Apple iWatch Concept Design by Jivaldi

Apple products are probably some of the most speculated, concept’d, and redesigned products on the planet. When people aren’t busy loving Apple products, they are either busy redesigning them or making concepts of them. One very anticipated product Apple groupies have been waiting for (especially with the recent announcement of Samsung’s Galaxy Gear) is the Apple iWatch.

With no known release date or confirmation and only speculations on what the Apple iWatch will look like (if there will even be an iWatch), there have been many designers and companies pumping out their own concept designs. One design that caught my attention was the iWatch concept by Jivaldi. Jivaldi is a consulting, branding and internet marketing team based out of Northern California. Mainly focused on internet marketing, they also build and design websites, iPhone apps, and iPad apps.

The Jivaldi team created this amazing Apple iWatch concept design that features a full 360 degree design that wraps around your entire wrist. This concept is essentially an iPhone that wraps around your wrist. If you take a look at the concept sketch below, you can see various the inclusions and features of this concept.

iWatch Concept Sketch

As you can see, this iWatch concept includes:

  • Camera
  • Small Speaker
  • Headphone Jack
  • Side Volume Buttons
  • Charge and Computer Connect Port
  • Power Button Similar to iPhone
  • Curved iPhone Style Home Screen
  • Rounded Screen for Watch Display

The thing I love most about this concept is its lack of a wrist band like other concepts depict. I think the full 360 design is awesome, although it does beg the question of sizing and fit for various wrist sizes.

Here are the rest of the Apple iWatch concept design images from Jivaldi… (click images for larger versions). Keep in mind this is a concept not endorsed or proposed by Apple.

iWatch Concept Design Packaging

iWatch Concept Design Packaging

iWatch Concept Design Side View

iWatch Concept Design Angle View

iWatch Concept Design Front View

iWatch Concept Design Side Roll View

iWatch Concept Design Facetime View

iWatch Concept Design on Wrist

iWatch Concept Design Turned Off

So there you have it, the Jivaldi Apple iWatch Concept Design. What are your thoughts on it? Anything you would add to it/take away from it?

Photo Wordpress theme featured

WordPress has become the most popular CMS on earth over the past decade and is being used by some of the worlds top companies including The New York Times, CNN, Forbes, eBay, BestBuy, Tech Crunch and more. With thousands upon thousands of free WordPress themes out on the web, it can be an overwhelming task trying to choose the right one for your WordPress website.

That is why I decided to put together this list of 10 spectacular free WordPress themes that you should consider using for your next website. These themes are well constructed and up with current trends and are sure to stand out from the crowd.

1. Spun by Caroline Themes

Spun is a clean and light-weight and responsive theme perfect for photographers who want to showcase their photos in an elegant manner. This theme supports widgets which can be used in the footer and also supports the Image, Quote, Status, Gallery, and Aside post formats.

Spun Free WordPress Theme

2. Photography by SMThemes

Photography by SMThemes is a ready to go theme that is fully responsive. Great for photographers and bloggers, this theme combines the portfolio style with a blog format. This theme supports custom sidebars, is shortcode ready, and slider ready.

Photography Free WordPress Theme by SMThemes

3. Photo by WP Explorer

Photo is another great theme to use as a portfolio featuring a fully responsive grid style layout. The minimal layout brings focus to your logo and focus to your work.

Photo Free WordPress Theme by WP Explorer

4. Xenastore by Web2Feel

Xenastore is a great theme if you plan on setting up an online shop. This theme features vibrant colors and a simplistic layout so users can focus more on the products you have to offer.

Xenastore Free WordPress Theme by Web2Feel

5. Architekt by Dessign

Architekt is another great theme for a portfolio and features a grid style layout that focuses on images. You can download a free version or opt for the paid version which is responsive.

Architekt Free WordPress Theme by Dessign

6. Shuttershot by Web2Feel

Shuttershot is a full screen slideshow image theme that is perfect for photographers. This is a great minimalist theme that will have users focus towards your photos.

Shuttershot Free WordPress Theme by Web2Feel

7. Simple’n’Bright by Site5

Just as it’s name says, this theme is a simple and bright WordPress theme that is widget ready (footer and sidebar). It’s Google web fonts supported and custom logo and favicon supported. Activate the homepage slider and you’ll have users drooling over your website.

