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7 Effective Ways to Engage on Twitter

We have been talking about Twitter a lot recently, but for good reason, it’s a great source for traffic and leads. It’s not as easy as just creating a Twitter account though, building a following and engaging properly with your followers takes work and there are proper ways to do it.

One of the most effective ways of increasing engagement and gaining more followers is letting your followers know you’re listening to them. Re-tweet, reply, or favorite their tweets when they mention you, this lets them know you’re reading their tweets and listening to what they have to say.

Tweet at different times of the day so there’s a better chance your followers will see your tweet. Everyone gets on Twitter at different times, and many people live in different time zones. Posting at a certain time just because it’s convenient for you doesn’t mean it’s convenient for others. Schedule tweets for the morning, afternoon, and evening using tools like Hootsuite to ensure all of your followers get a chance to see your tweet.

The crew at Open Forum created this helpful little infographic that includes some more effective ways to engage on Twitter. I don’t agree with all of these though, mainly asking for a RT. When I see people asking for RT’s on Twitter it makes them look desperate, so this is something I will always avoid doing. Being the first to break the news is a great way to increase engagement because it adds credibility, Mashable is a great example of this as they are excellent at being the first to break the news.

Created by Open Forum

7 Effective Ways to Engage on Twitter

Free iPhone 5S Mockup PSD from Pixeden

With the announcement of the new iPhone 5S on Tuesday it’s a sure bet designers are going to start wanting a iPhone 5S mockup. The only real change between the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S is the new silver and gold colors and the stainless steel construction ring around the home button. None the less here is a free iPhone 5S mockup psd in black, silver, and gold courtesy of Pixeden. Happy Freebie Friday!

iPhone 5S Mockup 3/4 View by Pixeden

Free iPhone 5S Mockup PSD from Pixeden

iPhone 5S Mockup Front View

iPhone 5S Mockup Front View by Pixeden

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Apple iWatch Concept Design by Jivaldi

Apple products are probably some of the most speculated, concept’d, and redesigned products on the planet. When people aren’t busy loving Apple products, they are either busy redesigning them or making concepts of them. One very anticipated product Apple groupies have been waiting for (especially with the recent announcement of Samsung’s Galaxy Gear) is the Apple iWatch.

With no known release date or confirmation and only speculations on what the Apple iWatch will look like (if there will even be an iWatch), there have been many designers and companies pumping out their own concept designs. One design that caught my attention was the iWatch concept by Jivaldi. Jivaldi is a consulting, branding and internet marketing team based out of Northern California. Mainly focused on internet marketing, they also build and design websites, iPhone apps, and iPad apps.

The Jivaldi team created this amazing Apple iWatch concept design that features a full 360 degree design that wraps around your entire wrist. This concept is essentially an iPhone that wraps around your wrist. If you take a look at the concept sketch below, you can see various the inclusions and features of this concept.

iWatch Concept Sketch

As you can see, this iWatch concept includes:

  • Camera
  • Small Speaker
  • Headphone Jack
  • Side Volume Buttons
  • Charge and Computer Connect Port
  • Power Button Similar to iPhone
  • Curved iPhone Style Home Screen
  • Rounded Screen for Watch Display

The thing I love most about this concept is its lack of a wrist band like other concepts depict. I think the full 360 design is awesome, although it does beg the question of sizing and fit for various wrist sizes.

Here are the rest of the Apple iWatch concept design images from Jivaldi… (click images for larger versions). Keep in mind this is a concept not endorsed or proposed by Apple.

iWatch Concept Design Packaging

iWatch Concept Design Packaging

iWatch Concept Design Side View

iWatch Concept Design Angle View

iWatch Concept Design Front View

iWatch Concept Design Side Roll View

iWatch Concept Design Facetime View

iWatch Concept Design on Wrist

iWatch Concept Design Turned Off

So there you have it, the Jivaldi Apple iWatch Concept Design. What are your thoughts on it? Anything you would add to it/take away from it?

