Web Developer Tools Part 3

Useful Tools for Developers #3

Welcome to part 3 of useful tools for developers! This week we have a couple of useful tools, plus a bonus useful tool/funny/entertaining tool to help you get through boring online news reading. As with most all of the development tools I post up in these articles, I have tried these first hand and love […]

Useful Tools for Developers #2

Useful Tools for Developers #2

Welcome to the second edition of useful tools for developers. Something we all need, whether we are developers, designers, or whatever, are tools to help make our jobs seamless and quicker. These articles are aimed to help you do just that. These tools I post are either ones I use, have tried, or have been […]

Useful tools for developers part one

Useful Tools for Developers #1

Being a front-end web developer myself, it’s always helpful finding new tools to help make developing easier and more efficient. That being said, below is part one of useful tools for developers. All of the tools I will post in these articles will in some way be beneficial to developers. If you have any suggestions […]

Building a Custom Page Template for Your Blog Dexterously

Building a Custom Page Template for Your Blog Dexterously

Whether you are running a website that invites users to read latest news and updates across different verticals like politics, movies, sports, etc, or you own a website that advertises you as a service provider, it would give your website a reasonable push if you create a separate blog site on the same URL. You […]

Hide Category from homepage wordpress

Hide Post Category from WordPress Homepage

In this tutorial I will show you the proper steps to hide certain category posts from appearing on your homepage, index page, or blog roll. If you own a blog and you want to keep posts of a certain category from showing up on your homepage blogroll, but still want them to appear on your […]

Web Designers vs Web Developers Created by Shane Snow for WIX

Web Designers vs Web Developers

The styles and personality of web designers and web developers is one of the bigger things people like to compare and poke fun at. It’s more like a form vs function type of debate. Shane Snow, a tech journalist and co-founder of Contently, designed this quirky infographic for WIX comparing the styles and habits of web designers and web […]

How to add an app icon to your website

How to Add App Icons to a Website

Having app icons for your website is a good thing to include these days with the amount of iPhone’s and iPad’s in the world. If you’re wondering what having an app icon for your website means then let me explain. Apple iPhone’s, iPad’s, and iPod touch devices give users the ability to add websites to […]