What If Superheroes Let Themselves Go?

Ever wonder what Superheroes would look like if they let just let themselves go? Well Antonella Villani did and that’s what drove the company he works for, DesirableBody, to create this fun little browser game, Supersized Superheroes.

Antonella says “it was actually a bit of a fun side-project whilst we were working on rebuilding the website (ended up launching just before Christmas) – we seriously needed the distraction from all the last minute bug hunting! Officially I think it was justified on getting the brand name out there, but once the idea existed I knew we had to do it either way :)”.

You can follow the company behind these creations on their Facebook page. So let us take a look at these superhero illustrations of what superheroes would look like if they let themselves go.


Thor Fat Superhero


Batman Fat Superhero


Superman Fat Superheros


Spiderman Fat Superhero

Iron Man

Ironman Fat Superhero

The Online Game

Fat Superheros