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Free Stationary Branding & Identity Mockup Kit

Freebies never get old, that’s why I post a new one each week! Today is no different and I think a lot of you will love this freebie from Medialoot. Today’s freebie is a completely editable stationary branding & identity mockup kit.

This free stationary kit comes with business cards, iPad and iPhone, letterheads, compliments slips, pens and pencils, CD/DVD, magazine cover and a Moleskine style notebook with a leather effect. You can click the heading or image below to direct to the download page.

Stationary Branding Mockup Kit by Medialoot

Free Stationary Branding & Identity Mockup Kit

365 Illustrations by Enfuzed artist of the month Jag Nagra

October artist of the month goes to designer Jag Nagra. Jag, 29 years old, was born and raised in the suburbs of Vancouver, Canada and has been designing since her graduation from design school in Spring of 2006.

Jag is most known for her 365 design project (which we will cover below) in which from January 29, 2012 to January 28, 2013 she created an illustration a day (365 days, 365 illustrations).

You can view/follow more from Jag Nagra via the links below

Before we get to her awesome designs, Jag was kind enough to answer a few questions for us in a small interview which you’ll see below.

Where are you currently residing?

I live in a different suburb of Vancouver, where I just purchased my first home this summer!

What made you want to become a Designer?

My older brother had taken some design classes in University, and one project in particular required that he photograph my hand, and insert it into a typographic layout. I think that was the moment that I realized that this was an actual profession. People got paid to do this kind of thing? That’s when I really started thinking I wanted to do this. Before that point, I had no idea that Graphic Design even existed. I was oblivious.

What University did you attend and what’s your degree in?

After high school, I spent 2 years taking general studies at a post-secondary institute. Throughout my entire childhood, I just thought you went to University after high school, and then got a career. I didn’t understand how it worked. And so after I walked away with this diploma in my hand, I was no closer to a career than before I had started. I then applied for a Graphic Design program at the Art Institute of Vancouver without really knowing what that entailed, and ended up falling in love with it.

Where did you land your first Design related job?

My very first paid design job was working at a small greeting card manufacturer that created Christmas cards for corporate clients throughout Canada. My job was to input their pre-chosen messages to the inside of the card. It really wasn’t the most stimulating job, but I was only there for a few months since it was seasonal.

Tell us a little about Page 84 Design:

Page 84 Design started as a creative outlet for me outside of my day job. It’s a way for me to experiment, and push myself into new realms. Last year, I began a 365-day illustration project so that I could teach myself how to illustrate. That lead to getting noticed by design blogs, which then lead to people hiring me as an illustrator. So I guess at the moment, I’m calling myself an Illustrator.

I’m excited to see where I’ll go with it next, but it’s cool because it’s all up to me. I don’t need anyone’s approval before I post something or experiment with something.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

You mean when I’m not snuggling with my dogs? I have a huge passion and respect for photography. You could say that was my first love. These days, I gladly forgo my Canon camera equipment for the ease of use of the iPhone, and the ability to instantly share photos through Instagram. I’m obsessed!

Who/Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I love all things retro and mid-century modern.

What does your office look like?

I found this old solid wood desk on Craigslist that belonged to a retired doctor. It’s from the 1960’s and it’s so cool. They were moving to a new office space, and luckily I swooped it up for FREE before it ended up in the landfill. The donkey is an illustration of mine that I got printed on canvas.

Jag Nagra Office Picture

What design tools/software do you use?

I use a 17″ Macbook Pro, and I would say 80% of all the work I do in in Adobe InDesign..even illustrations.

Chrome, Firefox, or Safari?


What are some of your future plans/goals as a Designer?

I continually want to create things that will exist outside of a computer screen. A few years ago, I had this panicky realization that one day I would die, and my entire career would exist only in my computer files and I would stop existing as a designer. The thought of that is what lights a fire under me every day. I want to leave things behind for people to hold in their hands.


