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Frederic Tourrou aka Beasty Design featured

Interview with Frederic Tourrou aka Beasty Design

You may have heard of Beasty Design before, we featured his iPhone style business card in our 27 unconventional business card designs article. Beasty Design is a company founded by Frederic Tourrou, a French UI/UX designer & creative director. Frederic is an amazing designer and I’ve been following him for some time now so as you can imagine I was excited when he agreed to do an interview with me and answer a few questions for Enfuzed.

You can follow Beasty Design on:

Where are you from?

I’m from Toulouse south of France.

Where do you currently reside?

I’m still in Toulouse, it’s the best city in France ever!

How old are you?

I’m 35 years old.

How many years have you been doing this?

I’ve been working in design for 10 years. First on print stuff and on UI/UX design for the last 4 years.

What made you want to become a UI/UX Designer?

I’m a really big fan of print. I like the smell of the ink and the noise of a good old Heidelberg letterpress. So I was pretty cold about web design because I can’t feel anything. Then iPhone and the smart phone were born, so I could make interface designs and touch the screen, it was awesome.

I’ve owned an iPhone since the first one and I fell in love with the awesome apps and the “whoa effect” like parallax and other stuff. Now I am studying the Windows modern UI guideline, I feel like there is a lot of work to do on the Microsoft device.

What University did you attend and what is your degree in?

I’m a graduate in business school of 2 years and a graduate in graphic school of 1 year and I also have one year of law school.

Where did you land your first design related job?

I’ve been contacted on my website http://www.beasty-design.com ( new look in progress ) for the creation of a music label identity.

What is your favorite project/design you have worked on/created?

You know the last one is always the one you prefer. I really like the Opinyon App project I’m working on:

Opinyon App project by Beasty Design

I really like the Cheers Wine App too:

Cheers Wine App by Beasty Design

and I love my cute Mail Icon:

Mail Icon by Beasty Design

but it’s not just design, it’s the people I’m working with. I must admit that I’m blessed because all of my clients are my friends now. Some came from San Francisco to visit me!!

How much time do you spend per project on average?

It depends on the time/money my clients have, some have a lot of time and money and some have money but no time etc…usually it’s around 1/2 month for an app but sometimes on some apps I spend 6 months!

What is your favorite non-design related hobby?

Riding my fixie.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I love playing with my two young girls, Mayra and Mona, and watching movies and a good meal with my wife.

Frederic Tourrou aka Beasty Design Daughters

Who/Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I read a lot of design books. I learn from the best on dribbble and behance and I also practice a lot still making tutorials adding my touch.

What does your office look like?

  • iMac 27 // core I7 3,4go //  fusion 1 to // 32go de ram // NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680MX avec 2 Go de mémoire GDDR5
  • Macbook Pro 2011 with ssd 16 GB ram
  • Trackpad
  • iPad retina / iPhone 4 and 5
  • Pantone Moleskine and Dot Grid Journal
  • Sony NEX-5N
  • Monster Beat Pro
  • My Jawbone Up 2 that tell me to stop and go for a run you lazy guy :)

Beasty Design Workspace

Xbox or Playstation?

Xbox for playing with the kids.

Mac or PC?

Mac for sure ;)

Chrome, Firefox, or Safari?


What would your last meal ever be?

Leg of lamb with potatoes and good red wine from Bordeaux with my family and friends and my kids on my knees.

What is your favorite book?

Perfume by Patrick Süskind the only book you can smell.

What is your favorite movie?

I’m really a fan of Snatch.

What is your favorite social media network?

I’m not sure…Twitter because it’s fast and cool for business. I like Facebook for family stuff. I always use Path to publish.

Fostr Logo

Fostr – Creative Project App

What is Fostr? Fostr is an iPhone app created by Sean Fournier that lets you share the creative projects you’ve always wanted to finish. Why am I writing about this? Well, sometimes I when browsing the web I will stumble across a new start up or company that I find intriguing and I think “man that could be awesome if they had the right amount of support” and I wish I could somehow back them or help them out.

Then I came across this new start up called Fostr, and it gave me an idea. Why not start a Company Spotlight section to get some of these start ups noticed? So here it is, the first Company Spotlight post featuring the upcoming mobile app, Fostr.

