The Four Faces of Link Building

4 Types of Link Builders

Link building is a very important task on every website owners agenda. It’s a factor in how your website ranks in search engines and how much of an authority your website is in the industry. That being said, there are several ways in which people build links and these people were categorized into 4 types […]

What if Search Engines Didn't Exist?

What if Search Engines Didn’t Exist?

What if search engines didn’t exist? This is a question that came creeping into my mind last night while I lay in bed trying to fall asleep. It’s a silly question, I know, but what if? How would some websites fair against others? As I thought more about I wondered how websites would be ranked […]

15 Common SEO Mistakes by Enfuzed

15 Common SEO Mistakes

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a key aspect every website owner needs to take into account. Without proper SEO knowledge though, it’s easy for someone to destroy their websites’ reputation with search engines. Being able to rank well in search engines and having a search engine friendly website is of key importance in building […]