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Simple Resume Template

We’ve got a great deal to bring you today, a simple resume template. This template was created by British Columbia Designer Paula Solany. This simple resume template features a dark version and light version that are fully editable and fully customizable in Adobe InDesign CS5 file format.

This clean & simple resume template is priced for a very cheap $5. Click the link or image below to take advantage of this awesome deal.

Simple Resume Template

Simple Resume Template

What if Superheros were Fat?

Ever wonder what Superheroes would look like if they let just let themselves go? Well Antonella Villani did and that’s what drove the company he works for, DesirableBody, to create this fun little browser game, Supersized Superheroes.

Antonella says “it was actually a bit of a fun side-project whilst we were working on rebuilding the website (ended up launching just before Christmas) – we seriously needed the distraction from all the last minute bug hunting! Officially I think it was justified on getting the brand name out there, but once the idea existed I knew we had to do it either way :)”.

You can follow the company behind these creations on their Facebook page. So let us take a look at these superhero illustrations of what superheroes would look like if they let themselves go.


Thor Fat Superhero


Batman Fat Superhero


Superman Fat Superheros


Spiderman Fat Superhero

Iron Man

Ironman Fat Superhero

The Online Game

Fat Superheros


This Friday’s freebie is a set of 100 pictogram icons in PSD vector format. This icon set is just a taste of the full pack of 1000 icons created by Zlatko Najdenovski. Included in this set are 100 various pictogram icons ranging from smiley faces and transportation to office and sport type icons. This set is free for both personal and commercial uses.

Click the heading or image below to direct to the download page.

100 Free Pictogram Icons

100 Free Pictogram Icons

Back to the Future DeLorean by Mickey Romano

I always come across an awesome design and want to share it but I don’t have others like it to make a post to showcase them. I am starting this design of the week to showcase those single designs that I come across that I find cool. Each week I will post an awesome design I that I found or came across that week that I feel needs to be shared.

I’ll kick off design of the week with this cool design from Mikey Romano’s “build it in style” shot. This design will be recognized by most as the famous DeLorean time machine from the Back to the Future movie franchise.

I like this design, not only because it’s from my favorite movie of the 80’s but also because it’s an animated design of the DeLorean landing and taking off. It encompasses the flat and minimal design trends and is, in my opinion, a very clever design.

Back to the Future DeLorean

Back to the Future DeLorean

Useful Tools for Developers #2

Welcome to the second edition of useful tools for developers. Something we all need, whether we are developers, designers, or whatever, are tools to help make our jobs seamless and quicker. These articles are aimed to help you do just that.

These tools I post are either ones I use, have tried, or have been backed by other developers as great tools to help with our jobs. So without further ado, here is part two of useful tools for developers.


Tailor is an experimental code editor for Chrome. Its main features include the ability to edit your code offline, it supports Git, and has auto complete for CSS, HTML, and Javascript.

Tailor Code Editor for Chrome

Custom Google Maps

Just as the title suggests, this website by Donald Sutherland lets you easily build a custom Google Map. You can change the size, lat & long, where markers are placed, zoom level, controls, map type, and map theme.

Custom Google Maps Builder

Entity Conversion Calculator

This is a handy tool for converting entities, like the copyright symbol as you see below, into the proper code for CSS, JS, and HTML. Simply paste whichever code you have into the correct slot and click convert. This converter will convert that code into the other proper formats of code.

Entity Conversion Calculator

30% Off Email Templates

Envato’s theme and template marketplace ThemeForest is running a limited time promo on email templates, they have applied a flat 30% discount to their entire library of email templates that is over 600+ templates.

Email promotion is one of the most cost effective ways to engage with your audience. The ThemeForest library consist of various types of email templates from newsletter templates to templates for catalog emails.

This limited time promotional offer only runs till 12pm on 17th February (AEDT). Most of the email templates are highly customizable, so you can easily design them to go along with any campaign you might be running. You will find a lot of the email templates are responsive ready and will work with leading email services like MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Litmus and more.

To take advantage of this great deal click the title or image below.

30% off Email Templates

30% off email templates at Theme Forest


Today’s freebie is a set of Apple device mockups in PSD format. This set of flat Apple devices was created by UI Designer/Developer Peter Finlan and is free for personal and commercial uses. Included in the set is the iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad, Mac Book Pro, and iMac mockups in a flat style PSD format.

Click the heading or image below to direct to the download page.

Flat Apple Devices

Free Flat Apple Device Mockup