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Inspiring Wedding Invitation Designs

Before the invention of the movable type printing press in 1447, weddings in England were announced by means of a town crier (a person employed to make public announcements in a town). Luckily in today’s time we have all the tools necessary to create printed wedding invitations to send directly to those whom we wish to invite.

The wedding invitation in most cases is the first thing a person will see in regards to your wedding (with the exception of save the dates), so making one that is unique and stands out is important. You don’t want something that someone will lose or that blends in with everything else on your refrigerator.

Seeing as that we’ve never posted anything wedding related on Enfuzed, I figured it was about time to start. I’ve gathered 12 inspiring wedding invitation examples to help you in getting some ideas for invites you may be creating for you or someone else’s wedding. The names below are of the designers not necessarily who the wedding is for.

1. Ryan Brinkerhoff

Wedding Invitation Design by Ryan Brinkerhoff

2. Allison Grayce

Wedding Invitation design by Allison Grayce

Wedding Invitation design by Allison Grayce

3. Jeffrey Jorgensen

Wedding Invitation Design by Jeffrey Jorgensen

Wedding Invitation Design by Jeffrey Jorgensen

4. Lydia Nichols

Wedding Invitation Design by Lydia Nichols

Wedding Invitation Design by Lydia Nichols

5. Dennis Thompson

Wedding Invitation design by Dennis Thompson

Wedding Invitation design by Dennis Thompson

Wedding Invitation design by Dennis Thompson

6. Nate Azark

Wedding Invitation Design by Nate Azark

7. Adam Ramerth

Wedding Invitation Design by Adam Ramerth

8. Bekka Reese

Bekka Reese Wedding Invitation Design

9. Matt Laumann

Wedding Invitation Design by Matt Laumann

Wedding Invitation Design by Matt Laumann

10. Dan Knispel

Wedding Invitation Design by Dan Knipsel

11. Cory Say

Wedding Invitation Design by Cory Say

Wedding Invitation Design by Cory Say

12. Sergey Grigoryan & Sandi Grigoryan

Wedding Invitation design by Sergey  Grigoryan and Sandi Grigoryan

Wedding Invitation design by Sergey  Grigoryan and Sandi Grigoryan

13. Bryan Couchman

Bryan Couchman Wedding Invitation Design

Bryan Couchman Wedding Invitation Design

Bryan Couchman Wedding Invitation Design


So when it comes to making invitations for your wedding, it’s a good idea to do them right as people will notice and remember. Hire a good designer and get wedding invitations that stand out like these. Out of all of them, which one(s) were your favorite?

30 Bold Type Business Card Designs

For some businesses, their business card is the first thing that comes into contact with a potential customer. Making a business card that is informative and memorable, standing out among others, is an important task in creating a business card.

One of many ways to make your business card stand out is with bold type and text. Much like the bold headline trend in web design, the bold type trend in business cards encompasses the same idea. Here I’ve gathered 30 business cards with bold text designs. These business card designs are sure to spark some inspiration and help you in thinking of designs for your own personal business card using bold type and fonts.

*The names below are of the creators of the business cards, not necessarily who the card was created for.*

1. Aleks Faure

Alexs Faure Business Card Design

2. Erica Pruetting

Erica Pruetting Business Card Design

3. Radio

Radio Business Card

4. Johana Barretto

Johana Barretto Business Card

5. Bryan Patrick Todd

Brian Patrick Todd Business Card

6. Neil Tasker

Neil Tasker Business Card Design

7. Michael Sevilla

Michael Sevilla Business Card

8. Min Ming Lo

Min Ming Lo Business Card

9. Evan Huwa

Evan Huwa Business Card Design

10. Bobby Bullen

Bobby Bullen Business Card Design

11. Kim Carlos Rehn

Kim Carlos Rehn Business Card Design

12. Tomasz Biernat

Tomesz Biernat Business Card Design

13. Jord Riekwel

Jord Riekwel Business Card Design

14. Fabio Perez

Fabio Perez Business Card Design

15. Julian Hrankov

Julian Hrankov Business Card Design

16. Megan Martinez

Megan Martinez Business Card

17. Andrew Power

Andrew Power Business Card

18. Whitney Tucker

Whitney Tucker Business Card

19. Phil Coffman

Phil Coffman Business Card Design

20. Hype & Slippers

Hype & Slippers Business Card Design

21. Kyle Anthony Miller

Kyle Anthony Miller Business Card Design

22. Jake Dugard

Jake Dugard Business Card Design

23. Sean Farrell

Sean Farrell Business Card Design

24. Stephen Di Denato

Stephen Di Donato Business Card

25. Emir Ayouni

Emir Ayouni Business Card Design

26. Ryan Brinkerhoff

Ryan Brinkerhoff Business Card Design

27. Jake Dugard

Jake Dugard Business Card Design for Makers Union

28. Riley Cran

Riley Cran Business Card Design

29. Colin Tierney

Colin Tierney Business Card

30. Alex Sheyn

Alex Sheyn Business Card Design


Hopefully this little showcase gave you enough inspiration to maybe approve upon your own business card. Which one of these 30 business cards was your favorite?

