30 Beautiful Mobile UI Examples

Nothing gets a web designer more excited than a visually stunning User Interface, especially on a mobile device. With mobile use constantly on the rise, it’s important for designers to capture the users attention and keep them intrigued. This means incorporating stunning color combinations with a sharp UI that makes the user want to “use” […]

9 Stunning Websites with Sectioned Layouts

Sectioned layouts in web design is one of those big trends that is really taking storm. The thing that users like most about it is how the content is sectioned out on the page making it easier to read and tell things apart. Sectioned layouts are mainly used in single paged websites because it helps […]

16 Minimalism Movie Poster Designs

I stumbled across a few of these minimal movie poster designs on Pinterest and I knew, as soon as I seen them, that I had to make an article on them. So after about 10 seconds of digging I found the creator behind these pieces, Sabrina Jackson of Manchester, UK. You can follow Sabrina and her work on […]

Campbell's Soup App Icon FeaturedImage

25 Clever Mobile App Icons

Mobile app icon design is a very important part of marketing when it comes to getting noticed in the app store. I’ll be the first to say, when it comes to choosing an app, for me it usually comes down to how cool the app icon looks. Ultimately because I will be looking at it every time I get on […]

Pearls & Lace Letterpress Business Card Featured Image

15 Letterpress Business Cards Sure to Inspire

Having a business card that stands out is a must these days, especially when any average Joe can print them straight off their home computer on some cheap business card paper. Currently on the rise in popularity are letterpress business cards, so below we’ve compiled some gems that are sure to inspire. Although you may not […]