Simple'n'Bright Free WordPress Theme  by Site5

8. iRibbon by Cyber Chimps

iRibbon is a great theme that is fully responsive and includes drag and drop page elements. This theme runs off of the trusted Twitter bootstrap and features a homepage slider and ribbon backgrounds for main heading elements.

iRibbon free WordPress Theme by Cyber Chimps

9. Clippy by Site5

Clippy is a bit girly I’ll admit (with the pink highlights) but this theme features some beautiful fonts and a minimalist layout in Pinterest pin board style. The best part? This theme is fully responsive.

Clippy free WordPress Theme by Site5

10. Lefty by Authentic Themes

Featuring a left fixed side bar, lefty is a great theme that steps outside the norm. This theme is fully responsive, W3C valid, supports Google web fonts, and widgets in the sidebar and footer area.

Lefty free WordPress Theme by Authentic Themes

6 Inspiring Vine Videos

Vine is the new social media craze. It’s surprising more creative professionals haven’t been using Vine to promote their talents. A lot of big brands are already using it for marketing purposes, so there’s no excuse for creative individuals not to be present on this 6-second video platform.

Here are 6 creative people to follow on Vine. Prepare to be inspired…

1. Ian Padgham // @origiful

Ian Padgham’s shoes do the moonwalk for Michael Jackson’s birthday.

2. Matt Willis // @yelldesign

Matt Willis shows us how to make an iPhone out of paper.

3. Meagan Cignoli // @MeaganCignoli

Meagan Cignoli illustrates a quote by Henri Matisse.

4. Pinot // @pinot

Pinot illustrates a balloon that takes his pencil away.

5. Daniel Ojanlatva // @danielojanlatva

Daniel’s music comes to life.

6. Hunter Harrison // @hunrharrison

Hunter reimagines Super Mario Bros. underwater with food.

Now that you’ve been blown away from these amazing Vine videos, it’s time to create your own. Good luck!

Waffle App Icon

Seeing app icons has essentially become part of our daily lives. With this comes the struggle for designers to create icons that will stand out from all other app icons. There are a lot of designers who have managed to make this task look incredibly easy, designing some stunning and creative app icons (see our past article: 25 Clever Mobile App Icons).

After following some of the designers that create these amazing app icons, I began to notice a trend, a lot of these icons are food related. I began stumbling across more and more icons that looked so tasty that I wanted to take a bite out of my computer screen. So I decided to create an article showcasing some of these food related app icons that are sure to get your mouth watering.

1. Waffle by Eddie Lobanovskiy

Waffle App Icon by Eddie Lobanovskiy

2. Steak by Eddie Lobanovskiy

Steak App Icon by Eddie Lobanovskiy

3. Bacon by Eddie Lobanovskiy

Bacon App Icon by Eddie Lobanovskiy

4. Cinnamon Roll by CreativeDash

Cinnamon Roll App Icon by CreativeDash

5. Donut by CreativeDash

Donut App Icon by CreativeDash

6. Pancakes by CreativeDash

Pancakes App Icon by CreativeDash

7. Burger Bun by CreativeDash

Burger Bun App Icon by CreativeDash

8. Sushi by CreativeDash

Sushi App Icon by CreativeDash

9. Fried Egg by CreativeDash

Fried Egg App Icon by CreativeDash

10. Chuck by Marc Clancy

Beef Chuck App Icon by Marc Clancy

11. Sandwich by Ryan Ford

Sandwich App Icon by Ryan Ford

12. Fries by Ryan Ford

Fries App Icon by Ryan Ford

13. Oreo by Julian Burford

Oreo App Icon by Julian Burford

14. Burger by Julian Burford

Burger App Icon by Julian Burford

15. Donut by Konstantin Datz

Donut App Icon by Konstantin Datz

16. Jelly Cake by Erfan Nuriyev

Jelly Cake App Icon by Erfan Nuriyev

17. Hamburger by Erfan Nuriyev

Hamburger App Icon by Erfan Nuriyev

18. Candy by Ramotion

Candy App Icon by Ramotion

iOS 8 Infinity by Emilien Durand

There is a lot of speculation on what Apple’s iPhone 6 will look like and you will see various design concepts across the web. Perhaps one of the most popular and creative concepts is one that debuted on the popular designer portfolio website dribbble.

