Free iPhone 5C PSD Mockup

Free for download is this iPhone 5C PSD vector mockup created by Pixeden. This free PSD mockup of the iPhone 5C at a three quarter view comes in the 5C colors which include in green, blue, yellow, pink, and white. This is a colorful and fun vector phone mockup to showcase your app or mobile […]

2014 Web Design Trends Predictions

2014 Web Design Trend Predictions

One of the main jobs of designers is keeping pace with the current design trends, this includes knowing what’s cool and what’s not. There are many reasons for this, most of which you should already understand, but in short it’s money. If you are able to know what’s hot and current more people will look […]

Types of Mobile Apps Infographic by FreeMan Marketing

Mobile Apps: Which Type is Right for You?

In today’s world of mobile devices, having a mobile app is all the craze right now. There are some things you need to know before plunging into the mobile app world; The different types of mobile apps. Yes, there is more than one type of mobile application and knowing the difference is crucial if you […]

Taasky Task Management App

Taasky Task Manager App

As designers and developers, task management is a crucial process in our everyday lives. Without order and management, getting things done on time would be near impossible. Having a way of keeping your tasks in order and all in one place is something we all need, and not necessarily just for work purposes, but for […]

Waffle App Icon

18 Mouthwatering Food App Icons

Seeing app icons has essentially become part of our daily lives. With this comes the struggle for designers to create icons that will stand out from all other app icons. There are a lot of designers who have managed to make this task look incredibly easy, designing some stunning and creative app icons (see our […]

iOS 8 Infinity by Emilien Durand

iPhone 6 Infinity

There is a lot of speculation on what Apple’s iPhone 6 will look like and you will see various design concepts across the web. Perhaps one of the most popular and creative concepts is one that debuted on the popular designer portfolio website dribbble. This concept, dubbed at first “iPhone 6 Wrap Around Screen”, was […]

MD Feed Mobile UI by Fluxwerk

25 Stunning Mobile UI Examples

A continuance of our older post, 30 beautiful mobile UI examples, here we will showcase 25 stunning mobile UI examples that come from various designers. As the world keeps transitioning towards a complete mobile take over, designers are challenged to keep creating simpler and more stunning user interfaces for mobile devices. As I’ve said before, in […]