365 Illustrations by Enfuzed artist of the month Jag Nagra

October artist of the month goes to designer Jag Nagra. Jag, 29 years old, was born and raised in the suburbs of Vancouver, Canada and has been designing since her graduation from design school in Spring of 2006.

Jag is most known for her 365 design project (which we will cover below) in which from January 29, 2012 to January 28, 2013 she created an illustration a day (365 days, 365 illustrations).

You can view/follow more from Jag Nagra via the links below

Before we get to her awesome designs, Jag was kind enough to answer a few questions for us in a small interview which you’ll see below.

Where are you currently residing?

I live in a different suburb of Vancouver, where I just purchased my first home this summer!

What made you want to become a Designer?

My older brother had taken some design classes in University, and one project in particular required that he photograph my hand, and insert it into a typographic layout. I think that was the moment that I realized that this was an actual profession. People got paid to do this kind of thing? That’s when I really started thinking I wanted to do this. Before that point, I had no idea that Graphic Design even existed. I was oblivious.

What University did you attend and what’s your degree in?

After high school, I spent 2 years taking general studies at a post-secondary institute. Throughout my entire childhood, I just thought you went to University after high school, and then got a career. I didn’t understand how it worked. And so after I walked away with this diploma in my hand, I was no closer to a career than before I had started. I then applied for a Graphic Design program at the Art Institute of Vancouver without really knowing what that entailed, and ended up falling in love with it.

Where did you land your first Design related job?

My very first paid design job was working at a small greeting card manufacturer that created Christmas cards for corporate clients throughout Canada. My job was to input their pre-chosen messages to the inside of the card. It really wasn’t the most stimulating job, but I was only there for a few months since it was seasonal.

Tell us a little about Page 84 Design:

Page 84 Design started as a creative outlet for me outside of my day job. It’s a way for me to experiment, and push myself into new realms. Last year, I began a 365-day illustration project so that I could teach myself how to illustrate. That lead to getting noticed by design blogs, which then lead to people hiring me as an illustrator. So I guess at the moment, I’m calling myself an Illustrator.

I’m excited to see where I’ll go with it next, but it’s cool because it’s all up to me. I don’t need anyone’s approval before I post something or experiment with something.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

You mean when I’m not snuggling with my dogs? I have a huge passion and respect for photography. You could say that was my first love. These days, I gladly forgo my Canon camera equipment for the ease of use of the iPhone, and the ability to instantly share photos through Instagram. I’m obsessed!

Who/Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I love all things retro and mid-century modern.

What does your office look like?

I found this old solid wood desk on Craigslist that belonged to a retired doctor. It’s from the 1960’s and it’s so cool. They were moving to a new office space, and luckily I swooped it up for FREE before it ended up in the landfill. The donkey is an illustration of mine that I got printed on canvas.

Jag Nagra Office Picture

What design tools/software do you use?

I use a 17″ Macbook Pro, and I would say 80% of all the work I do in in Adobe InDesign..even illustrations.

Chrome, Firefox, or Safari?


What are some of your future plans/goals as a Designer?

I continually want to create things that will exist outside of a computer screen. A few years ago, I had this panicky realization that one day I would die, and my entire career would exist only in my computer files and I would stop existing as a designer. The thought of that is what lights a fire under me every day. I want to leave things behind for people to hold in their hands.


Now the exciting part, Jag’s designs! Obviously we won’t be able to include all 365 illustrations she created for her 365 project, but we will include a few among other projects she has done. You can view all 365 illustrations on Jag Nagra’s Behance portfolio here or view them in her Vimeo video below.

These illustrations are truly awesome and I like the simplistic approach, you may recognize some of these illustrations as popular celebrities, as well as animals and a variety of other types of people and characters.

