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14 Flat Free WordPress Themes

The age of flat design is among us, everywhere you look companies are re-branding and re-designing to stay with this trend. Although some consider the trend of flat design to be overrated and overused, I believe it is one of the few trends that needs to be used more. Flat design isn’t just about the color or the non-beveled look, it’s about usability and drawing the users focus to what matters.

That said, having a website that is clean and user friendly is a must. Most people aren’t fortunate enough to be able to afford for someone to build them a flat website or decent looking trendy website though. That is why I’ve put together this collection of flat WordPress themes that are all completely free, so all users have to do is upload one of these themes to their WordPress site and they’re now trendy :). All of these themes have two things in common, they encompass the flat design trend and they’re modern looking.

1. Revera by Fab Themes

One of my favorite themes in this list, revera utilizes a large homepage image slider to showcase posts. This theme sticks with the simplicity all around and shows off the 4 latest portfolio items and the 4 latest blog posts in sections below the slider.

Revera WordPress Theme by Fab Themes

2. Duena by Duena Studio

Duena utilizes some beautiful typography along with flat design elements and bright colors. This theme is perfect for personal blogs, it includes a homepage slider and is fully responsive.

Duena WordPress Theme by Duena Studio

3. Current by Site Origin

An extremely minimal and flat theme, Current is a great theme to help you show off your creative work in simple fashion. This is great blank canvas for developers and designers to build off of.

Current WordPress Theme by Site Origin

4. BirdFLAT by sysbird

BirdFlat is a very simple flat theme that is built in a pinterest style layout. This theme is fully responsive and is perfect for showing off your images.

BirdFLAT WordPress Theme by sysbird

5. Fizz by Site5 Themes

Fizz is the prefect example of modern and flat mixed together. One thing that stands out on this theme is the horizontal image slider on the homepage. This theme is fully responsive and great for a corporate style or business website.

Fizz WordPress Theme by Site5 Themes

6. Time by Site5 Themes

Beautiful and simple, Time is a great theme to use for a personal portfolio and blog. Time is a fully responsive WordPress theme and is widget ready.

Time WordPress Theme by Site5 Themes

7. Oceanus by Fab Themes

Oceanus is a great flat WordPress theme to use for a news style blog. It comes with a jQuery style slider on the homepage that displays a title and featured images from a selected category.

Oceanus WordPress Theme by Fab Themes

8. Mordor by Fab Themes

Mordor is a great visual theme that focuses on imagery and a very minimal and flat design. This theme is sidebar widget ready and includes a full width homepage jQuery image slider.

Mordor WordPress Theme by Fab Themes

9. Helix by Fab Themes

Helix focuses on a full screen slider and has a flat style menu on the left side of the theme. The blog setup on this theme is beautiful and it’s perfect for a personal portfolio style blog.

Helix WordPress Theme by Fab Themes

10. Garvan by Fab Themes

Garvan is a great news and online magazine style theme for any kind of blog. Garman focuses a flat design in a very minimal aspect.

Garvan WordPress Theme by Fab Themes

11. Binary by Fab Themes

Binary is a blog style WordPress theme that utilizes a widgetized left sidebar. Blog posts include featured images and excerpts on the homepage.

Binary WordPress Theme by Fab Themes

12. Virtue by Kadence Themes

Virtue is a minimal and flat style theme perfect for ecommerce websites. This theme is fully responsive and Woocommerce ready, it is also retina ready. The homepage features a large image slider, a featured projects section, as well as a latest blog posts section.

Virtue WordPress Theme by Kadence Themes

13. My Flatonica by myThemes

Flatonica is a fully responsive, very simple, full width, and flat style WordPress theme from myThemes. This theme supports custom background images, colors, logo, and favicon so you can easily manipulate it to your personal style.

My Flatonica WordPress Theme by myThemes

14. Pelican by Fab Themes

Pelican is a WordPress theme that is image focused. It’s flat style and large typography help to catch visitors attention. My favorite part about this theme is the hover effect on the images, each blog post’s featured image displays the title and read more button that folds from the left on hover, a very cool effect. This theme contains sidebar and footer widget areas.

