Corporate and Brand Identity Mock-Up

Corporate and Brand Identity Mock-Up

When you are creating a brand for a company or trying to present an already existing identity for a company, the way you present it is key in its success. Being able to visually engage with an audience by presenting your companies identity is a huge part in instilling that image in the viewers memory.

Most of us however don’t have the time to create an entire branding and identity mock-up to present on. That’s where this beautifully crafted mock-up by creartdesign comes in handy.

They’ve created this mock-up in PSD format with 3 different perspective views that includes a leather-covered book, spiral notebook, touch screen tablet, DVD with case and without case, press badge, calendar, pens and pencils, paper clips, USB flash drive, A5/A6 envelope, 1/3 A4 paper, tri-fold A4 paper, business card in top and back view, and much more which you can see below.

Brand Identity Mock-up by creartdesign

Corporate and Brand Identity Mock-Up

This mock-up kit also comes with a PSD file for a t-shirt Mock-Up with male and female t-shirts, PSD file for a advertising bag mock-up, PSD file for a coffee mug mock-up, and a seperate PSD file for the business card mock-up. You get all of this for just $9.

You can check out all the images for this identity mock-up plus a demonstration video here.

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  1. card board box says:

    your blog is very nice i like

  2. Harry Olson says:

    very nice logo but i want to say one think that a logo should be small in size , simple but attractive , because a logo must remain remember in the mind of poeple , for example the log of facebook is always in the mind of almost every one ,
    other wise your logo is very nice it is your first effert of logo design , i must say it is very good as compare when i was new i this industry , my logo was rejected at the first time because of color whcih i used in that logo , but now i can make a logo that must impress to anyone ,
    i appricite you for this ,,, thanks