Give Designing a Different Dimension Using Adobe After Effects

Give Designing a Different Dimension Using Adobe After Effects

With the advancement in technology, one has to look for the most updated software in order to compete against the global giants in the business world. There are numerous options available when it comes to designing, but you have to look for the best ones in order to create a unique design and gain a competitive edge over others. If you are able to create the best design, you will be able to attract more visitors and will be able to convert them into your clients.

However, most people don’t look to spend much on designing and end up suffering losses in their business. In order to avoid that situation you have to look for innovative ways to create a masterpiece so that your business doesn’t suffer.

Designing has become extremely important these days and if you focus on it, you can really move forward at a good pace. You will find plenty of conventional designs all over the internet, some of which don’t catch your attention at all. In order to give a new look to your webpage, you need to buy a software like the Adobe After Effects, which really comes in handy and gives your business a professional look. It is not easy to use this software though and you have to spend plenty of time in creating your desired effects.

How to Use Adobe After Effects?

Since you will need to add special effects to your design, using this software program, it will consume a lot of your time. Therefore, you will have to be patient with it and experiment with all of the cool features, which can help you in designing. Using the Adobe After Effects is not quite a difficult task, but you cannot perform it efficiently if you are a newbie. Following are the steps that need to be taken in order to make your design look better than others.

Start a New Project on the Program

Once you have successfully installed the Adobe After Effects program on your system, you will be required to create a new project in order to start your work. In order to do this, you have to click on the ‘file’ tab and then select ‘new’ followed by ‘project’.

Start a new project on Adobe After Effects

Open New Composition

The next step will be opening a new composition, for which, you will be required to right click on the project window. You will get the option of opening a new composition and will be allowed to decide the size of the project at this stage.

Open New Composition in Adobe After Effects

Import Files

Your next step would be importing new files, which have to be altered according to your requirements in order to make the design look unique. These files can be video, audio or still images. You can simply drop them onto your timeline or import them by right clicking on the project.

Import Files Adobe After Effects

Add Animations and Effects

Once you have got the files on your timeline, you can go ahead and design them in the way you like. Once you click on the ‘windows’ tab, you will find plenty of options in front of you. However, you will be required to visit the ‘special effects’ tab in order to give a new look to the design of your imported files.

Add Animations and Effects Adobe After Effects

Preview and Save

Finally, you can preview the work you have done and then save it on your system or export it directly to your webpage, giving a new dimension to it.

Similarly, you can add various effects to your work using this wonderful program and all of a sudden, your ordinary design will start looking like an exceptional one. There are plenty of cool features in the Adobe After Effects, but some of them are simply awesome and should definitely be used in order to give a new life to your designing. If you are getting your work done through a professional, he/she would be aware of what to use, but you should also take a look at some of the key features of this program.

Preview and Save on Adobe After Effects

Key Effects to Give a New Life to Your Design

Although none of the effects in the Adobe After Effects are useless ones, the following ones simply standout in helping people promote their work through designing.

Key Effects to Give a New Life to Your Design

Matte Settings

One important feature available in the Adobe After Effects is the ‘set matte’, which allows the user to strip out the background with ease. While using the program, you will first have to apply the matte settings and then set the ‘use for matte’ to luminance. In case there are some issues such as fringing, you can get them fixed through ‘remove color matting’ feature. Moreover, you can also choose your favorite color for the element by choosing the ‘fill’ option from the ‘generate’ feature.

Matte Settings Adobe After Effects

CC Light Sweep

Have you ever seen light moving across a logo or some other design in a webpage? This feature appears to be a cool one and catches the attention of the users immediately. Therefore, the Adobe After Effects provides you the option of CC light sweep, which allows you to change the look of your design completely. The usage of this feature is also an easy one. All you have to do is apply the CC light sweep effect first and then change the settings as per your needs. You can choose the shape, width, sweep intensity, edge intensity, edge thickness, light color and light reception and then save all of your settings to see the mesmerizing effect of the CC light sweep.

CC Light Sweep Adobe After Effects

Distressed Text

You don’t have to use Photoshop in order to create distressed text. That process was time consuming and did not satisfy the needs. However, the Adobe After Effects program performs this task within a few minutes with ease. From the ‘effects control’, pick up the option of ‘grunge’ followed by the ‘roughen edges’. You can further alter the settings as per your requirements and change the dimension of your design completely.

Distressed Text Adobe After Effects

CC Composite

In order to composite an effect on one layer and combine it with another, you should use the CC composite feature. This allows you to give a stylish look to the design and the users get a feeling that they are dealing with professionals. Just like all of the other features, you will be allowed to change different settings to make your design unique through the CC composite. Once you have applied the effect, you can alter the tones, midtones, highlights, blurriness and shadows in the layer.

CC Composite Adobe After Effects

Color Correction

After applying all the settings to your design in order to make it look classy, you have to check whether the color settings are according to your needs. In case you feel something missing, you can make a correction through the ‘color finesse’ feature in the Adobe After Effects program. Once you go to this feature, you will find numerous options available in front of you. All you have to do is experiment with different color combinations and save the best settings.

Color Correction Adobe After Effects

Just like all of the above mentioned features, the Adobe After Effects program allows the users to create some mind blowing designs, which can grab the attention of the visitors immediately. Buying this program is not a waste of your money and you will only find out its value once you use it. There is no doubt that this spectacular program gives designing an entirely new dimension and takes you to the next level.

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