Pelican WordPress Theme by Fab Themes

Photo Wordpress theme featured

WordPress has become the most popular CMS on earth over the past decade and is being used by some of the worlds top companies including The New York Times, CNN, Forbes, eBay, BestBuy, Tech Crunch and more. With thousands upon thousands of free WordPress themes out on the web, it can be an overwhelming task trying to choose the right one for your WordPress website.

That is why I decided to put together this list of 10 spectacular free WordPress themes that you should consider using for your next website. These themes are well constructed and up with current trends and are sure to stand out from the crowd.

1. Spun by Caroline Themes

Spun is a clean and light-weight and responsive theme perfect for photographers who want to showcase their photos in an elegant manner. This theme supports widgets which can be used in the footer and also supports the Image, Quote, Status, Gallery, and Aside post formats.

Spun Free WordPress Theme

2. Photography by SMThemes

Photography by SMThemes is a ready to go theme that is fully responsive. Great for photographers and bloggers, this theme combines the portfolio style with a blog format. This theme supports custom sidebars, is shortcode ready, and slider ready.

Photography Free WordPress Theme by SMThemes

3. Photo by WP Explorer

Photo is another great theme to use as a portfolio featuring a fully responsive grid style layout. The minimal layout brings focus to your logo and focus to your work.

Photo Free WordPress Theme by WP Explorer

4. Xenastore by Web2Feel

Xenastore is a great theme if you plan on setting up an online shop. This theme features vibrant colors and a simplistic layout so users can focus more on the products you have to offer.

Xenastore Free WordPress Theme by Web2Feel

5. Architekt by Dessign

Architekt is another great theme for a portfolio and features a grid style layout that focuses on images. You can download a free version or opt for the paid version which is responsive.

Architekt Free WordPress Theme by Dessign

6. Shuttershot by Web2Feel

Shuttershot is a full screen slideshow image theme that is perfect for photographers. This is a great minimalist theme that will have users focus towards your photos.

Shuttershot Free WordPress Theme by Web2Feel

7. Simple’n’Bright by Site5

Just as it’s name says, this theme is a simple and bright WordPress theme that is widget ready (footer and sidebar). It’s Google web fonts supported and custom logo and favicon supported. Activate the homepage slider and you’ll have users drooling over your website.

Simple'n'Bright Free WordPress Theme  by Site5

8. iRibbon by Cyber Chimps

iRibbon is a great theme that is fully responsive and includes drag and drop page elements. This theme runs off of the trusted Twitter bootstrap and features a homepage slider and ribbon backgrounds for main heading elements.

iRibbon free WordPress Theme by Cyber Chimps

9. Clippy by Site5

Clippy is a bit girly I’ll admit (with the pink highlights) but this theme features some beautiful fonts and a minimalist layout in Pinterest pin board style. The best part? This theme is fully responsive.

Clippy free WordPress Theme by Site5

10. Lefty by Authentic Themes

Featuring a left fixed side bar, lefty is a great theme that steps outside the norm. This theme is fully responsive, W3C valid, supports Google web fonts, and widgets in the sidebar and footer area.

Lefty free WordPress Theme by Authentic Themes

Useful WordPress Plugins

As a rule, when designers start a new project they’re using the same array of technical tricks as in previous projects. In this blog post let’s focus on useful WordPress plugins that cover all aspects i.e. all parts of the site, including security, imagery, promotion, SEO, eCommerce, etc.

Our list includes only those plugins which are maintained and supported, be sure that you’ll get a response from developers if something goes wrong. Plugins that won’t work are not included into this round-up.

When creating the list I wasn’t pursuing the aim to gather a large number of plugins, no one needs huge lists. For each aspect I’ve chosen the best, in my opinion. Browse through the list, and don’t forget to submit your opinion at the bottom.

BTW, if you think that some plugins needs to be included into the round-up, submit the link into the comments and add some brief description. Thanks in advance.

