iOS 7 Close Up Look

There has been tons of speculation as to what Apple’s new iOS is going to look like and what it will feature. One of the biggest speculations for the new iOS 7 is it’s axing of the skeuomorphic design and it’s switch to a flat user interface. Like we’ve said in previous articles,  flat UI has become a big hit in recent years and it would be hard to believe if Apple didn’t follow suit.

SimplyZesty, a full service digital agency, has put together this video showcasing a mock up of what they believe the new iOS 7 could look like based off of rumors and speculations. I think they did a good job with it, it is definitely a concept that could become reality when they announce the new iOS at WWDC June 10-14th in San Francisco. (Video Below)

iOS 7 Concept Designs by SimplyZesty

iOS 7 Concept Designs by SimplyZesty

iOS 7 Concept Designs by SimplyZesty

iOS 7 Concept Designs by SimplyZesty

iOS 7 Concept Designs by SimplyZesty

iOS 7 Concept Designs by SimplyZesty


The Kitchen Website

Minimalism is a current design trend that is taking the world by storm. The minimalism web design trend has really taken off in the past few years as well with the trend of flat and metro of only including essential elements within a design. The idea behind minimalist design is to keep everything to a minimum, only displaying what is relevant to the user and to the website (the essentials).

The great thing about minimalism is that helps the website’s users find what they need quickly all while avoiding non-relevant content such as advertisements or whatever else. Below we have collected 19 different websites that showcase minimalism very well in their design.

1. The Kitchen

The Kitchen Website

2. Light & Shadows by Wizz Media

Light & Shadows Website by Wizz Media

3. POCO People by Joshua Lamont

POCO People  Website by Joshua Lamont

4. Linda Dong

Linda Dong Website

5. Paramount Farms by LEVEL Studios

Paramount Farms Website by LEVEL Studios

6. Nest

Nest Website

7. Life in Greenville by Cowork Greenville

Life in Greenville Website by Cowork Greenville

8. Multiview by Orchard

Multiview Website by Orchard


The STUDIO Website

10. ground(ctrl)

ground(ctrl) Website

11. Loghificio by Operaviva

Loghificio Website by Operaviva

12. Paco Mobles by Daniel Nabil

Paco Mobles Website by Daniel Nabil

13. FiftyThree

FiftyThree Website

14. TokioLab by NEOTOKIO!

TokioLab Website by NEOTOKIO!

15. Solo Interactive Studio

Solo Interactive Studio Website

16. Whitmans New York by Gin Lane Media

Whitmans New York Website by Gin Lane Media

17. Wrap Spaces by Triggerfish!

Wrap Spaces Website by Triggerfish!

18. Crayons to Concept

Crayons to Concept Website

19. Goosebumps Pickles by Digi-cult

Goosebumps Pickles Website by Digi-cult

St. Louis Cardinals MLB Ticket

I stumbled across this MLB Icon Series project by Jon Ringger on Dribbble a few weeks back and have been patiently waiting for him to get all the Major League Baseball teams done :). Jon, a graduate from Indiana University, is a senior art director at Floyd & Partners in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

If you’re a baseball fan then you will love this graphic project. This series of MLB tickets includes all 30 Major League Baseball teams. You can follow Jon Ringger on Dribbble and Twitter.

Miami Marlins

Miami Marlins MLB Ticket by Jon Ringger

Tampa Bay Rays

Tampa Bay Rays MLB Ticket by Jon Ringger

San Francisco Giants

San Francisco Giants MLB Ticket by Jon Ringger

San Diego Padres

San Diego Padres MLB Ticket by Jon Ringger

Chicago Whitesox

Chicago Whitesox MLB Ticket by Jon Ringger

Seattle Mariners

Seattle Mariners MLB Ticket by Jon Ringger

Houston Astros

Houston Astros MLB Ticket by Jon Ringger

Los Angeles Dodgers

Los Angeles Dodgers MLB Ticket by Jon Ringger

Washington Nationals

Washington Nationals MLB Ticket by Jon Ringger

Minnesota Twins

Minnesota Twins MLB Ticket by Jon Ringger

Texas Rangers

Texas Rangers MLB Ticket by Jon Ringger

New York Mets

New York Mets MLB Ticket by Jon Ringger

Arizona Diamondbacks

Arizona Diamondbacks MLB Ticket by Jon Ringger

Detroit Tigers

Detroit Tigers MLB Ticket by Jon Ringger

Kansas City Royals

Kansas City Royals MLB Ticket by Jon Ringger

Colorado Rockies

Colorado Rockies MLB Ticket by Jon Ringger

Philadelphia Phillies

Philadelphia Phillies MLB Ticket by Jon Ringger

Atlanta Braves

Atlanta Braves MLB Ticket by Jon Ringger

Milwaukee Brewers

Milwaukee Brewers MLB Ticket by Jon Ringger

St. Louis Cardinals

St. Louis Cardinals MLB Ticket by Jon Ringger

Toronto Bluejays

Toronto Bluejays MLB Ticket by Jon Ringger

Baltimore Orioles

Baltimore Orioles MLB Ticket by Jon Ringger

Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati Reds MLB Ticket by Jon Ringger

