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The Way to Personal Branding Infographic by sestyle

The Way to Personal Branding

Personal Branding is something that a person does to better market themselves and their careers. This includes defining who you are by finding your skills and passions, establishing how (as a person) you are perceived by others (via personal relationships, professional relationships, and your online reputation) and finally by defining what you want to achieve. This infographic created by sestyle goes through the whole process step by step to get you on your way to establishing a personal brand for yourself.

Created by sestyle

The Way to Personal Branding Infographic by sestyle

Black Stationary Mock-up

Creating a brand or identity for a company can be a daunting task. You have to be able to create something that will be recognized and will appeal to a wide audience. Presenting the identity that you create is half the battle, whether is be presenting it to a client or just presenting it to a customer base in general.

Samochernyi Aleksandr created this great black stationary mock-up to help you easily present your brand/identity designs in style and at only $13, you can’t beat this deal. There is also a white & black stationary mock-up you can get here. Here are some of the features of this black stationary mock-up:


  • Separated background. Ability to move and combine objects in the view without perspective.
  • 9 aesthetically beautiful professional mock-ups in 1 set.
  • High resolution 3000×2000 px.
  • Fully Customizable.
  • High detailed professional retouched photos.
  • 4 premade layer styles for business cards.
  • A help file.
  • Very easy to use with smart objects, just place your artwork. Done!

Created by Samochernyi Aleksandr

Black Stationary Mockup Identity Created by Samochernykh Alexander

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16 Creative Packaging Examples

Packaging has become more than just a way to wrap up a product, it has become a way of establishing a recognizable identity for a company and product. Having creative packaging that stands out is a must in today’s world, especially with the amount of companies competing against each other selling the same product. Making sales then goes beyond the product and moves to on the shelf advertising, having a product that catches the consumers attention is a major selling point.

Below we’ve gathered 16 creative packaging examples from companies/designers that are doing it right.

1. Mandarin Oranges by Koh Siok Yee

Mandarin Oranges Packaging by Koh Siok Yee

2. True Air Fresheners by Good!

True Air Fresheners Packaging by Good!

3. The Original Peppermint by Cory Etzkorn

The Original Peppermint Packaging by Cory Etzkorn

4. Smirnoff Caipiroska by JWT

Smirnoff Caipiroska Packaging by JWT

5. Zing! by Stuart McQuarrie

Zing! Packaging by Stuart McQuarrie

6. Anti-Theft Lunch Bags by Sherwood and Mihoko

Anti-Theft Lunch Bags Packaging by Sherwood and Mihoko

7. Fast Food Packaging by Ian Gilley

Fast Food Packaging by Ian Gilley

8. Tea Bag Hangers by Soon Mo Kang

Tea Bag Hangers by Soon Mo Kang

9.Royal Tea Bags by Donkey Products

Royal Tea Bags by Donkey Products

10. Gnome by Lo Siento

Gnome Bread by Lo Siento

11. NYC Spaghetti by Alex Creamer

NYC Spaghetti by Alex Creamer

12. Butter! Better! by Yeong Keun Jeong

Butter! Better! by Yeong Keun Jeong

13. Sandwich Book by Pawel Piotrowski

Sandwich Book by Pawel Piotrowski

14. Paintbrushes by Simon Laliberté

Paintbrushes by Simon Laliberté

15. Ricola by Julien Canavezes

Ricola by Julien Canavezes

16. Waldo Trommler Paints by Reynolds and Reyner

Waldo Trommler Paints by Reynolds and Reyner

Fonts and Colors that Drive the World's Top Brands Infographic

Fonts and Colors that Drive the World’s Top Brands

Fonts and Colors are what drive the design world, so picking the right combo can a make or break your company. Tasty Placement put together this Infographic to shed some light on the fonts and colors that drive the world’s top brands. In this Infographic, Tasty Placement analyzes which color elements comprise the logo designs of the world’s top brands.

Created by Tasty Placement

Fonts and Colors that Drive the World's Top Brands Infographic

What Does Your Brand Say About You Infographic Created by eMerge

What Does Your Brand Say About You?

The first thing a consumer thinks about when a company name is mentioned is more than likely associated with that companies brand. A brand is a companies most valuable asset, it’s what helps a consumer differentiate one company from another. That is why is important to establish a recognizable brand.

It’s not always just about the visual look that makes your brand though. A companies message and it’s consistency that can help define a brand as well. eMerge has put together this useful branding infographic with some questions to ask yourself that will help you build a good, well recognizable brand.

Created by eMerge

What Does Your Brand Say About You Infographic Created by eMerge

eskimo featured

15 Striking Examples of Identity

Identity is all around us, it’s who we are, what makes us different from others, it’s what makes things stand out from the crowd. When designing for a company or for your own personal exposure, it’s important that you stand out from the crowd and set yourself apart. This is identity, the state of having unique identifying characteristics held by no other person or thing. Here we have gathered 15 striking examples of Identity in design that will spark some inspiration…

*Due to the size of some of these images, load times make take longer than expected*

1. Lemon Media by Dora Klimczyk

Lemon Media Identity by Dora Klimczyk

2. Holly Burger by Manuel Astorga and Rodrigo Aguade

Holly Burger Identity by Manuel Astorga and Rodrigo Aguade

3. Snakeye by Triptic

Snakeye Identity by Triptic

4. Liverpool English Pub by Reynolds and Reyner

Liverpool English Pub Identity by Reynolds and Reyner

5. Eskimo by Eskimo

Eskimo Identity

6. REX by Sapelkin

REX Identity by Sapelkin

7. Furnitrade by Glad Head

Furnitrade Identity  by Glad Head

8. Hotel Para Uno by Josep Roman Barri

Hotel Para Uno Identity by Josep Roman Barri

9. Attido by Bond

Attido Identity by Bond

10. Agency One by Vova Lifinov

Agency One Identity by Vova Lifinov

11. Brantjes by Sixtyseven

Brantjes Identity by Sixtyseven

12. Rockhill Music by September Industry

Rockhill Music Indentity by September Industry

13. The Tea Shop by leolab

The Tea Shop Identity by leolab

14. Vincent Trust by Ooli Mos

Vincent Trust Identity by Ooli Mos

15. LIBMED by Joy Intermedia

LIBMED Identity by Joy Intermedia