I figured it is only fitting to make the first spotlight feature a company that is aiming to do the same thing Enfuzed is aiming to do, help designers get noticed. Fostr is an app driven toward helping creatives gain support and finish the projects they’ve always wanted to finish. Support, Follow, & Cultivate Creativity is their slogan and that’s what they are trying to do.

Let us take a look at the key features of Fostr:

  • Discover – Discover great projects that people are working on by filtering by a whole bunch of creative categories.
  • Support & Contribute – Follow the progress of projects that you believe in and contribute your feedback and guidance.
  • Increase Ranking – Based on the quality of your feedback, you could be among the Top Supporters.
  • Earn Badges – The more you engage with the community, the more badges you earn.
  • Create – With an invite, you can share your own creative projects and gain support and feedback from the community.
  • Finish – Gain the motivation, support, feedback, and guidance to finally complete that project you’ve always wanted to finish.

Fostr is a mix of all the great creatives websites out there (like behance, Dribbble, and Creattica to name a few) but with one key difference that caught my eye – it’s geared toward helping each other. Don’t get me wrong, people on behance and dribbble and those other portfolio sites help each other, but in the end they are just portfolio sites set on self promotion and helping #1 get noticed. Now that we’ve covered that, let’s get to the fun part of taking a look at the app:

The Menu

Fostr App Menu

Fostr App Menu

Fostr App Menu


Fostr App Support Page


Fostr App Discover Page


Fostr App Project Page


Fostr App Profile Page


Fostr App Badges Page


Fostr comes with various ranks based on the user. The first is a supporter, all members who sign up are supporters. As a supporter, you can discover great projects that other people are working on. By supporting these projects, you can follow their growth, gain inspiration, and even contribute your own input. With an invite, supporters can be upgraded to a creator.

Creators are supporters that can create their own creative projects, allowing them to share their creative progress and gain feedback from their very own supporters.

Fostr App Rank Page

Fostr is set up similar to dribbble in that only invited members (creators) can create a project. All creators (members who can create projects) are invited by Fostr or other creators. Having members take responsibility for those they invite sharpens the focus on sharing quality and interesting work. Fostr also limits invitations, which helps the company scale the app and their support of it.

Now to the important questions you are probably asking:

How Do You Get Started?

Once Fostr is available, you can sign up as a supporter using an email address. Once you’ve logged in, you can discover projects to support, request an invite to become a creator to post your own projects, and more. You can sign up to be alerted for when private beta comes out at http://fostr.com/

How Much Will It Cost?

At launch Fostr will be free, and their goal is to keep it free of charge forever. Like Evernote and Dropbox, they hope to add a _premium set of paid features over time.

When Will the App be Available?

Fostr is currently in development and aiming for a private beta launch this summer (July or August 2013). Visit the blog at http://blog.fostr.com or follow them on Twitter at http://twitter.com/fostr for the latest news and updates.

What devices does Fostr support?

Fostr is currently for iPhone. We’ll be adding support for other devices as we go.

Who’s Behind Fostr?

Fostr was created by Sean Fournier, a musician and designer who wanted to make a place for people to reach their creative goals. Find him on Twitter at http://twitter.com/seanfournier

What is Fostr Video:

30 Beautiful Mobile UI Examples

Nothing gets a web designer more excited than a visually stunning User Interface, especially on a mobile device. With mobile use constantly on the rise, it’s important for designers to capture the users attention and keep them intrigued. This means incorporating stunning color combinations with a sharp UI that makes the user want to “use” it. These 30 beautiful mobile UI examples below do just that…