Alpine PhotoTile for Instagram

Alpine Photo Tile for Instagram

Requires: 2.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.5.2
Last Updated: 2013-7-20
Downloads: 30,846

Are you a heavy Instagram user? Then probably you’d want to integrate some shots from a specific profile or group of tags. Check out the Alpine PhotoTile plugin, with its help embedding Instagram photos is no longer a problem. There are several options of integration either by URL or to the slideshow. Embedding widget is possible with the help of a shortcode.

Notable features:

  • Embed into sidebar, post or page
  • Multiple customization styles
  • Slideshow presentation of shots
  • Widget is embedded via shortcode

WP User Avatar

WP User Avatar WordPress Plugin

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.6
Last Updated: 2013-8-7
Downloads: 92,662

Seems like using images from Gravatar is pretty boring, if you want to add a bit of user profile customization to your site WP User Avatar plugin is specifically for you. All images are uploaded via gallery as any other image used for the post.

Notable features:

  • Upload your avatar to your WP Avatar setting
  • Show Gravatar avatar if WP User avatar is not available
  • Disable easily Gravatar images
  • Contributors and Subscribers have the rights to upload avatars

Related Posts by Zemanta

Related Posts WordPress Plugin by Zemanta

Requires: 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.6
Last Updated: 2013-7-8
Downloads: 24,705

Increasing traffic is a real problem for every site owner. Here is a great solution for you – Zemanta. With its help you can bring more visitors to your blog or site from across the web.


Jetpack WordPress Plugin

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.6
Last Updated: 2013-8-6
Downloads: 6,246,151

Back in those days WordPress had some features that were later omitted. With Jetpack plugin you’ll be able to get back all those features to your self-hosted website.

Notable features:

  • Simple e-mail subscription to your blog post and comments
  • Social media enable comments
  • Embedded WP.me url shortener
  • Media embedding from side sources
  • Automatic posting to social media profiles

WordPress SEO

WordPress SEO WordPress Plugin

Requires: 3.3 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.6
Last Updated: 2013-7-3
Downloads: 5,627,117

SEO still means a lot for your website. There is a great number of tools that really help improve SEO. If you’re looking for one of these, WordPress SEO by Yoast is the right choice. It was developed by a WP SEO consultant and WP developer and made sure that all aspects of SEO were taken into consideration.

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 WordPress Plugin

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.6
Last Updated: 2013-8-8
Downloads: 12,013,803

With Check out one of the best contact form managers. With Contact form 7 you can easily manage number of forms and with the help of simple mark-up. Contact from 7 supports Ajax, CAPTCHA and Akismet spam filtering.

NextGEN Gallery

NextGEN Gallery

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.5.2
Last Updated: 2013-7-30
Downloads: 7,759,357

Check out one of the best WordPress gallery plugins – NextGEN Gallery. As you can see, there are more than 7,7 million downloads. So many people can’t be mistaken. This plugin offers immense abilities for managing the imagery content of your site/blog.

Notable features:

  • Uploading and managing image galleries
  • Batch uploads
  • Meta data import
  • Adding, deleting, rearranging and sorting available
  • Thumbnail editor
  • Slideshows and thumbnail galleries on board


WooCommerce eCommerce WordPress Plugin

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.6 beta 3
Last Updated: 2013-7-19
Downloads: 1,251,737

Today even a lazy-bone has an online store. If you have a WordPress-powered site you can turn it easily into a store. All you need is a WooCommerce plugin that is pretty easy to configure. The features below will give you a know why you should use this plugin.

  • Accept credit cards and PayPal payments
  • Simple offline gateways
  • Ship your items using a flat cost
  • Ship for free, or require a coupon to enable
  • Powerful analytics, including eCommerce tracking
  • Social media integration
  • Encourage your customers to share their purchases in return for a coupon

User Role Editor

User Role Editor WordPress Plugin

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.6
Last Updated: 2013-8-2
Downloads: 739,192

Seems like, setting roles for users in standard WordPress admin is a bit too boring. Consider User Role Editor for this purpose, apart from changing a role of a specific user you can change a bunch of capabilities (see the screenshot below).

