Unique Video Game Website Designs

Unique Video Game Website Designs

When it comes to games, passionate players expect many more things than an exciting gaming experience. They want to know something about the developer, its history in producing great games, and are interested in details about the game’s creation. These days, video games are a real form of art. Avid gamers are eager to find out as many things as possible about the “artistic” features of their favorite game.

The best way to know more about a certain game is by taking a look at its website. Usually, video game webpages are very creative and they illustrate the game’s content flawlessly. They’re released several months earlier and can offer players a preview over the game. Here are some inspired video game webpages:

Wolfenstein: The New Order

There’s only one term that can describe this webpage: ORIGINALITY. It uses amazing background photos, cool animations, powerful colors and a very nice video popup. Its chic “next” and “previous” button will allow you to easily surf through the website. In the navigation bar you will find a nice retailer promotion where you can pre-order the game.

Wolfenstein: The New Order Website

Tom Clancy’s: The Division

Tom Clancy’s: The Division is a great mix between a community website and a creative video game webpage. It proves that a video game website can be both inventive and functional. It has a lovely general theme, high-resolution photos, and attractive videos. It presents the game in an accurate way.

Tom Clancy’s: The Division Website

Final Fantasy: A Realm Unborn

The Final Fantasy website impresses through its really rich navigation system and awesome graphics. It features lots of stylish buttons, an artistic theme, cool game images and a unique 3D in-game items viewer. It’s very rich from a graphics point of view and it definitely deserves its place on this list.

Final Fantasy: A Realm Unborn Website

Watch Dogs

Just like the game, the webpage has a very chis and futuristic vibe. The Watch Dogs site promotes all sorts of social elements from the game. It is packed with numerous interesting social widgets that visitors will find useful and engaging. It comes with a simple sticky menu that makes navigation extremely easy. Its main upside is the ultramodern style.

Watch Dogs Website

Saints Row IV

It is one of the best combinations between a video game site and an online community. It puts an accent on transparency and gradients using a modern silver & purple theme. The Saint Row IV website impresses with its amazing sliders and images, and multifaceted community profiles. The graphic elements and the numerous details make it a great video game website.

Saints Row IV Website

Borderlands: 2

It is an extremely creative and cool game, thus its website needed to be just as good. It follows the game’s cartoonish style and unique look. The page features content side animations that will help you navigate between posts with ease.

Borderlands: 2 Website

Website game design is extremely important for a video games because it gives players an idea of the game prior to the gameplay. As humans we are often influenced by general appearance; ergo, if the first web page of a video game is properly crafted, it will immediately grab attention; the more curious the player the better for the game developer.

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