Now the exciting part, Jag’s designs! Obviously we won’t be able to include all 365 illustrations she created for her 365 project, but we will include a few among other projects she has done. You can view all 365 illustrations on Jag Nagra’s Behance portfolio here or view them in her Vimeo video below.

These illustrations are truly awesome and I like the simplistic approach, you may recognize some of these illustrations as popular celebrities, as well as animals and a variety of other types of people and characters.

Mr. T

Mr. T Illustration by Jag Nagra

Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan Illustration by Jag Nagra

Danny Devito

Danny Devito Illustration by Jag Nagra

Elton John

Elton John Illustration by Jag Nagra

Mr. Miyagi

Mr. Miyagi Illustration by Jag Nagra


ET Illustration by Jag Nagra

Colonel Sanders

Colonel Sanders Illustration by Jag Nagra

Snoop Dog

Snoop Dog Illustration by Jag Nagra

Barack Obama

Barack Obama Illustration by Jag Nagra

Larry King

Larry King Illustration by Jag Nagra

Kanya West

Kanya West Illustration by Jag Nagra

John Travolta

John Travolta Illustration by Jag Nagra

CeeLo Green

CeeLo Green Illustration by Jag Nagra


Jason Illustration by Jag Nagra


Wolverine Illustration by Jag Nagra

Movember Prints

Jag created these Movember prints for the Mustache Gentleman’s Alliance, you can purchase these prints here. All proceeds go to the Mustache Gentleman’s Alliance.

Movember Print created by Jag Nagra for Mustache Gentleman's Alliance

Hugo’s Hot Sauce

Jag Nagra did the branding, illustration and packaging design of a new line of hot sauce called Hugo’s Hot Sauce.

Hugo's Hot Sauce by Jag Nagra

Hugo's Hot Sauce Business Card by Jag Nagra

There you have Enfuzed’s artist of the month for October, Jag Nagra. Be sure to follow her on the social media links we listed above so you can view all of her past and current work.

What Your Brand Colors Say About Your Business

A brand’s color is one of the most recognizable and definable features of a company. The most successful companies don’t just choose a random color to represent their company; they carefully pick a color that defines their company.

As you may already know, different colors have different meanings, choosing a color to represent your business or company should be a carefully thought out process and not taken lightly. This infographic by Marketo shows some interesting statistics about colors and company brands. For instance, did you know that 95% of companies only use one or two colors to represent their brand?

Like this graphic below will tell you, 60 to 80% of customer’s purchasing decisions are influenced by the products color. Picking the right color for your company, product, or brand can be a deciding factor on how well it is received by consumers.

There are some great points in this graphic as well as a break down of the meaning of each color. Here is what your brand colors say about your business…

Created by Marketo

What Your Brand Colors Say About Your Business

Click the image to view a larger version.

Corporate and Brand Identity Mock-Up

When you are creating a brand for a company or trying to present an already existing identity for a company, the way you present it is key in its success. Being able to visually engage with an audience by presenting your companies identity is a huge part in instilling that image in the viewers memory.

Most of us however don’t have the time to create an entire branding and identity mock-up to present on. That’s where this beautifully crafted mock-up by creartdesign comes in handy.

They’ve created this mock-up in PSD format with 3 different perspective views that includes a leather-covered book, spiral notebook, touch screen tablet, DVD with case and without case, press badge, calendar, pens and pencils, paper clips, USB flash drive, A5/A6 envelope, 1/3 A4 paper, tri-fold A4 paper, business card in top and back view, and much more which you can see below.

Brand Identity Mock-up by creartdesign

Corporate and Brand Identity Mock-Up

This mock-up kit also comes with a PSD file for a t-shirt Mock-Up with male and female t-shirts, PSD file for a advertising bag mock-up, PSD file for a coffee mug mock-up, and a seperate PSD file for the business card mock-up. You get all of this for just $9.

You can check out all the images for this identity mock-up plus a demonstration video here.