New York Yankees

New York Yankees MLB Ticket by Jon Ringger

Anaheim Angels

Anaheim Angels MLB Ticket by Jon Ringger

Oakland Athletics

Oakland Athletics MLB Ticket by Jon Ringger

Boston Redsox

Boston Redsox MLB Ticket by Jon Ringger

Chicago Cubs

Chicago Cubs MLB Ticket by Jon Ringger

Cleveland Indians

Cleveland Indians MLB Ticket by Jon Ringger

Pittsburgh Pirates

Pittsburgh Pirates MLB Ticket by Jon Ringger

Superman Superhero Poster Featured

I’m sure some of you have spotted at least one of these posters floating around on Pinterest. I was inspired by these awesome Superhero Minimalist Poster designs by Calvin Lin so I decided to give them their own article here on Enfuzed. Why not? These things are awesome! Included in the batch are some well known’s like Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Iron Man, Thor, Wonder Woman, Hulk, Wolverine and more. You can view all of them plus some villains on Calvin Lin’s portfolio.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Minimalist Poster


Robin Minimalist Poster


Batman Minimalist Poster


Superman Minimalist Poster


Flash Minimalist Poster

The Green Lantern

The Green Lantern Minimalist Poster


Spiderman Minimalist Poster


Wolverine Minimalist Poster

Captain America

Modern Captain America Minimalist Poster

Iron Man

Modern Iron Man Minimalist Poster


Modern Thor Minimalist Poster


Hulk Minimalist Poster


Hawkeye Minimalist Poster

Black Widow

Black Widow Minimalist Poster

Aqua Man

Aqua Man Minimalist Poster

Thor Original

Original Thor Minimalist Poster

Iron Man Original

Original Iron Man Minimalist Poster

Captain America Original

Original Captain America Minimalist Poster

Puma Mobium Featured Image

One of the hottest web design trends in the past couple of years has been the parallax scrolling effect. Parallax scrolling happens when layers are scrolled at different speeds in a simulated parallax motion effect when the cursor is moved. The end effect gives a cool user experience and some web developers have taken it to new levels and have made some pretty amazing parallax websites.

Although recently popular as a design trend for websites, parallax has actually been around since the original Nintendo days. Here we’ve gathered 15 amazing handpicked examples of parallax websites below.

1. Nike Air Jordan 2012

Update 2-17-14: This site is no longer online, but you can view a video of the parallax scrolling effect here.

Nike Air Jordan 2012 Parallax Website

2. Lost World’s Fair Atlantis

Lost World's Fair Atlantis Parallax Website

3. James Bond 007 Cars Revolution

James Bond 007 Cars Revolution Parallax Website

4. Range Rover Evoque

Range Rover Evoque Parallax Website

5. Iutopi

Iutopi Parallax Website

6. Flight of the Fireflies

Flight of the Fireflies Parallax Website

7. Unfold

Unfold Parallax Website

8. Oakley

Oakley Parallax Website

9. Puma Mobium

Puma Mobium Parallax Website

10. Mario Kart History

Mario Kart History Parallax Website

11. Scroll for Your Health

Scroll for Your Health Parallax Website

12. The Rise and Rise of David Bowie

The Rise and Rise of David Bowie Parallax Website

13. GLP Creative

GLP Creative Parallax Website

14. Lexus LS

Lexus LS Parallax Website

15. Inception Explained

Inception Explained Parallax Website

16. Design Week Portland 2012

Design Week Portland 2012 Parallax Website

Movie Alphabet Posters by Meagan Hyland

May Artist of the Month is Meagan Hyland of Dublin, Ireland. Meagan is a recent graduate of Limerick School of Art & Design and enjoys doing creative things like graphic design, illustration and photography.

Meagan’s Movie Alphabet is an ongoing personal project of her’s that combines her love of movies, illustration and typography. Each week she adds the next letter in alphabetical order using motifs and references from the movie in question. I came across these awesome works while (you guessed it) browsing the design section of Pinterest. You can follow Meagan on Behance, Twitter, and purchase some of her work on Society6.

Across the Universe

Across the Universe Alphabet Movie Poster

The Birds

The Birds Alphabet Movie Poster

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte's Web Alphabet Movie Poster

The Departed

The Departed Alphabet Movie Poster

An Education

An Education Alphabet Movie Poster

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox Alphabet Movie Poster

Good Will Hunting

Good Will Hunting Alphabet Movie Poster

High Fidelity

High Fidelity Alphabet Movie Poster


Inception Alphabet Movie Poster


JAWS Alphabet Movie Poster

Kill Bill

Kill Bill Alphabet Movie Poster

La Vie en Rose

La Vie en Rose Alphabet Movie Poster

My Neighbour Totoro

My Neighbour Totoro Alphabet Movie Poster

No Country for Old Men

No Country for Old Men Alphabet Movie Poster


Oldboy Alphabet Movie Poster

Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction Alphabet Movie Poster


Quills Alphabet Movie Poster

The Royal Tenenbaums

The Royal Tenenbaums Alphabet Movie Poster

Spirited Away

Spirited Away Alphabet Movie Poster

True Romance

True Romance Alphabet Movie Poster


UP Alphabet Movie Poster

The Virgin Suicides

The Virgin Suicides Alphabet Movie Poster


Watchmen Alphabet Movie Poster


X-Men Alphabet Movie Poster

Young Frankenstein

Young Frankenstein Alphabet Movie Poster


Zodiac Alphabet Movie Poster