The Anatomy of a Graphic Designer

The Anatomy of a Graphic Designer infographic by Glantz Design

You may remember the infographic we posted awhile back comparing web designers vs web developers, making fun of the stereotypes of each of them. This infographic from Glantz Design is similar to that, except that this one is making fun of graphic designer stereotypes. These stereotypes include Apple die hard, black rimmed glasses, skinny jeans, coffee addict, hip sneakers and more.

For the most part some of these are true, obviously everyone is different and has a different style, but this style seems to be a trend among designers in general. It’s always fun to laugh at ourselves once in awhile so hopefully you get a good laugh out of this.

Created by Glantz

The Anatomy of a Graphic Designer infographic by Glantz Design

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3 Responses to The Anatomy of a Graphic Designer

  1. ames121 says:

    I’m a designer and saw every one of these things today. I would say Helvetica has become passe, though. Futura, Gotham, and Univers are the favorites. Neutraface if you’re feeling sassy.

  2. kungfumiszcz says:

    such a bullshit! semifat, no glasses, demonic tshirt, bloody eyes, rather soda than coffee. that’s a g-designer.

  3. namvu says:

    I’m a designer and the only thing about this that is true is the skinny jean and large headphones. As for the rest, I’d go with Redbull instead of Coffee, Source Sans Pro instead of Helvetica (because of its awesome unicode support and great looks). I do like Apple products but not anymore than I like what the PC world has to offer