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Fifty Five Hi’s is a printing company that Ross Moody started in June of 2010 as a fun creative outlet for him to produce products that make people smile and laugh. 55 Hi’s specializes in all things paper, covering everything from greeting cards and posters to stickers and coasters.

So what made Ross decide to start 55 Hi’s? He was working a day job at an ad agency and it was sucking the life out of him so at night he would design things that he had control over to make others smile in an effort to offset the tough day job. After really starting to concentrate on it’s success as a business in mid July of 2011, Ross discovered running a small business was something he truly loved doing. After a few popular releases such as The Robot CalendarThe Letters Poster, & The Shot Glass Card in 2012, 55 Hi’s gained some significant publicity and the company began to see some real growth.

You may be asking “What’s behind the name 55 Hi’s?”. Ross explains “I say I’ll never tell but I always immediately cave and spill the beans. There is no reason. I grew up in the Blink 182 era of attaching an arbitrary number to a words and then searching for ridiculous reasons to tell people to justify it. The truth is I thought it was catchy.”

Let’s take a look at some of the awesome designs that 55 Hi’s is pumping out…

Shot Glass Card

Shot Glass Greeting Card by 55 Hi's

Be On You

I Want to be on You Greeting Card by 55 Hi's

Numbers Poster

Numbers Poster by 55 Hi's

Happy Bacon

You Make Me Happy So Does Bacon Greeting Card by 55 Hi's

Happy When You’re Naked

I am so Happy I get to see you Naked on a regular basis greeting card by 55 Hi's

No Pants Dance

No Pants Dance Invitation by 55 Hi's

Quick Brown Fox

The Quick Brown Fox Poster by 55 Hi's

Shitty Friend

I am a shitty friend happy belated birthday card by 55 Hi's

You Rock

Thank You You Rock Greeting Card by 55 Hi's

You can view and purchase all 55 Hi’s products at their online store. You can also locate a store that sells 55 Hi’s products on their store locator page.

The inspirational and funny dynamic is still the driving force and reason for why Ross, 26 years old, continued 55 Hi’s, but it has since taken on a life of it’s own and the possibilities for new items he is wanting to create are just endless. There aren’t enough hours in the day.

So what’s in store for 55 Hi’s over the next year? Ross says “This is also a tricky question. 55 Hi’s will never be a large company so our goal is always to just constantly release the best products possible and make sure people are having an amazing experience opening a package from us. Seeing pics of our stuff on Instagram and Twitter is insanely rewarding. So if you are out there posting stuff, know that we’re totally stalking you like a creepster! You can make it easier for us by tagging #55his.”

If you want to follow and share 55 Hi’s awesome products you can find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Flickr, and Vimeo.

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