Sublime Text 3 Beta

Sublime Text 3 Beta

Sublime Text is one of the most widely used code editors by developers and for good reason, with all the different plugins and other things out there for it, it’s an easy choice. If you’re one of those developers that use Sublime Text then there is some great news for you. Sublime announced Friday June 28th that Sublime Text 3 Public Beta is now available for both registered users and the general public. Sublime Text 3 is “the fastest, most stable, most polished version of Sublime Text yet.” Originally announced January 29th of this year (2013) was the first beta, this is the 9th build (build 3037).

So what’s new is Sublime Text 3? For starters file change detection was improved, smarter atomic save, improved rendering performance and many bug fixes. As well as:

  • Speed improvements with startup time, file load time, and Replace All.
  • Symbol Indexing, for Goto Definition and Goto Symbol in Project. Complementing these are the Jump Forward and Jump Back features.
  • Improved HTML Editing, including tag and attribute completion as well as automatic tag closing.
  • Improved Project and Pane management, including multiple workspaces for a single project.
  • Richer API. Plugins are better insulated from the application, and now have a broader and fully thread safe API to work with.
  • Added Paste from History
  • Find panel has a drop down arrow to select previous items

For a full list of new features check out the Sublime Text 3 page. You can also get more info from the original announcement page of Sublime Text 3.

Sublime Text 3 should work on all systems that currently run Sublime Text 2, with the exception of OS X 10.6. Pricing has also changed, increasing from $59 to $70. As quoted from Sublime’s website “Users with a Sublime Text 2 license key can continue using the key with Sublime Text 3 while it’s in beta. When 3.0 is released, upgrades will be available for $30, or $15 for users who have purchased recently. The cut off date for the reduced upgrade price will be based on the actual date of the 3.0 release.”

You can download and test out Sublime Text 3 Beta here. For notifications about new versions and other Sublime related updates you can follow sublimehq on twitter.

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  1. dawesi says:

    ‘Most widely used’. Maybe on the mac, but definitely not on windows. I’d like to see where you got that stat from. It’s one of the top 10, but far from number one, and an ‘averagely’ good, getting better editor.