What is Enfuzed?

Enfuzed is a web design and graphic design blog created to help keep designers inspired by providing various articles covering a range of topics. We offer weekly freebies every Friday that include free psd mockups, free UI kits, free social media icons and much more. We also post weekly infographics every Sunday that range from a variety of topics so be sure to visit frequently to get your share of free goodies and information.

The Creator

The idea behind Enfuzed came about in August of 2012 we I decided to create a website that could both help get designers noticed and give them inspiration. After a few months of planning and gathering of ideas, in January 2013 I started development on Enfuzed and the first week of March 2013 Enfuzed was launched.

Behind the Design

In an effort to minimize clutter, decrease load times, and give the website an overall clean look, we have cut it down to the basics. Design wise, we wanted something eye catching, but again not too over the top. So we utilized things like a fixed header/menu bar, bold titles, vibrant colors, and sharp images.

Behind the Name

Enfuzed is derived from the word infuse, which means “to inspire or to be emotionally charged”. That is just what the goal of this website is, to inspire. I wanted to avoid the common website names like “The Creative Blog” or “Web Design Inspiration Blog” that so many other Web Design and Graphic Design Blog’s have. He wanted to create a brand, something that people would recognize.