Apple iWatch Concept Design

Apple iWatch Concept Design

Apple iWatch Concept Design by Jivaldi

Apple products are probably some of the most speculated, concept’d, and redesigned products on the planet. When people aren’t busy loving Apple products, they are either busy redesigning them or making concepts of them. One very anticipated product Apple groupies have been waiting for (especially with the recent announcement of Samsung’s Galaxy Gear) is the Apple iWatch.

With no known release date or confirmation and only speculations on what the Apple iWatch will look like (if there will even be an iWatch), there have been many designers and companies pumping out their own concept designs. One design that caught my attention was the iWatch concept by Jivaldi. Jivaldi is a consulting, branding and internet marketing team based out of Northern California. Mainly focused on internet marketing, they also build and design websites, iPhone apps, and iPad apps.

The Jivaldi team created this amazing Apple iWatch concept design that features a full 360 degree design that wraps around your entire wrist. This concept is essentially an iPhone that wraps around your wrist. If you take a look at the concept sketch below, you can see various the inclusions and features of this concept.

iWatch Concept Sketch

As you can see, this iWatch concept includes:

  • Camera
  • Small Speaker
  • Headphone Jack
  • Side Volume Buttons
  • Charge and Computer Connect Port
  • Power Button Similar to iPhone
  • Curved iPhone Style Home Screen
  • Rounded Screen for Watch Display

The thing I love most about this concept is its lack of a wrist band like other concepts depict. I think the full 360 design is awesome, although it does beg the question of sizing and fit for various wrist sizes.

Here are the rest of the Apple iWatch concept design images from Jivaldi… (click images for larger versions). Keep in mind this is a concept not endorsed or proposed by Apple.

iWatch Concept Design Packaging

iWatch Concept Design Packaging

iWatch Concept Design Side View

iWatch Concept Design Angle View

iWatch Concept Design Front View

iWatch Concept Design Side Roll View

iWatch Concept Design Facetime View

iWatch Concept Design on Wrist

iWatch Concept Design Turned Off

So there you have it, the Jivaldi Apple iWatch Concept Design. What are your thoughts on it? Anything you would add to it/take away from it?