Photo Wordpress theme featured

WordPress has become the most popular CMS on earth over the past decade and is being used by some of the worlds top companies including The New York Times, CNN, Forbes, eBay, BestBuy, Tech Crunch and more. With thousands upon thousands of free WordPress themes out on the web, it can be an overwhelming task trying to choose the right one for your WordPress website.

That is why I decided to put together this list of 10 spectacular free WordPress themes that you should consider using for your next website. These themes are well constructed and up with current trends and are sure to stand out from the crowd.

1. Spun by Caroline Themes

Spun is a clean and light-weight and responsive theme perfect for photographers who want to showcase their photos in an elegant manner. This theme supports widgets which can be used in the footer and also supports the Image, Quote, Status, Gallery, and Aside post formats.

Spun Free WordPress Theme

2. Photography by SMThemes

Photography by SMThemes is a ready to go theme that is fully responsive. Great for photographers and bloggers, this theme combines the portfolio style with a blog format. This theme supports custom sidebars, is shortcode ready, and slider ready.

Photography Free WordPress Theme by SMThemes

3. Photo by WP Explorer

Photo is another great theme to use as a portfolio featuring a fully responsive grid style layout. The minimal layout brings focus to your logo and focus to your work.

Photo Free WordPress Theme by WP Explorer

4. Xenastore by Web2Feel

Xenastore is a great theme if you plan on setting up an online shop. This theme features vibrant colors and a simplistic layout so users can focus more on the products you have to offer.

Xenastore Free WordPress Theme by Web2Feel

5. Architekt by Dessign

Architekt is another great theme for a portfolio and features a grid style layout that focuses on images. You can download a free version or opt for the paid version which is responsive.

Architekt Free WordPress Theme by Dessign

6. Shuttershot by Web2Feel

Shuttershot is a full screen slideshow image theme that is perfect for photographers. This is a great minimalist theme that will have users focus towards your photos.

Shuttershot Free WordPress Theme by Web2Feel

7. Simple’n’Bright by Site5

Just as it’s name says, this theme is a simple and bright WordPress theme that is widget ready (footer and sidebar). It’s Google web fonts supported and custom logo and favicon supported. Activate the homepage slider and you’ll have users drooling over your website.

Simple'n'Bright Free WordPress Theme  by Site5

8. iRibbon by Cyber Chimps

iRibbon is a great theme that is fully responsive and includes drag and drop page elements. This theme runs off of the trusted Twitter bootstrap and features a homepage slider and ribbon backgrounds for main heading elements.

iRibbon free WordPress Theme by Cyber Chimps

9. Clippy by Site5

Clippy is a bit girly I’ll admit (with the pink highlights) but this theme features some beautiful fonts and a minimalist layout in Pinterest pin board style. The best part? This theme is fully responsive.

Clippy free WordPress Theme by Site5

10. Lefty by Authentic Themes

Featuring a left fixed side bar, lefty is a great theme that steps outside the norm. This theme is fully responsive, W3C valid, supports Google web fonts, and widgets in the sidebar and footer area.

Lefty free WordPress Theme by Authentic Themes

Twitter Logo 25 Must Follow Web Design Twitter Accounts

Ever since its launch in 2006, Twitter has been a huge source of information for web design enthusiasts. With over 550,000,000 users, Twitter is one of the hottest places to stay connected and gain information. Whether it be from friends and family, celebrities, or your favorite companies or blogs, Twitter is a great place to get all the information your want/need in one spot.

Awesome statistics aside, Twitter is home to many different web design related accounts, all of which are tweeting constantly throughout the day and night. I decided to compile a list of some of the best web design related Twitter accounts to follow.

1. 1st Web Designer @1stwebdesigner

Founded in 2008 by Dainis Graveris, 1st Web Designer is a great source for web design tutorials and articles. 1st Web Design also tweets web design related articles from other design blogs.

1st Web Designer Twitter Account @1stwebdesigner

2. Onextrapixel @onextrapixel

A great resource site for designers and developers, onextrapixel publishes articles on tutorials, tips, and resources for web designers and developers.

