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Toggle Switch by Aric

11 Imaginative Toggle Switches

Toggle switches, or toggle, are something that has become increasingly popular since the takeover of mobile devices, so much so that they have made their way to computers. Dribbble has had a recent playoff on toggle switches with feelings in which a few designers have created some very imaginative toggles that are beyond the basic yes/no, on/off switches that you see, these toggles have feelings :). Which is your favorite?

1. If switch has feelings by Aric

If switch has feelings Toggle Switch by Aric

 2. Switch by Morcha

Switch Toggle Switch by Morcha

 3. Animated Emotion by Star UX

Animated Emotion Toggle Switch by Star UX

4. Feeling Switch by Jacky Zhuang

Feeling Switch Toggle Switch by Jacky Zhuang

5. Like by Han Wang

Like Toggle Switch by Han Wang

6. Love Button by Quan

Love Button Toggle Switch by Quan

7. Switches x Stitches by Trevor Van Meter

Switches x Stitches Toggle Switch by Trevor Van Meter

8. Adventure Time by Ela Ganor

Adventure Time Toggle Switch by Ela Ganor

9. Idea Switch by Jamie Heuze

Idea Switch Toggle Switch Toggle Switch by Jamie Heuze

10. Switches Playoff by Pro Web Design

Switches Playoff Toggle Switch by Pro Web Design

11. Rock On by Marcio Gutheil

Rock On Toggle Switch by Marcio Gutheil

Good Music Typography by Eday Inc

20 Magnificent Examples of Typography

Typography dates back 100’s of years ago, all the way back to the first punches and dies used to make seals and currency in ancient times. Typography is used to create visually satisfying pieces that will engage a reader without them even realizing it. In present times you find typography everywhere you go, even more so if you’re in the design world. We’ve gathered 20 magnificent examples of typography below for your inspiration.

1. Rehearsal Dinner by James Paige Design

Rehearsal Dinner Poster by James Paige Design

2. Dear Typography by The Birds and the Beasts

Dear Typography Poster by The Birds and the Beasts

3. Type is a Beautiful… by Rosemary Wannan

Type is a Beautiful Poster by Rosemary Wannan

4. Mightier by Sebastian Lester

Mightier by Sebastian Lester

5. I am a Designer by Ben Crick

I am a Designer by Ben Crick

6. Adventure by Paz

Adventure Typography by Paz

7. Perfect Font

Perfect Font

8. Coca Cola by Nicholas Ainsworth

Coca Cola Typography by Nicholas Ainsworth

9. 7 Eleven by Craig Bradley

7 Eleven Poster by Craig Bradley

10. Courage by Gemma Goode

Courage Typography by Gemma Goode

 11. Romans 8:28 by Gedy Rivera

Romans 8:28 Typography Poster by Gedy Rivera

12. Good Music by Eday Inc.

Good Music Poster by Eday Inc.

13. Silver Linings by Nico Lopez

Silver Linings Typography by Nico Lopez


UXBRIDGE Fair Poster

15. Thrift Shop by Jaclyn Le

Thrift Shop Typography by Jaclyn Le

16. Modus by Sunday Publishing

Magazine Art Director – Christie Ferdinando; Illustration/Chalk Drawing –

Modus Typography by Sunday Publishing

17. Geburtstagsfest by Typejockeys

Geburtstagsfest Poster by Typejockeys

18. Proverbs 10:13 by Michael Masinga

Proverbs 10:13 Typography by Michael Masinga

19. A Mad Man

A Mad Man Typography

20. Tolkien Typography by Joshua Storms

Tolkien Typography by Joshua Storms

San Francisco Minimalism Poster by Ryan Russell Featured

14 Iconic City Structure Silhouettes

April 2013’s Artist of the Month is Ryan M. Russell. Ryan has started a project creating minimalism iconic city skyline posters for various cities across the U.S. Minimalism really seems to be taking the design world by storm as of late, so why not add to the rage by creating a feature on it? You can check out Ryan M. Russell’s Portfolio here, and his LinkedIn here.