Mr. T

Mr. T Illustration by Jag Nagra

Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan Illustration by Jag Nagra

Danny Devito

Danny Devito Illustration by Jag Nagra

Elton John

Elton John Illustration by Jag Nagra

Mr. Miyagi

Mr. Miyagi Illustration by Jag Nagra


ET Illustration by Jag Nagra

Colonel Sanders

Colonel Sanders Illustration by Jag Nagra

Snoop Dog

Snoop Dog Illustration by Jag Nagra

Barack Obama

Barack Obama Illustration by Jag Nagra

Larry King

Larry King Illustration by Jag Nagra

Kanya West

Kanya West Illustration by Jag Nagra

John Travolta

John Travolta Illustration by Jag Nagra

CeeLo Green

CeeLo Green Illustration by Jag Nagra


Jason Illustration by Jag Nagra


Wolverine Illustration by Jag Nagra

Movember Prints

Jag created these Movember prints for the Mustache Gentleman’s Alliance, you can purchase these prints here. All proceeds go to the Mustache Gentleman’s Alliance.

Movember Print created by Jag Nagra for Mustache Gentleman's Alliance

Hugo’s Hot Sauce

Jag Nagra did the branding, illustration and packaging design of a new line of hot sauce called Hugo’s Hot Sauce.

Hugo's Hot Sauce by Jag Nagra

Hugo's Hot Sauce Business Card by Jag Nagra

There you have Enfuzed’s artist of the month for October, Jag Nagra. Be sure to follow her on the social media links we listed above so you can view all of her past and current work.

Fifty Five Hi's

Fifty Five Hi's Logo

Fifty Five Hi’s is a printing company that Ross Moody started in June of 2010 as a fun creative outlet for him to produce products that make people smile and laugh. 55 Hi’s specializes in all things paper, covering everything from greeting cards and posters to stickers and coasters.

So what made Ross decide to start 55 Hi’s? He was working a day job at an ad agency and it was sucking the life out of him so at night he would design things that he had control over to make others smile in an effort to offset the tough day job. After really starting to concentrate on it’s success as a business in mid July of 2011, Ross discovered running a small business was something he truly loved doing. After a few popular releases such as The Robot CalendarThe Letters Poster, & The Shot Glass Card in 2012, 55 Hi’s gained some significant publicity and the company began to see some real growth.

You may be asking “What’s behind the name 55 Hi’s?”. Ross explains “I say I’ll never tell but I always immediately cave and spill the beans. There is no reason. I grew up in the Blink 182 era of attaching an arbitrary number to a words and then searching for ridiculous reasons to tell people to justify it. The truth is I thought it was catchy.”

Let’s take a look at some of the awesome designs that 55 Hi’s is pumping out…

Shot Glass Card

Shot Glass Greeting Card by 55 Hi's

Be On You

I Want to be on You Greeting Card by 55 Hi's

Numbers Poster

Numbers Poster by 55 Hi's

Happy Bacon

You Make Me Happy So Does Bacon Greeting Card by 55 Hi's

Happy When You’re Naked

I am so Happy I get to see you Naked on a regular basis greeting card by 55 Hi's

No Pants Dance

No Pants Dance Invitation by 55 Hi's

Quick Brown Fox

The Quick Brown Fox Poster by 55 Hi's

Shitty Friend

I am a shitty friend happy belated birthday card by 55 Hi's

You Rock

Thank You You Rock Greeting Card by 55 Hi's

You can view and purchase all 55 Hi’s products at their online store. You can also locate a store that sells 55 Hi’s products on their store locator page.

The inspirational and funny dynamic is still the driving force and reason for why Ross, 26 years old, continued 55 Hi’s, but it has since taken on a life of it’s own and the possibilities for new items he is wanting to create are just endless. There aren’t enough hours in the day.

So what’s in store for 55 Hi’s over the next year? Ross says “This is also a tricky question. 55 Hi’s will never be a large company so our goal is always to just constantly release the best products possible and make sure people are having an amazing experience opening a package from us. Seeing pics of our stuff on Instagram and Twitter is insanely rewarding. So if you are out there posting stuff, know that we’re totally stalking you like a creepster! You can make it easier for us by tagging #55his.”

If you want to follow and share 55 Hi’s awesome products you can find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Flickr, and Vimeo.


Standard 3.5 x 2 business cards won’t cut it these days, especially in the design world. I can’t tell you how many business cards I throw away (or just avoid grabbing in the first place) because it’s plain old black ink on a white 3.5 inch by 2 inch piece of paper. It’s almost to the point where it’s an annoyance to see them. Thankful there are a few people in this world who share my same views and have done something to destroy that old standard.

Below we’ve gathered 25 unique and unconventional business card designs for your inspiration, hopefully after seeing these you will go burn your current standard/boring business cards to spare us all.

