7 Types of Social Media Fans

Social media has become such a powerful tool in business that it is now listed as a full-time paying job for some. Large companies have set job roles that are entirely social media based because of the large demand for companies to have a social media presence. Understanding social media is a tough task in and of itself, but understanding your followers can be an even tougher task.

It is important that, when doing social media marketing, that you know your following in order to better reach them on a personal level. This includes the types of people they are, things they like, things that peak their interest, etc. To help yourself better get acquainted with your following it’s important to first understand the types of followers that exist among the various social media channels.

The Quite Follower: This is the follower who is aware of your business but is not a customer, they like your page because their friends like your page. This type of follower doesn’t harm your social media efforts, but they do not help them either. The best way to reach this type of follower is through interaction, polls, videos, giveaways, etc.

The Casual Liker: This person has experienced or purchased your brand/product before and occasionally likes the things you put out on your social channels. The best way to keep this kind of follower is to continue providing a good product or service.

The Deal Seeker: This person loves a deal and are fans/followers of whomever puts out the best ones. The best way to attract this type of person is by providing great deals and incentives in return for their loyalty as a customer.

The Unhappy Customer: This is the fan who had one (or more) bad experience(s) with your company/product and they want everyone to know about it. This customer can be a pain, but it’s important to remember that you cannot please everyone. The best way to handle this social media fan is to respond to their issue quickly and give support in anyway you can to help their situation get resolved.

The Ranter: One word that can be used to describe this person is “troll”. Sometimes the ranter isn’t even a customer, they just have nothing else better to do than make internet life hard for others. The best way to handle these types are to just simply ignore them. Don’t engage in any kind of heated debate with them, that is what they feed on.

The Cheerleader: This type of social media fan/follower likes, shares, and comments on everything you post and everything about your company. This (in my opinion) is the best type of follower you can have. They help promote, share, and drive growth to your business. If you continue to provide great content, promotions, or products then you will have no trouble keeping this type of fan happy.

The Loyal Fan: This type of fan is just as it’s title says, loyal. They share and recommend you to friends and family, provide support and constructive criticism to help you better reach other fans, and they stick up for you against the ranters and unhappy customers. This is also one of the best type of social media fans/followers you can have and you should recognize these types of fans with customer appreciation gifts and deals.

Reach Local gets the credit for this info, for the complete guide to the different types of social media fans, refer to the infographic below.

Created by Reach Local