Effective Ways to Engage on Twitter

7 Effective Ways to Engage on Twitter

We have been talking about Twitter a lot recently, but for good reason, it’s a great source for traffic and leads. It’s not as easy as just creating a Twitter account though, building a following and engaging properly with your followers takes work and there are proper ways to do it.

One of the most effective ways of increasing engagement and gaining more followers is letting your followers know you’re listening to them. Re-tweet, reply, or favorite their tweets when they mention you, this lets them know you’re reading their tweets and listening to what they have to say.

Tweet at different times of the day so there’s a better chance your followers will see your tweet. Everyone gets on Twitter at different times, and many people live in different time zones. Posting at a certain time just because it’s convenient for you doesn’t mean it’s convenient for others. Schedule tweets for the morning, afternoon, and evening using tools like Hootsuite to ensure all of your followers get a chance to see your tweet.

The crew at Open Forum created this helpful little infographic that includes some more effective ways to engage on Twitter. I don’t agree with all of these though, mainly asking for a RT. When I see people asking for RT’s on Twitter it makes them look desperate, so this is something I will always avoid doing. Being the first to break the news is a great way to increase engagement because it adds credibility, Mashable is a great example of this as they are excellent at being the first to break the news.

Created by Open Forum

7 Effective Ways to Engage on Twitter

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  1. Sophie Johnsen says:

    I agree! being real is an advantage to gain more followers in twitter, Good listener to your target audience may help drive your traffic web search optimization.. thanks for sharing this infograph image very informative..

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