This concept, dubbed at first “iPhone 6 Wrap Around Screen”, was created by art director Claudio Guglieri and features a larger screen that wraps around the sides of the phone. Claudio’s concept was inspired by an Apple patent wrap-around AMOLED display. You can see Claudio’s first shot of it below for the Adventurous RSS Reader app:

iPhone 6 Infinity Adventurous RSS Reader app by Claudio Guglieri

This concept caught on in popularity quickly and was latter dubbed “iPhone 6 Infinity” by London based art director Fabio Basile who created his own template showcasing the iPhone 6 infinity concept which you can see below.

iPhone 6 Infinity by Fabio Basile

You can download the template created by Claudio Guglieri or the template by Fabio Basile. As you can see this is a very cool concept for the iPhone 6 and below we will showcase some of the other UI designs people have created using the iPhone 6 Infinity template.

iPhone 6 PSD Template by Claudio Guglieri

iPhone 6 PSD Template by Claudio Guglieri

Side Indicators by Michael Shanks

Side Indicators iPhone 6 Concept by Michael Shanks

Side Screen by Michael Shanks

Side Screen iPhone 6 Concept by Michael Shanks

Translucent Infinity Screen by Sebastiaan Scheer

Translucent Infinity Screen by Sebastiaan Scheer

Square Register by Chris Cacioppe

Square Register iPhone 6 Infinity by Chris Cacioppe

Phone Concept by Regy Perlera

iPhone 6 Infinity Concept by Regy Perlera

Twitter Prototype by Fabbio Murru

Twitter iPhone 6 Infinty Prototype by Fabbio Murru

Concept Hockey App by Serge Jouqier

iPhone 6 Infinity Concept Hockey App by Serge Jouqier

Poll App by Aaron Humphreys

iPhone 6 Infinity Poll App by Aaron Humphreys

Your Trip App by Jan von Beckerath of NIMIUS

iPhone 6 Infinity Your Trip App by Jan von Beckerath of Nimius

Wide iPhone Mockup PSD by Alex Sekachov

Wide iPhone 6 Infinity Mockup PSD by Alex Sekachov

Infinity Shot by Maarib

iPhone 6 Infinity Shot by Maarib

Weibo App Design by Jiangping Hsu

iPhone 6 Infinity Weibo App Design by Jiangping Hsu

iOS 8 Infinity by Emilien Durand

iOS 8 Infinity by Emilien Durand

Hotel Management App by Ashish Thakkar

iPhone 6 Infinity Hotel Management App by Ashish Thakkar

Cinemark Movie Ticket App by Edwin Diaz

iPhone 6 Infinity Cinemark Movie Ticket App by Edwin Diaz

iPhone 6 Infinity Side Status Bar by Charles Treece

iPhone 6 Infinity Side Status Bar by Charles Treece

So I’m curious to know what everyone’s thoughts are on this iPhone 6 Infinity Concept, do you like it? Hate it? Comment below…

Wolverine Like Thumb Featured

The Facebook like button is everywhere, I’m sure everyone knows what it looks like, it’s just a blue hand giving a thumbs up. Jaime Calderon, a designer from Colombia, decided to take this and do some like thumbs of his own using superhero hands.

Jaime has named this project, which he posted on behance, Super Likes! and it has turned out to be a very popular project, and for good reason, it’s different and unique. What is your opinion on these superhero like thumbs? Comment your favorite one below.


Superman Superhero Like Thumb


Spiderman Superhero Like Thumb


Wolverine Superhero Like Thumb

Captain America

Captain America Superhero Like Thumb

The Thing

The Thing Superhero Like Thumb


Batman Superhero Like Thumb

Green Lantern

Green Lantern Superhero Like Thumb

Iron Man

Iron Man Superhero Like Thumb


Thor Superhero Like Thumb


Hulk Superhero Like Thumb


Flash Superhero Like Thumb

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Superhero Like Thumb

Let us know your favorite like thumb! Comment below…

10 Creative Examples of Branding & Identity Designs

Brand awareness is key to making your business stand out amongst the competition. If someone can immediately recognize your logo, mascot, or design, you’ve done a good job creating an identity. Everyone knows the famous McDonald’s “M” yellow arches, or Target’s red logo. Creating a successful identity is all about being unique, and showing what you’re company is all about in a memorable way.

Whether you’re a business owner looking to brand your company, or a designer in need of a little inspiration you can always use a little inspiration to help you create the best visual identity for the brand. Today, we are bringing you 10 creative examples of branding and identity designs to inspire you to make your company stand out amongst all the others.

Mend by Kate Tonkovich

Kate is a designer based in San Francisco who specializes in unique typography and branding design. One of her latest projects Mend, is a branding projected for a fictitious company with “survival kits,” aimed at promoting the message “Don’t buy more stuff. Mend what you have.”

