6 Mind Blowing Social Media Stats Featured Image

6 Mind Blowing Social Media Statistics

Awareness Networks has put together this Infographic of 6 social media statistics that you probably didn’t know (or don’t care to know anyway). Social media stats are everywhere so we hate to bore you with some more, but these stats may be able help your business. Here is a look at these social media stats: 1. 95% […]

The Psychology of Color

This Psychology of Color Infographic was created by RIPT Apparel. It displays a list of common colors, the effects they have on us, and also a few facts about each particular color. Created by RIPT Apparel

29 Ways to Stay Creative Featured Image

29 Ways to Stay Creative

Infographics are a great way to learn quickly and get informative information without having to spend a lot of  time reading through dozens of paragraphs. That is why we are going to kick off our first inspiration related post with an infographic to help keep you inspired and keep the creative juices flowing. This infographic […]