1. Urbanmoms App by Ailton Henriques

Urbanmoms App by Ailton Henriques

2. Social Network by David Anderson

Social App by David Anderson

3. Date Picker by Rodrigo Soares

Date Picker by Rodrigo Soares

4. Music App by Eyal Zuri

Music App by Eyal Zuri

5. Stats by Rally Interactive

Stats by Rally Interactive

6. Amuse Gueule by Mario Bieh

Amuse Gueule by Mario Bieh

 7. Rating Photos App by Alexandre Protikhin

Rating Photos App by Alexandre Protikhin

8. Countly by InnovationBox

Countly by InnovationBox

9. Discovering App by Roman Bulah

Discovering App by Roman Bulah

10. Photo Board by Adrien Rochet

Photo Board by Adrien Rochet

11. Travel App Concept by Zack McBride

Travel App Concept by Zack McBride

12. Outside the Window by Artem Svitelskyi

Outside the Window by Artem Svitelskyi

13. Switch by Creative Dash

Switch by Creative Dash

14. Groups by Creative Dash

Groups by Creative Dash

15. E-commerce iOS App by Mehmet Belet

E-commerce iOS App by Mehmet Belet

16. Hotel Dashboard by Gokhun Guneyhan

Hotel Dashboard by Gokhun Guneyhan

17. Novabu by Liat Abadi

Novabu by Liat Abadi

18. Filters by Joshua Slatinsky

Filters by Joshua Slatinsky

19. BreakCake by Tomasz Zagorski

BreakCake by Tomasz Zagorski

20. Centre Storefront by Simon Rae

Centre Storefront by Simon Rae

21. Sardine It App by Michael Nunes

Sardine It App by Michael Nunes

22. Spree by Heath Gerlock

Spree by Heath Gerlock

23. Paybook by Chris Radford

Paybook by Chris Radford

24. Social App by Pierre Borodin

Social App by Pierre Borodin

25. Goal Tracking App by Aaron Moody

Goal Tracking App by Aaron Moody

26. Gallery by Rovane Durso

Gallery by Rovane Durso

27. Financial App by Kartik Mahant

Financial App by Kartik Mahant

28. iTrain App by Jon Kyte

iTrain App by Jon Kyte

29. Kraved by Sam Angeli

Kraved by Sam Angeli

30. Call Screen by Jakub Antalik

Call Screen by Jakub Antalik

Campbell's Soup App Icon FeaturedImage

25 Clever Mobile App Icons

Mobile app icon design is a very important part of marketing when it comes to getting noticed in the app store. I’ll be the first to say, when it comes to choosing an app, for me it usually comes down to how cool the app icon looks. Ultimately because I will be looking at it every time I get on my phone. So it’s important for companies to make an icon that will stand out.

Below I’ve compiled 25 app icons that will definitely get the consumers attention.

**Please note that most of these are just “for fun” and may not have actually been endorsed by said company.**

1. Coke Machine by Aaron Sampson

Coke Machine App Icon by Aaron Sampson

2. Chuck by Marc Clancy

Beef Chuck App Icon by Marc Clancy

3. Backpack by Skelet Art

Backpack App Icon by Skelet Art

4. Nutella by Julian Burford

Nutella App Icon by Julian Burford

5. Dominos Pizza by Julian Burford

Dominos Pizza App Icon by Julian Burford

6. Skippy by Julian Burford

Skippy App Icon by Julian Burford

7. Tic Tac Box by Jackie Tran

Tic Tac Box App Icon by Jackie Tran

8. Whiskey by Konstantin Datz

Whiskey App Icon by Konstantin Datz

9. Donut by Konstantin Datz

Donut App Icon by Konstantin Datz

10. Spray Can by Konstantin Datz

Spray CanApp Icon by Konstantin Datz

11. Campbell’s Soup by Julian Burford

Campbell's Soup App Icon by Julian Burford

12. Spam by Julian Burford

Spam App Icon by Julian Burford

13. Heinz Beanz by Julian Burford

Heinz Beanz App Icon by Julian Burford

14. Boxing Glove by Ramotion

Boxing Glove App Icon by Ramotion

15. Super Nintendo by Raphael Lopes

Super Nintendo App Icon by Raphael Lopes

16. Playstation by Raphael Lopes

Playstation App Icon by Raphael Lopes

17. Nikon Camera by Gianluca Divici

Nikon Camera App Icon by Gianluca Divici

18. Jack Daniel’s by Valery Zanimanski

Jack Daniel's App Icon by Valery Zanimanski

19. Tennis Ball by Mike Beecham

Tennis Ball App Icon by Mike Beecham

20. Waffle by Eddie Lobanovskiy

Waffle App Icon by Eddie Lobanovskiy

21. Scout Trooper by Michael Flarup

Scout Trooper App Icon by Michael Flarup

22. Darth Vader by Michael Flarup

Darth Vader App Icon by Michael Flarup

23. Grocery Bag by Alexander Lukyanov

Grocery Bag App Icon by Alexander Lukyanov

24. Record Player by Roman Jusdado

Record Player App Icon by Roman Jusdado

25. Oreo by Julian Burford

Oreo App Icon by Julian Burford