Useful Tools for Developers #1

Useful tools for developers part one

Being a front-end web developer myself, it’s always helpful finding new tools to help make developing easier and more efficient. That being said, below is part one of useful tools for developers. All of the tools I will post in these articles will in some way be beneficial to developers.

If you have any suggestions for great developer tools that you yourself use to help with the process of developing, please feel free to comment them below and I’ll take a look at them. If I find them useful I will post them up in a future article.


Have you ever been browsing on your iPhone or iPad and come across something you need to copy and paste to your Mac, but you’re forced to copy-paste-email it to yourself instead? Now you don’t have to waste all that time, scribe lets you copy and paste between your Mac and Apple iOS devices.

Scribe Apple App

Web Safe Colors

I know I just posted about this, but it’s a handy website. Web Safe Colors displays all 216 web safe colors in a grid format and displays the RGB, HEX, and HSL color codes in an easy copy format as needed for CSS.

Web Safe Colors by Zac Knoblauch


ColorZilla is a very useful Chrome web browser add on that lets you pick colors right off of a web page with a color dropper. This comes in handy when you see a color you like on another site, or even on an image or logo from a website.

Once you click the dropper on the color you want it gives you the RGB and HEX color codes to copy. This cool add on even has a CSS3 gradient generator!

ColorZilla Chrome Add On


Ruul is an on screen ruler and a great tool for developers. I use this (along with ColorZilla) on a daily basis. You have a short 560px ruler and a longer 1100px ruler to choose from in many different transparent colors. This comes in handy for quick measurements needed while developing on a website.

Ruul Chrome Add On

Adobe Edge Inspect

Adobe has been kicking ass lately as far as tools for web development go, and Edge Inspect is proof. I recently downloaded Edge Inspect to give it a shot and I have to say, I am impressed and I use it for my responsive website projects.

Adobe Edge Inspect allows you to test any website on multiple devices and inspect the code for each of those devices. Simply download the free Edge Inspect app for your Android or iOS device and download the add on for Chrome. Turn it on and start inspecting, change code and watch it change live on your device. This makes editing code and testing on mobile devices smooth and easy right from your desktop computer. I suggest you take a few minutes and head to Adobe to learn more about this awesome tool.

Adobe Edge Inspect

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