30% Off Email Templates

30% Off ThemeForest Email Templates

Envato’s theme and template marketplace ThemeForest is running a limited time promo on email templates, they have applied a flat 30% discount to their entire library of email templates that is over 600+ templates. Email promotion is one of the most cost effective ways to engage with your audience. The ThemeForest library consist of various […]

Using Social Media for Recruitment

Using Social Media for Recruitment

In recent years companies and recruiters have taken to social media as a means of finding and hiring people. 92% of companies use social media for hiring, LinkedIn being the number one social platform used by companies to hire. This is not an unbelievable statistic by any means, you can use social media to find […]

5 Easy Ways to Enhance the User Experience of Your Business Website

5 Ways to Enhance the User Experience of Your Website

Periodically updating your site is essential to maintaining easy navigation for your viewers. Whether your site is running slow, infected with a virus, or just hasn’t had any modifications in its layout for a few a while there are always new ways to improve the user experience. Here is a handful of easy ways business […]

Proposal Template

Proposal Template

If you’re a freelancer or do some freelance work on the side, it’s always a good idea to do everything as professional as possible. This includes writing professional proposals in a well designed format. Being a freelancer though can be a time consuming job being a one person operation. Seeing this issue, Kenny Williams put […]

Beginners Guide to Setting up a Business Google+ Page

Beginners Guide to Setting up a Business Google+ Page

Google Plus is one of Google’s crowning achievements. It allows individuals, businesses, and brands to identify themselves upon a social network that is integrated directly into the Google search engine. When used properly, it can increase the number of visits a website receives from normal search engine users and foster an elevated social status much […]

Reasons Why Employees Leave Your Company Infographic by BOLT Insurance Agency

Reasons Why Employees Leave Your Company

One thing that businesses always have to worry about is their employees leaving to pursue other opportunities. When this happens, some business owners can be clueless as to the reasoning behind employees leaving. What is the leading cause to employees leaving for jobs elsewhere? This infographic by BOLT Insurance Agency walks you through the biggest […]

Where's Google Making It's Money Infographic by Wordstream

Where’s Google Making Its Money?

It’s no surprise that Google rakes in more money that any of us can imagine. Where is that money coming from though? The crew at WordStream made this infographic displaying the top 20 most expensive keywords in Google Adwords advertising. The number one most expensive keyword is insurance (big surprise) at $54.91 top cost per […]