6 Mind Blowing Social Media Statistics

Awareness Networks has put together this Infographic of 6 social media statistics that you probably didn’t know (or don’t care to know anyway). Social media stats are everywhere so we hate to bore you with some more, but these stats may be able help your business. Here is a look at these social media stats:

1. 95% of all Facebook wall posts are not answered by brands. Don’t be the company that ignores social media interaction from customers. Getting a team that handles social media inquiries, complaints, or any other posts to let your customers know you’re listening.

2. Pinterest is projected to account for 40% of social media driven purchases. When you pin a product to Pinterest be sure to include a price for the product, it’s as easy as putting a $ sign in front of a number.

3. The average user spends 20 minutes per visit on Facebook. Post multiple times per day to have a better chance of reaching your customers while they’re logged in to Facebook.

4. 13% of consumers follow a brand on social media because of their content. Create valuable and interesting content to be posted on social media and get people intrigued.

5. Twitter handles 32 billion search queries per month. Using hashtags for keywords relating to your post can increase your tweets ability to be found by Twitter users.

6. 20% of Google searches each day have never been searched before. Targeting long-tail keywords or low competition keywords can help build valuable traffic to your website. Using analytic tools to see what search terms are used to find your website can help you better target keywords for your website.

Created by Awareness Networks

6 Mind Blowing Social Media Statistics by Awareness Networks

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  1. Oh my GOSH. That is really awesome. Love to know more about how to reach men through pinterest, though. It seems like a more female friendly audience. Good stuff!

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