User Role Editor Capabilities

Bulletproof Security

Bulletproof Security WordPress Plugin

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.6
Last Updated: 2013-8-1
Downloads: 779,205

Protect your site against XSS, CRLF, RFI, Code Injection and SQL Injection hacking attempts. With Bulletproof Protection plugin you’ll be to enable one-click protection for your WordPress site. Built-in .htaccess file editing, uploading and downloading.

Notable features:

  • Brute Force Login Security Protection
  • Logged DB Fields
  • Email Alerting Options
  • Dynamic DB Form
  • Enhanced Search
  • Stand-alone Unlock Form bpsunlock.php

Well I hope this list was helpful for you. If you live your WordPress life a bunch of great plugins is exactly what you need. Stay tuned to get all the latest updates.

Codilight WordPress Theme by Fame Themes Featured

There are thousands of WordPress themes on the web, finding the right one for your website can be a tough task. Free WordPress themes are a dime a dozen now a days and without the knowledge of being able edit code and customize a free theme, your website could end up looking like 1000 others out on the web. This is where purchasing a premium WordPress theme can come in handy.

Since most of the websites on the web use free themes, purchasing a premium theme can set your website apart from the pack. Premium themes are built with more love and attention to detail, they also come with a lot better support than a free theme would come with. This can come in handy if you decide to start customizing your WordPress site on your own and run into problems or need help. Another great thing about premium themes is that they usually come with a lot more user friendly customization capabilities to help you further set your site apart.

Here we’ve gathered 22 beautiful premium WordPress themes that are sure to appeal to your site audience and set your website apart from the competition. Enjoy…

1. Scroller by Dannci

Scroller WordPress Theme by Dannci

2. Grid by Authentic Themes

Grid WordPress Theme by Authentic Themes

3. Origin by Elegant Themes

Origin WordPress Theme by Elegant Themes

4. Gleam by Elegant Themes

Gleam WordPress Theme by Elegant Themes

5. Vertex by Elegant Themes

Vertex WordPress Theme by Elegant Themes

6. Fable by Elegant Themes

Fable WordPress Theme by Elegant Themes

7. Nimble by Elegant Themes

Nimble WordPress Themes by Elegant Themes

8. Metro Vibes by ThemeFuse

Metrovibes WordPress Theme by Themefuse

9. Conexus by ThemeFuse

Conexus WordPress Theme by Themefuse

10. Codilight by FameThemes

Codilight WordPress Theme by Fame Themes

11. Enfold by Kriesi

Enfold WordPress Theme by Kriesi

12. Salient by ThemeNectar

Salient WordPress Theme by Theme Nectar

13. Avada by ThemeFusion

Avada WordPress Theme by Theme Fusion

14. Jupiter by Artbees

Jupiter WordPress Theme by Artbees

15. Paragon by Artbees

Paragon WordPress Theme by Artbees

16. SimpleMag by ThemesIndep

Simplemag WordPress Theme by Themes In Dep

17. 3Clicks by bring the pixel

3 Clicks WordPress Theme by BringThePixel

18. Kallyas by Hogash

Kallyas WordPress Theme by Hogash

19. Flatco by themewaves

Flatco WordPress Theme by Waves

20. Mineral by Pexeto

Mineral WordPress Theme by Pexeto

21. 907 by Web Creations 907

907 WordPress Theme by Web Creations 907

22. Passage by Qode

Passage WordPress Theme by Qode

Premium Wordpress Themes by Authentic Themes

Authentic Themes is a new premium WordPress theme company founded by AJ Clarke and Matt Tucker. Authentic Themes build their themes to a high standard without all the bloat you tend to see in the average WordPress Theme. They stick to core WordPress functions to ensure simplicity and compatibility with future updates.

The thing that stands out most about Authentic Themes is their pricing. For just $40 a year you get access to all premium themes (23 themes right now with more themes added monthly), continuous theme updates, and access to knowledge-base.

They also offer two other packages: Developer for $80 per year, which offers all of the things from the standard package, plus access to developers resources (resources include many things from PSDs, Premium Plugins, jQuery Scripts to Free WordPress Themes) and Lifetime Developer for a $250 one time payment, which offers everything from the developer package for life. The best thing about Authentic Themes? You can keep using the themes even after your yearly subscription is up.

