The Proverbs Project by Michael Masinga

The Proverbs Typography Project

Earlier this year we did an article on 20 magnificent examples of typography (view here) and at number 18 on the list was Proverbs 10:13 by Michael Masinga. I liked his project so much I thought it should get a feature. So June Artist of the Month goes to Michael Masinga for The Proverbs Project. For those of […]

Serif vs Sans Infographic by Urban Fonts

Serif vs Sans Infographic

Today’s infographic, Serif vs Sans: The Final Battle,  is brought to you by Urban Fonts. The Serif vs Sans typeface battle has been going on forever, with the question of when is the best time to use which style. This infographic compares the two typefaces and shows the positive and negative aspects of each. In […]

Movie Alphabet Posters by Meagan Hyland

Alphabet Movie Posters

May Artist of the Month is Meagan Hyland of Dublin, Ireland. Meagan is a recent graduate of Limerick School of Art & Design and enjoys doing creative things like graphic design, illustration and photography. Meagan’s Movie Alphabet is an ongoing personal project of her’s that combines her love of movies, illustration and typography. Each week she adds […]

Good Music Typography by Eday Inc

20 Magnificent Examples of Typography

Typography dates back 100’s of years ago, all the way back to the first punches and dies used to make seals and currency in ancient times. Typography is used to create visually satisfying pieces that will engage a reader without them even realizing it. In present times you find typography everywhere you go, even more so if […]

11 Free Vintage Style Fonts

11 Free Vintage Style Fonts

Typography is in right now and what’s even more in is vintage/retro typography that you see on many websites and in many graphic designs. Many of you are probably wondering where you can get these awesome fonts and if they are free or not. Lucky for you, we made a list of 11 free vintage […]