Chicago Minimalism Poster by Ryan M. Russell


Dallas Minimalism Poster by Ryan M. Russell


Houston Minimalism Poster by Ryan M. Russell

Las Vegas

Las Vegas Minimalism Poster by Ryan M. Russell

Los Angeles

Los Angeles Minimalism Poster by Ryan M. Russell


Nashville Minimalism Poster by Ryan M. Russell

New York City

New York City Minimalism Poster by Ryan M. Russell

Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City Minimalism Poster by Ryan M. Russell


Philadelphia Minimalism Poster by Ryan M. Russell

St. Louis

St. Louis Minimalism Poster by Ryan M. Russell

San Antonio

San Antonio Minimalism Poster by Ryan M. Russell

San Francisco

San Francisco Minimalism Poster by Ryan M. Russell


Seattle Minimalism Poster by Ryan M. Russell

Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. Minimalism Poster by Ryan M. Russell

27 Unconventional Business Card Designs

Standard 3.5 x 2 business cards won’t cut it these days, especially in the design world. I can’t tell you how many business cards I throw away (or just avoid grabbing in the first place) because it’s plain old black ink on a white 3.5 inch by 2 inch piece of paper. It’s almost to the point where it’s an annoyance to see them. Thankful there are a few people in this world who share my same views and have done something to destroy that old standard.

Below we’ve gathered 25 unique and unconventional business card designs for your inspiration, hopefully after seeing these you will go burn your current standard/boring business cards to spare us all.

1. Moss Optical by Soul Seven

Moss Optical Business Card by Soul Seven

2. Elena Mirosedina by Tanya Kozlova

Elena Mirosedina Business Card by Tanya Kozlova

3. Recycled Paper by Paper Papel Papier

Recycled Paper Business Card by Paper Papel Papier

4. Broome Street by Presshaus LA

Broome Street Business Card by Presshaus LA

5. Gabe Ferreira

Gabe Ferreira Business Card

6. Black Acrylic by Engravable Designs Inc.

Black Acrylic Business Card by Engravable Designs Inc.

7. TEDx St Johns by Engravable Designs Inc.

TEDx St Johns Business Card by Engravable Designs Inc.