Onextrapixel Twitter Account @onextrapixel

3. Designmodo @Designmodo

Officially launched in 2011, Designmodo quickly grew into one of the most popular design blogs on the planet. Great for both web designers and web developers, Designmodo provides quality articles and quality products in their shop which inlude PSD and HTML UI kits and graphics.

Designmodo Twitter Account @Designmodo

4. Web Design Tuts @wdtuts

I’m sure most of you have heard of at least one of the Tuts Plus sub sites, Web Design Tuts focuses on tutorials, articles, and tips specifically for web designers.

Web Design Tuts Twitter Account @wdtuts

5. Web Design Ledger @webdesignledger

Web Design Ledger is another popular blog site for web designers. They only tweet once or twice per day, but most of their articles are very helpful and informative so following them is well worth it.

Web Design Ledger Twitter Account @webdesignledger

6. CSS Tricks @Real_CSS_Tricks

One of my favorite web blogs, CSS Tricks is run by Chris Coyier who is a CSS guru of sorts. CSS Tricks is a little more advanced and development related, but there are tons of useful tutorial articles, code snippets, and WordPress related posts.

CSS Tricks Twitter Account @Real_CSS_Tricks

7. SitePoint @sitepointdotcom

SitePoint is a great place to learn web design, they tweet regularly and even respond to most tweets users tweet them. SitePoint also has a forum you can join that’s filled with helpful people and a shop with some great learning books.

SitePoint Twitter Account @sitepointdotcom

8. Six Revisions @sixrevisions

Launched in 2008, Six Revisions is a great source for web design related articles and tutorials. Their Twitter account is maintained by Jacob Gube who is the founder of Six Revisions and a web designer himself.

Six Revisions Twitter Account @sixrevisions

9. Smashing Magazine @smashingmag

Smashing Magazine is a very well known online web designer magazine that publishes some great articles on web design. Smashing Magazine also publishes some very useful books, including my favorite, Smashing WordPress.

Smashing Magazine Twitter Account @smashingmag

10. Web Designer Depot @DesignerDepot

Perhaps one of the most well known web design blogs, Webdesigner Depot is constantly tweeting great articles and useful links for web design throughout the day. They publish some great tutorial articles and keep current with all the latest trends.

Web Designer Depot Twitter Account @DesignerDepot

11. topdesignmag @topdesignmag

A great blog for design inspiration, Top Design Mag tweets some great giveaways of various products so keep an eye on them.

topdesignmag Twitter Account @topdesignmag

12. Line25 @line25blog

Another great blog for inspiration, Line 25 tweets everything from tutorials to showcases. Line 25 is updated by Chris Spooner, founder of the SpoonGraphics blog.

Line25 Twitter Account @line25blog

13. Speckyboy @speckyboy

Run by Paul Andrew, Speckyboy tweets a variety of articles on everything from graphic design to web design. He tweets regularly and throughout the day, usually 5+ times a day.

Speckyboy Twitter Account @speckyboy

14. Creative Bloq @CreativeBloq

CreativeBloq is a great Twitter account to follow for web design inspiration. They tweet frequently through all hours of the day and their site is run by professionals (it’s a sub site of NetMag) so you know the content is trustworthy.

Creative Bloq Twitter Account @CreativeBloq

15. @DesignMagTweets

Although they don’t tweet as regularly as others, DesignMa.g is a useful resource for web design and development tutorials. Twitter Account @DesignMagTweets

16. Hey, designer! @HeyDesigner

Hey, designer! sends tweets throughout the day of curated articles relating to web design and development from various websites across the globe. All articles are handpicked by the site owner so no spam ever gets tweeted.

Hey, designer! Twitter Account @HeyDesigner

17. Smashing Apps @SmashingApps

Smashing Apps is a useful Twitter to follow for design inspiration, resources, and tutorials. You can expect only one or two tweets per day from smashing apps.