Branding Opportunities You May be Missing

Making your brand present in the mind of the consumer is basic business. But consumers are always evolving, and so should your marketing tactics. Here are some commonly ignored ways to maximize your branding.

In Your Store

The absolute most important place to brand is your place of business. This may seem elementary, but many miss opportunities to display their logo on their own home turf. Use your floors with branded runners, your walls with custom wallpaper, and your ceiling with fun lighting fixtures. Put your logo on all receipts, paperwork, and packaging. Every inch counts.

Clever Swag

The usual free merchandise should be handed out at every opportunity: mugs, t-shirts, totes, and bumper stickers are a great place to start. But don’t stop there. Be creative. If you have a specialty, your swag should speak to it. For example, if you run a plumbing business, try distributing plungers printed with “Need this? Give us a call.” This leads to my next point: putting just your logo on everything is somewhat stale. Let your brand personality shine through with catchphrases and jokes.

Employees as Brand Advocates

Many companies miss an obvious branding option: people. Your employees should be your ambassadors and advocate your company as genuinely as possible. The easiest way to encourage this, besides training seminars, is to treat them well and give them positive things about your company mission that they’ll want to promote on their own.

Community Outreach

Whether you have a chain or a single location, the community in which you work and market is a treasure trove of branding resources. Pay attention to local festivities and engage your consumers there. Setting up well-designed booths at concerts, fairs, farmers markets, and charity events is a great way to put yourself where your customers go. Hire a local artist to design contribute to your logos and designs; maybe even a mural in your office. Making a presence in your community can make the difference between inspiring brand loyalty and fading into corporate obscurity.

Partnering with a Local Company

Speaking of local, find like minded companies in-line with your philosophy and consumer base and see if they want to join forces. You could save money on marketing, but more importantly you could start making a presence for yourself with their clients that you hadn’t previously reached. Whether it’s finding witty ways to co-publicize logos on a t-shirt or cooperating at a promotional booth (say you hand out notepads, they hand out pens), it could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

New Consumers

Perhaps the most waste in branding comes from narrow marketing. While it’s imperative to know who and where your customers are, you also benefit from keeping in mind who and where your customers could be. Marketing paintball equipment just to males between 15 and 35, you’re casting too narrowly. Why not aim some advertising at women for girl power and companies for team-building exercises? Don’t shackle yourself to one demographic- you might be missing out.

10 Creative Examples of Branding & Identity Designs

Brand awareness is key to making your business stand out amongst the competition. If someone can immediately recognize your logo, mascot, or design, you’ve done a good job creating an identity. Everyone knows the famous McDonald’s “M” yellow arches, or Target’s red logo. Creating a successful identity is all about being unique, and showing what you’re company is all about in a memorable way.

Whether you’re a business owner looking to brand your company, or a designer in need of a little inspiration you can always use a little inspiration to help you create the best visual identity for the brand. Today, we are bringing you 10 creative examples of branding and identity designs to inspire you to make your company stand out amongst all the others.

Mend by Kate Tonkovich

Kate is a designer based in San Francisco who specializes in unique typography and branding design. One of her latest projects Mend, is a branding projected for a fictitious company with “survival kits,” aimed at promoting the message “Don’t buy more stuff. Mend what you have.”

The idea is that these kits would be used to mend and fix items that you already have, whether it be a pair of jeans or your own health. The materials used for branding are all from recycled or reused items. I love that the designs incorporate an element of sewing, or cross-stitching to further convey the idea of mending and fixing things.

Mend Identity by Kate Tonkovich

Mend Identity by Kate Tonkovich

Mend Identity by Kate Tonkovich

Optus Rebrand

Optus is the second largest telecommunications agency in Australia and recently enlisted a talented group of individuals to rebrand their company with the hope to create more positive awareness for the Optus brand.

This is one of the most clever branding or even re-branding projects I’ve seen entirely geared at making the customers engaged with the brand, excited about the brand, and the identity makes sure that people know what the company actually does in a cute and ingenious way. Optus is now using a variety of clever tools to connect with customers, provide them with information, and engage customers with their brand.