1. Moss Optical by Soul Seven

Moss Optical Business Card by Soul Seven

2. Elena Mirosedina by Tanya Kozlova

Elena Mirosedina Business Card by Tanya Kozlova

3. Recycled Paper by Paper Papel Papier

Recycled Paper Business Card by Paper Papel Papier

4. Broome Street by Presshaus LA

Broome Street Business Card by Presshaus LA

5. Gabe Ferreira

Gabe Ferreira Business Card

6. Black Acrylic by Engravable Designs Inc.

Black Acrylic Business Card by Engravable Designs Inc.

7. TEDx St Johns by Engravable Designs Inc.

TEDx St Johns Business Card by Engravable Designs Inc.

8. MODHair by Fabio Milito

MODHair Business Card by Fabio Milito

9. TAM Cargo by Eduardo Quadra and Eduardo Araujo

TAM Cargo Business Card by Y&R

10. Klinetech by Julie Hanan Design

Klinetech Business Card by Julie Hanan Design

11. 10 10 Tires by Spring Advertising

10 10 Tires Business Card by Spring Advertising

12. iPhone by Beasty Design

iPhone Business Card by Beasty Design

13. Cafe Java by Taste of Ink

Cafe Java Business Card by Taste of Ink

14. Longshots by Taste of Ink

Longshots Business Card by Taste of Ink

15. Lady Bon Bon by Taste of Ink

Lady Bon Bon Business Card by Taste of Ink

16. State System Radio Inc. by Taste of Ink

State System Radio Inc. Business Card by Taste of Ink

17. Mineral Spring Water by Taste of Ink

Mineral Spring Water Business Card by Taste of Ink

18. Mitnick Security

Mitnick Security Business Card

19. Lush by Struck

Lush Lawn Business Card by Struck

Lush Lawn Business Card by Struck

20. Feeding the Self by LUMO

Feeding the Self Business Card by LUMO

21. We Are Designers by Hash Milhan

We Are Designers Business Card by Hash Milhan

22. Scanimated by Matthew Skelton

Scanimated Business Card by Matthew Skelton

Scanimated Business Card by Matthew Skelton

23. Barber Shop by Evgeny Katz

Barber Shop Business Card by Evgeny Katz

Barber Shop Business Card in Motion

24. Sheet Seat by Emily Berry

Sheet Seat Business Card by Emily Berry

25. La Charcuterie by Rethink Canada

La Charcuterie Business Card by Rethink Canada

26. Qooo by Rock Design

Qooo Business Card by Rock Design

27. Lucian Bernhard by Luke Anspach

Lucian Bernhard Business Card by Luke Anspach

Pearls & Lace Letterpress Business Card Featured Image

Having a business card that stands out is a must these days, especially when any average Joe can print them straight off their home computer on some cheap business card paper. Currently on the rise in popularity are letterpress business cards, so below we’ve compiled some gems that are sure to inspire. Although you may not be able to afford to have a business card professionally designed, after seeing some of these letterpress business cards, I’m sure you’ll change your mind.

01. Twig Creative by Rowley Press

Twig Creative Letterpress Business Card by Rowley Press

02. Italian Fix by Eva Black Design

Italian Fix Letterpess Business Card by Eva Black Design

03. Original Design by Print and Grain

Print and Grain Letterpress Business Card

04. Josef Heigl by The Infinitive Factory

Josef Heigl Letterpress Business Card by The Infinitive Group

05. Fifth Street by Nomadic Press

Fifth Street Letterpress Business Card by Nomadic Press

06. Original Design by Kelly Kerwick

Letterpress Business Card by Kelly Kerwick

07. Culinary Culture by Jessica Hische

Culinary Culture Letterpress Business Card by Jessica Hische

08. Ballast Creative by Rise and Shine Paper

Ballast Creative Letterpress Business Card by Rise and Shine Paper

09. Studio Lab Design by Dolce Press

Studio Lab Design Letterpress Business Card by Dolce Press

10. Mantas Parazinskas by Elegante Press

Mantas Letterpress Business Card by Elegante Press

11. Le Tank Creative by Print and Grain

Le Tank Creative Letterpress Business Card by Print and Grain

12. Blue Bird Design by The Mandate Press

Blue Bird Designs Letterpress Business Card by The Mandate Press

13. Pearls & Lace by Dingbat Press

Pearls & Lace Letterpress Business Card by Dingbat Press

14. Espresso Republic by Salih Kucukaga

Espresso Republic Letterpress Business Card by Salih Kucukaga

15. Studio Giraud by Badcass Design & Letterpress

Studio Giraud Letterpress Business Card by Badcass Design & Letterpress