8. MODHair by Fabio Milito

MODHair Business Card by Fabio Milito

9. TAM Cargo by Eduardo Quadra and Eduardo Araujo

TAM Cargo Business Card by Y&R

10. Klinetech by Julie Hanan Design

Klinetech Business Card by Julie Hanan Design

11. 10 10 Tires by Spring Advertising

10 10 Tires Business Card by Spring Advertising

12. iPhone by Beasty Design

iPhone Business Card by Beasty Design

13. Cafe Java by Taste of Ink

Cafe Java Business Card by Taste of Ink

14. Longshots by Taste of Ink

Longshots Business Card by Taste of Ink

15. Lady Bon Bon by Taste of Ink

Lady Bon Bon Business Card by Taste of Ink

16. State System Radio Inc. by Taste of Ink

State System Radio Inc. Business Card by Taste of Ink

17. Mineral Spring Water by Taste of Ink

Mineral Spring Water Business Card by Taste of Ink

18. Mitnick Security

Mitnick Security Business Card

19. Lush by Struck

Lush Lawn Business Card by Struck

Lush Lawn Business Card by Struck

20. Feeding the Self by LUMO

Feeding the Self Business Card by LUMO

21. We Are Designers by Hash Milhan

We Are Designers Business Card by Hash Milhan

22. Scanimated by Matthew Skelton

Scanimated Business Card by Matthew Skelton

Scanimated Business Card by Matthew Skelton

23. Barber Shop by Evgeny Katz

Barber Shop Business Card by Evgeny Katz

Barber Shop Business Card in Motion

24. Sheet Seat by Emily Berry

Sheet Seat Business Card by Emily Berry

25. La Charcuterie by Rethink Canada

La Charcuterie Business Card by Rethink Canada

26. Qooo by Rock Design

Qooo Business Card by Rock Design

27. Lucian Bernhard by Luke Anspach

Lucian Bernhard Business Card by Luke Anspach

pat schlaich resume featured

20 Innovative Resume Examples

Your resume can make or break you, in some cases it is the first impression that you will make on the person/company that is hiring. With that said, it is vital to your career that you create a resume that will stand out and set you apart from the pack. Statistics have shown that the average person only spends a few seconds looking over a resume, so having it make a good impression is important.

Now being a Web or Graphic Designer gives you a few advantages, because more than likely you will have a website or online portfolio showcasing your work, but having a good resume that stands out is still an important aspect. So, in an effort to help spark some inspiration, we’ve gathered below 20 innovative resume examples that stand out and can give you some ideas on your resume or CV design.

1. Riccardo Peddio

Riccardo Peddio Resume

2. Sara Catanzariti

Sara Catanzariti Resume

3. Gabriel Ghnassia

Gabriel Ghnassia Resume

4. Katie Briggs

Katie Briggs Resume

5. Chuck D. Lay

Chuck D. Lay Resume

6. Melissa Washin

Melissa Washin Resume

7. Mohammed Mahgoub

Mohammed Mahgoub Resume

8. Edwin Giraldo

J. Edwin Geraldo Resume

9. Blaine Levy

Blaine Levy Resume

10. Gabriel Mello

Gabriel Mello Resume

11. Robbie Bautista

Robbie Bautista Resume

12. Stefan Irava

Stefan Irava Resume

13. Pau Morgan

Pau Morgan Resume

14. Elliot Hasse

Elliot Hasse Resume

15. Riccardo Sabatini

Riccardo Sabatini Resume

16. Errol Veloso

Errol Veloso Resume

17. Stuart Mayhew

Stuart Mayhew Resume

18. Pat Schlaich

Pat Schlaich Resume

19. Navdeep Raj

Navdeep Raj Resume

20. Adam Wouldes

Adam Wouldes Resume

eskimo featured

15 Striking Examples of Identity

Identity is all around us, it’s who we are, what makes us different from others, it’s what makes things stand out from the crowd. When designing for a company or for your own personal exposure, it’s important that you stand out from the crowd and set yourself apart. This is identity, the state of having unique identifying characteristics held by no other person or thing. Here we have gathered 15 striking examples of Identity in design that will spark some inspiration…

*Due to the size of some of these images, load times make take longer than expected*

1. Lemon Media by Dora Klimczyk

Lemon Media Identity by Dora Klimczyk

2. Holly Burger by Manuel Astorga and Rodrigo Aguade

Holly Burger Identity by Manuel Astorga and Rodrigo Aguade

3. Snakeye by Triptic

Snakeye Identity by Triptic

4. Liverpool English Pub by Reynolds and Reyner

Liverpool English Pub Identity by Reynolds and Reyner

5. Eskimo by Eskimo

Eskimo Identity

6. REX by Sapelkin

REX Identity by Sapelkin

7. Furnitrade by Glad Head

Furnitrade Identity  by Glad Head

8. Hotel Para Uno by Josep Roman Barri

Hotel Para Uno Identity by Josep Roman Barri

9. Attido by Bond

Attido Identity by Bond

10. Agency One by Vova Lifinov

Agency One Identity by Vova Lifinov

11. Brantjes by Sixtyseven

Brantjes Identity by Sixtyseven

12. Rockhill Music by September Industry

Rockhill Music Indentity by September Industry

13. The Tea Shop by leolab

The Tea Shop Identity by leolab

14. Vincent Trust by Ooli Mos

Vincent Trust Identity by Ooli Mos

15. LIBMED by Joy Intermedia

LIBMED Identity by Joy Intermedia