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6 Inspiring Vine Videos

Vine is the new social media craze. It’s surprising more creative professionals haven’t been using Vine to promote their talents. A lot of big brands are already using it for marketing purposes, so there’s no excuse for creative individuals not to be present on this 6-second video platform.

Here are 6 creative people to follow on Vine. Prepare to be inspired…

1. Ian Padgham // @origiful

Ian Padgham’s shoes do the moonwalk for Michael Jackson’s birthday.

2. Matt Willis // @yelldesign

Matt Willis shows us how to make an iPhone out of paper.

3. Meagan Cignoli // @MeaganCignoli

Meagan Cignoli illustrates a quote by Henri Matisse.

4. Pinot // @pinot

Pinot illustrates a balloon that takes his pencil away.

5. Daniel Ojanlatva // @danielojanlatva

Daniel’s music comes to life.

6. Hunter Harrison // @hunrharrison

Hunter reimagines Super Mario Bros. underwater with food.

Now that you’ve been blown away from these amazing Vine videos, it’s time to create your own. Good luck!