Useful Tools for Developers #2

Welcome to the second edition of useful tools for developers. Something we all need, whether we are developers, designers, or whatever, are tools to help make our jobs seamless and quicker. These articles are aimed to help you do just that.

These tools I post are either ones I use, have tried, or have been backed by other developers as great tools to help with our jobs. So without further ado, here is part two of useful tools for developers.


Tailor is an experimental code editor for Chrome. Its main features include the ability to edit your code offline, it supports Git, and has auto complete for CSS, HTML, and Javascript.

Tailor Code Editor for Chrome

Custom Google Maps

Just as the title suggests, this website by Donald Sutherland lets you easily build a custom Google Map. You can change the size, lat & long, where markers are placed, zoom level, controls, map type, and map theme.

Custom Google Maps Builder

Entity Conversion Calculator

This is a handy tool for converting entities, like the copyright symbol as you see below, into the proper code for CSS, JS, and HTML. Simply paste whichever code you have into the correct slot and click convert. This converter will convert that code into the other proper formats of code.

Entity Conversion Calculator