change this to look for a different string
    let TimesFound = 0;

    for (Counter=0; Counter<MyArray.length; Counter++) {
        if (MyArray[Counter] == LookingFor) {
    document.getElementById("MyOutput").innerHTML = TimesFound;