The idea is that these kits would be used to mend and fix items that you already have, whether it be a pair of jeans or your own health. The materials used for branding are all from recycled or reused items. I love that the designs incorporate an element of sewing, or cross-stitching to further convey the idea of mending and fixing things.

Mend Identity by Kate Tonkovich

Mend Identity by Kate Tonkovich

Mend Identity by Kate Tonkovich

Optus Rebrand

Optus is the second largest telecommunications agency in Australia and recently enlisted a talented group of individuals to rebrand their company with the hope to create more positive awareness for the Optus brand.

This is one of the most clever branding or even re-branding projects I’ve seen entirely geared at making the customers engaged with the brand, excited about the brand, and the identity makes sure that people know what the company actually does in a cute and ingenious way. Optus is now using a variety of clever tools to connect with customers, provide them with information, and engage customers with their brand.

Optus Identity

Optus Identity

Optus Identity

Natural Salads by Jose Álvarez Carratalá

Natural Salads is a company aimed at bringing fresh fruits and vegetables to supermarkets. Jose created an identity design for the company that was meant to express the “natural” aspect of the product, and draws straight from the products (veggies) that the company sells to create the identity for the company.

Natural Salads Identity by Jose Álvarez Carratalá

Natural Salads Identity by Jose Álvarez Carratalá

Conejo Valley Jewelers by Wesley Pinto

Wesley, a designer and brand manager from Brazil, recently created the branding identity for a jewelry store located in Conejo Valley geared at showcasing the brand’s elegance and luxury. In Spanish “Conejo” translates to “Rabbit” and Wesley uses the symbol of a rabbit and of jewels themselves to create a truly unique identity design.

Conejo Valley Jewelers Identity by Wesley Pinto

Conejo Valley Jewelers Identity by Wesley Pinto

Conejo Valley Jewelers Identity by Wesley Pinto

Bukvarius by Brandiziac

Bukvarius is an organization that offers books and teaching materials to schools throughout Russia. The goal was to create an identity that was fun, fresh, and engaging enough that children could see the objects as an integral part of daily school life.

The design team explains that, “Every element of visual identity combines learning and playing: paper bags are stylized as school bags, the presentation folder with the brand character on it reminds of drawing lessons, and humorous mnemonic rules on pocket calendars help one to learn rules better.”

What’s even better is the choice to incorporate an owl into the visual identity, seeing as owls are typically a symbol associated with learning, knowledge, and wisdom.

Bukvarius Identity by Brandiziac

Bukvarius Identity by Brandiziac

Illegal Burger by Isabela Rodrigues

Isabela Rodrigues is the creative mind behind Sweety Branding Studio, and recently created the branding identity for Illegal Burgers based in Oklahoma and highlights the general theme of ‘crime’ in its design. This might be one of my favorite identity designs as of late, simply because it is so simple, but so genius at the same time.

Illegal Burger Identity by Isabela Rodrigues

Illegal Burger Identity by Isabela Rodrigues

TriplAgent by Taras Kravtchouk

TriplAgent is a travel app that helps people find the perfect vacation based on their interests. Recently, Taras Kravtchouk a multi-disciplinary designer who created the mobile identity for the travel app. It’s an elegant design, that features a flat user interface and makes it easy for people to find what they are searching for with it’s simplicity.

TriplAgent Identity by Taras Kravtchouk

Dripp Coffee by Turner Duckworth

Dripp Coffee, a southern California based coffee shop, features a new unique identity design created by Turner Duckworth. The identity features simple colors and shapes that almost make it appear flat and modern, while incorporating a hand-drawn script logo with the word “Dripp”. The identity is almost a combination of modern and vintage styles. What do you think?

Dripp Coffee Identity by Turner Duckworth

Dripp Coffee Identity by Turner Duckworth

RW Pro Agency by Reclameworks

Reclameworks is a design studio that specializes in print, branding, and identity designs. They recently created RW Pro, an identity design that is actually available to the community for purchase to use as an identity design. The identity kit is completely sleek and modern and includes everything a business needs to get up and running.

RW Pro Agency Identity by Reclameworks

RW Pro Agency Identity by Reclameworks

Yoosli by Together Design

Yoosli, a company that specializes in customizable museli that can be delivered to your door, recently branded their company with Together Design. The goal of the project was to create an identity that was joyful, folksy, and happy. Together Design explains that they created, “the strapline “Individual muesli for individual folk” and devised a cast of eccentric characters – Louis, Cassie, Flora, Neville and Bob – each of whom represents a different personality and muesli flavour.”

Yoosli Identity by Together Design

Yoosli Identity by Together Design