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Codilight WordPress Theme by Fame Themes Featured

There are thousands of WordPress themes on the web, finding the right one for your website can be a tough task. Free WordPress themes are a dime a dozen now a days and without the knowledge of being able edit code and customize a free theme, your website could end up looking like 1000 others out on the web. This is where purchasing a premium WordPress theme can come in handy.

Since most of the websites on the web use free themes, purchasing a premium theme can set your website apart from the pack. Premium themes are built with more love and attention to detail, they also come with a lot better support than a free theme would come with. This can come in handy if you decide to start customizing your WordPress site on your own and run into problems or need help. Another great thing about premium themes is that they usually come with a lot more user friendly customization capabilities to help you further set your site apart.

Here we’ve gathered 22 beautiful premium WordPress themes that are sure to appeal to your site audience and set your website apart from the competition. Enjoy…

1. Scroller by Dannci

Scroller WordPress Theme by Dannci

2. Grid by Authentic Themes

Grid WordPress Theme by Authentic Themes

3. Origin by Elegant Themes

Origin WordPress Theme by Elegant Themes

4. Gleam by Elegant Themes

Gleam WordPress Theme by Elegant Themes

5. Vertex by Elegant Themes

Vertex WordPress Theme by Elegant Themes

6. Fable by Elegant Themes

Fable WordPress Theme by Elegant Themes

7. Nimble by Elegant Themes

Nimble WordPress Themes by Elegant Themes

8. Metro Vibes by ThemeFuse

Metrovibes WordPress Theme by Themefuse

9. Conexus by ThemeFuse

Conexus WordPress Theme by Themefuse

10. Codilight by FameThemes

Codilight WordPress Theme by Fame Themes

11. Enfold by Kriesi

Enfold WordPress Theme by Kriesi

12. Salient by ThemeNectar

Salient WordPress Theme by Theme Nectar

13. Avada by ThemeFusion

Avada WordPress Theme by Theme Fusion

14. Jupiter by Artbees

Jupiter WordPress Theme by Artbees

15. Paragon by Artbees

Paragon WordPress Theme by Artbees

16. SimpleMag by ThemesIndep

Simplemag WordPress Theme by Themes In Dep

17. 3Clicks by bring the pixel

3 Clicks WordPress Theme by BringThePixel

18. Kallyas by Hogash

Kallyas WordPress Theme by Hogash

19. Flatco by themewaves

Flatco WordPress Theme by Waves

20. Mineral by Pexeto

Mineral WordPress Theme by Pexeto

21. 907 by Web Creations 907

907 WordPress Theme by Web Creations 907

22. Passage by Qode

Passage WordPress Theme by Qode

Puma Mobium Featured Image

One of the hottest web design trends in the past couple of years has been the parallax scrolling effect. Parallax scrolling happens when layers are scrolled at different speeds in a simulated parallax motion effect when the cursor is moved. The end effect gives a cool user experience and some web developers have taken it to new levels and have made some pretty amazing parallax websites.

Although recently popular as a design trend for websites, parallax has actually been around since the original Nintendo days. Here we’ve gathered 15 amazing handpicked examples of parallax websites below.

1. Nike Air Jordan 2012

Update 2-17-14: This site is no longer online, but you can view a video of the parallax scrolling effect here.

Nike Air Jordan 2012 Parallax Website

2. Lost World’s Fair Atlantis

Lost World's Fair Atlantis Parallax Website

3. James Bond 007 Cars Revolution

James Bond 007 Cars Revolution Parallax Website

4. Range Rover Evoque

Range Rover Evoque Parallax Website

5. Iutopi

Iutopi Parallax Website

6. Flight of the Fireflies

Flight of the Fireflies Parallax Website

7. Unfold

Unfold Parallax Website

8. Oakley

Oakley Parallax Website

9. Puma Mobium

Puma Mobium Parallax Website

10. Mario Kart History

Mario Kart History Parallax Website

11. Scroll for Your Health

Scroll for Your Health Parallax Website

12. The Rise and Rise of David Bowie

The Rise and Rise of David Bowie Parallax Website

13. GLP Creative

GLP Creative Parallax Website

14. Lexus LS

Lexus LS Parallax Website

15. Inception Explained

Inception Explained Parallax Website

16. Design Week Portland 2012

Design Week Portland 2012 Parallax Website


Sectioned layouts in web design is one of those big trends that is really taking storm. The thing that users like most about it is how the content is sectioned out on the page making it easier to read and tell things apart. Sectioned layouts are mainly used in single paged websites because it helps divide the different “pages”. A great example of how this trend has caught on is it’s use in the new twenty thirteen WordPress theme coming in WordPress 3.6. If you are indecisive on wanting to create a website with a sectioned layout, we can hope to persuade you with these 9 stunning websites that use sectioned layouts perfectly…

1. Valentina Gallo by AWD Agency and Cooder

Valentina Gallo Website

2. HelloWallet by Viget

HelloWallet Website by Viget

3. Donaflor Mobilia by Cargo Collective

 Donaflor Mobilia Website by Cargo Collective

4. Acolytes by Alexandre Desjardins

 Acolytes Website by Alexandre Desjardins

5. Tinke

 Tinke Website

6. Squarespace

 Squarespace Website

7. Oatiful by Refresh

 Oatiful Website by Refresh

8. Dreamer WP Theme by Ava Themes

 Dreamer WP Theme Website by Ava Themes

9. Yield Design Co. by Andrew Deming

 Yield Design Co. Website by Andrew Deming