Superman Superhero Poster Featured

Superhero Minimalist Posters

I’m sure some of you have spotted at least one of these posters floating around on Pinterest. I was inspired by these awesome Superhero Minimalist Poster designs by Calvin Lin so I decided to give them their own article here on Enfuzed. Why not? These things are awesome! Included in the batch are some well known’s […]

Movie Alphabet Posters by Meagan Hyland

Alphabet Movie Posters

May Artist of the Month is Meagan Hyland of Dublin, Ireland. Meagan is a recent graduate of Limerick School of Art & Design and enjoys doing creative things like graphic design, illustration and photography. Meagan’s Movie Alphabet is an ongoing personal project of her’s that combines her love of movies, illustration and typography. Each week she adds […]

Good Music Typography by Eday Inc

20 Magnificent Examples of Typography

Typography dates back 100’s of years ago, all the way back to the first punches and dies used to make seals and currency in ancient times. Typography is used to create visually satisfying pieces that will engage a reader without them even realizing it. In present times you find typography everywhere you go, even more so if […]

San Francisco Minimalism Poster by Ryan Russell Featured

14 Iconic City Structure Silhouettes

April 2013’s Artist of the Month is Ryan M. Russell. Ryan has started a project creating minimalism iconic city skyline posters for various cities across the U.S. Minimalism really seems to be taking the design world by storm as of late, so why not add to the rage by creating a feature on it? You can check […]

pat schlaich resume featured

20 Innovative Resume Examples

Your resume can make or break you, in some cases it is the first impression that you will make on the person/company that is hiring. With that said, it is vital to your career that you create a resume that will stand out and set you apart from the pack. Statistics have shown that the […]

16 Minimalism Movie Poster Designs

I stumbled across a few of these minimal movie poster designs on Pinterest and I knew, as soon as I seen them, that I had to make an article on them. So after about 10 seconds of digging I found the creator behind these pieces, Sabrina Jackson of Manchester, UK. You can follow Sabrina and her work on […]