Authentic Themes Pricing

With over 23 themes already and new ones launching each month, it’s a no brainer to sign up for this deal at just $40 a year. You’re probably wondering what these themes look like though right? So let’s check some a few of them out…


If you’re a photographer looking to showcase your work elegantly on the web then PhotoPress is the perfect Photography WordPress theme for you. This theme features a responsive masonry home/archive pages for your photos and sliders which will display your photos nicely in a grid. For single posts upload multiple images to create a beautiful slider and showcase multiple pictures.

Photopress Premium WordPress Theme from Authentic Themes


If you have a business, agency, or are a young professional then Agency WordPress theme is right for you. This is a very clean and professional looking theme with simplicity in mind.

Agency Premium WordPress Theme from Authentic Themes


Great for bloggers and photographers, Blocky is a simple grid style WordPress theme designed on a responsive layout.

Blocky Premium WordPress Theme from Authentic Themes


Set up on a magazine style blog layout, Magazine is great for news and blog websites. It features two navigation menus, built in ad space and a homepage slider.

MagazinePremium WordPress Theme from Authentic Themes

Apollo (free)

Apollo is one of the two free WordPress themes offered by Authentic Themes. Apollo features a two column grid layout, two navigation menus, ad space, and social media buttons in the header.

Apollo Free WordPress Theme from Authentic Themes

The best thing about Authentic themes is the work that is put into them. Utilizing responsive layouts for various screen sizes and being optimized to ensure fast page load times, Authentic themes is a great choice when it comes to premium and free WordPress themes.


WordPress 3.6 Beta (3) was released May 11th for download and testing, and me being a little late to the party decided to download and test it yesterday. There aren’t any major changes to this version of WordPress, most of them are all small security and bug fixes. One of the main changes is the addition of the new deafult WordPress theme, Twenty Thirteen.

Post Formats

The first thing I noticed when going over WordPress 3.6 Beta 3  was how the post formats are displayed. Although post formats are not new to WordPress (first introduced in WordPress 3.1), the way they are displayed in the post area is new. Post formats are now displayed directly above the post title (where as before they were displayed in the right sidebar below the publish box) which you can see below.

Wordpress 3.6 Beta Post Formats

New Default Theme

WordPress 3.6 comes with a new default theme, Twenty Thirteen! This new theme is a big step from previous default WordPress themes . One of the biggest changes to this theme? It’s responsive (YA!), and it’s well due with the huge uprising in the responsive website trend. One of the biggest aesthetic changes to the new default theme is the color, Twenty Thirteen has a variety of colors to distinguish the various post formats from one another. To go with the new colors and theme is some new(and beautiful) typography, Twenty Thirteen comes with 2 Google Web Fonts (Source Sans Pro and Bitter) as well as a symbol font (Genericons) to “provide seamlessly scaling icons across the theme”. There are plenty more new features in the new Twenty Thirteen theme and you can check them out here.

Wordpress 3.6 Beta Theme Dashboard

Wordpress Twenty Thirteen Theme

Navigation Menus

The WordPress navigation menu area user interface in the admin got a little make-over as well. As you can see in the screen shot below, the left side section has drop down menus to display the pages, categories, and custom links to save space and scrolling. The menu selection box is now a drop down menu as well which saves even more space in the nav menu area and there is also a separate tab for managing menu locations.

Wordpress 3.6 Beta Navigation Menu Dashboard

There are a few more new things added in WordPress 3.6 which include better audio & video support without the need for plugins, autosave, and better post revisions. To download WordPress 3.6 Beta and test it out for yourself go here.


Introduced in WordPress 2.5, shortcodes are small snippets that you insert into posts and pages that call in certain things. What if you wanted to insert a shortcode into a WordPress template though like index.php? If you write the shortcode directly into the template it won’t work.

So to get a shortcode to render through a WordPress template just insert the short PHP snippet below replacing the “insert shortcode here” with your shortcode.

<?php echo do_shortcode("[insert shortcode here]"); ?>