Optus Identity

Optus Identity

Optus Identity

Natural Salads by Jose Álvarez Carratalá

Natural Salads is a company aimed at bringing fresh fruits and vegetables to supermarkets. Jose created an identity design for the company that was meant to express the “natural” aspect of the product, and draws straight from the products (veggies) that the company sells to create the identity for the company.

Natural Salads Identity by Jose Álvarez Carratalá

Natural Salads Identity by Jose Álvarez Carratalá

Conejo Valley Jewelers by Wesley Pinto

Wesley, a designer and brand manager from Brazil, recently created the branding identity for a jewelry store located in Conejo Valley geared at showcasing the brand’s elegance and luxury. In Spanish “Conejo” translates to “Rabbit” and Wesley uses the symbol of a rabbit and of jewels themselves to create a truly unique identity design.

Conejo Valley Jewelers Identity by Wesley Pinto

Conejo Valley Jewelers Identity by Wesley Pinto

Conejo Valley Jewelers Identity by Wesley Pinto

Bukvarius by Brandiziac

Bukvarius is an organization that offers books and teaching materials to schools throughout Russia. The goal was to create an identity that was fun, fresh, and engaging enough that children could see the objects as an integral part of daily school life.

The design team explains that, “Every element of visual identity combines learning and playing: paper bags are stylized as school bags, the presentation folder with the brand character on it reminds of drawing lessons, and humorous mnemonic rules on pocket calendars help one to learn rules better.”

What’s even better is the choice to incorporate an owl into the visual identity, seeing as owls are typically a symbol associated with learning, knowledge, and wisdom.

Bukvarius Identity by Brandiziac

Bukvarius Identity by Brandiziac

Illegal Burger by Isabela Rodrigues

Isabela Rodrigues is the creative mind behind Sweety Branding Studio, and recently created the branding identity for Illegal Burgers based in Oklahoma and highlights the general theme of ‘crime’ in its design. This might be one of my favorite identity designs as of late, simply because it is so simple, but so genius at the same time.

Illegal Burger Identity by Isabela Rodrigues

Illegal Burger Identity by Isabela Rodrigues

TriplAgent by Taras Kravtchouk

TriplAgent is a travel app that helps people find the perfect vacation based on their interests. Recently, Taras Kravtchouk a multi-disciplinary designer who created the mobile identity for the travel app. It’s an elegant design, that features a flat user interface and makes it easy for people to find what they are searching for with it’s simplicity.

TriplAgent Identity by Taras Kravtchouk

Dripp Coffee by Turner Duckworth

Dripp Coffee, a southern California based coffee shop, features a new unique identity design created by Turner Duckworth. The identity features simple colors and shapes that almost make it appear flat and modern, while incorporating a hand-drawn script logo with the word “Dripp”. The identity is almost a combination of modern and vintage styles. What do you think?

Dripp Coffee Identity by Turner Duckworth

Dripp Coffee Identity by Turner Duckworth

RW Pro Agency by Reclameworks

Reclameworks is a design studio that specializes in print, branding, and identity designs. They recently created RW Pro, an identity design that is actually available to the community for purchase to use as an identity design. The identity kit is completely sleek and modern and includes everything a business needs to get up and running.

RW Pro Agency Identity by Reclameworks

RW Pro Agency Identity by Reclameworks

Yoosli by Together Design

Yoosli, a company that specializes in customizable museli that can be delivered to your door, recently branded their company with Together Design. The goal of the project was to create an identity that was joyful, folksy, and happy. Together Design explains that they created, “the strapline “Individual muesli for individual folk” and devised a cast of eccentric characters – Louis, Cassie, Flora, Neville and Bob – each of whom represents a different personality and muesli flavour.”

Yoosli Identity by Together Design

Yoosli Identity by Together Design