Smashing Apps Twitter Account @SmashingApps

18. instantShift @instantshift

Instant shift is a good place for web design and development resources, like some of the others they only tweet a few times a day so following them won’t clutter up your twitter feed.

instantShift Twitter Account @instantshift

19. Designrfix @Designrfix

Designrfix tweets articles from their blog and curated articles from others that are submitted to the news section via their website. They tweet in packs of up to 10 tweets at various times of the day. Articles they tweet are hand picked as well and all posts submitted are moderated to insure zero spam.

Designrfix Twitter Account @Designrfix

20. Inspired Magazine @inspiredmag

A good source for design inspiration, Inspired Magazine tweets various links throughout the day to help keep you inspired.

Inspired Magazine Twitter Account @inspiredmag

21. Zenith Blog @thezenithblog

Formerly called Top Creative Mag, Zenith Blog was founded by web designer Ricardo Nunes and features various articles on web design, photography, resources, tips, and tutorials.

Zenith Blog Twitter Account @thezenithblog

22. CrazyLeaf Design @crazyleaf

Crazy Leaf is a great place for web design resources, inspiration, and tutorials. They also regularly tweet out user submitted articles from their design news website Zabox.

CrazyLeaf Design Twitter Account @crazyleaf

23. SpyreStudios @SpyreStudios

SpyreStudios is another good account to follow on Twitter. They tweet out some interesting and inspiring articles at various times of the day including tip and tutorial articles.

SpyreStudios Twitter Account @SpyreStudios

24. The Web Blend @TheWebBlend

The Web Blend is another user submitted design article related site that tweets out the most popular articles from their website. They have a good collection of web design tweets that is constantly growing.

The Web Blend Twitter Account @TheWebBlend

25. Enfuzed @EnfuzedWeb

Of course we have to list ourselves, no not because we’re cocky, but because we have some very inspiring web design related articles on Enfuzed. We also like to send out a few tweets per day on articles worth mentioning from other web design blogs.

Enfuzed Twitter Account @EnfuzedWeb

Know of anymore great web design Twitter accounts to follow? Feel free to comment the @ username below!

Reasons Why Employees Leave Your Company Infographic by BOLT Insurance Agency

One thing that businesses always have to worry about is their employees leaving to pursue other opportunities. When this happens, some business owners can be clueless as to the reasoning behind employees leaving. What is the leading cause to employees leaving for jobs elsewhere?

This infographic by BOLT Insurance Agency walks you through the biggest reasons behind employees leaving your company as well as the costs of employee turnover. Some of the top reasons include heavy workload, lack of opportunities for growth and advancement, and unrealistic job expectations. Have you ever left a past job due to one of these reasons?

Created by BOLT Insurance Agency

Reasons Why Employees Leave Your Company Infographic by BOLT Insurance Agency

Free Social Media Icon Set by Luke Taylor

There are 89 free social media icons in this set from graphic designer Luke Taylor. This set of social icons comes in ai format for download. Included in the set is everything from Amazon, Apple, and Android to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WordPress. With over 45 different companies included in this free social media icon set, it comes with everything you need for your next project. You can see more of Luke’s work on his Dribbble, Twitter, and Online Portfolio. Happy Freebie Friday!

Social Media Icon Set by Luke Taylor

Free Social Media Icon Set by Luke Taylor

**Click the title link or the image to direct to the download page**

Free eBook: How to Create a Million Dollar Website

Many people dream of becoming an internet millionaire. Don't be a dreamer download this eBook, join my newsletter and start taking action today.

  • How to Find a Profitable Niche
  • How to Market Products Online
  • How to Build a Profitable Email List
  • How to Beat the Competition
  • Free Weekly Internet Money Making Methods

Free eBook: How to Create a Million Dollar Website

Many people dream of becoming an internet millionaire. Don't be a dreamer download this eBook, join my newsletter and start taking action today.

  • How to Find a Profitable Niche
  • How to Market Products Online
  • How to Build a Profitable Email List
  • How to Beat the Competition
  • Free Weekly Internet Money Making Methods