90 Free Flat Social Media Icons

Today we are releasing a free mega social media icon set that includes 90 different social media icons. This set of social icons is in flat design style and includes 90 social media platform icons in vector format (both .ai and .eps files) so they are fully editable and scaleable. This set comes in both color and grey scale, so you can use them with their respective colors or color them your own way.

This set is free to use for both personal and commercial projects. We ask that you DO NOT host these for download on any website. If you wish to post or share these on your website/blog, please link back to this page for users to download them.

90 Flat Social Media Icons by Enfuzed

90 Free Flat Social Media Icons by Enfuzed

**Click the title link or the image to download via pay with a tweet. If you don’t want to give any credit for these icons you can click the download button below**

[wpdm_file id=3]


Included in this set are the following icons:

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, MySpace, LinkedIn, Instagram, RSS, YouTube, WordPress, Flickr, Vimeo, Tumblr, Dribbble, Behance, Blogger, Foursquare, Forrst, Dropbox, StumbleUpon, Skype, Reddit, Github, PayPal, Yahoo!, Digg, Path, Apple, DeviantART, Drupal, Windows, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, Vine, CSS3, HTML5, Android, Amazon, Evernote, Yelp, SoundCloud, Quora, Delicious, Ebay, Picasa, Spotify, Squarespace, Squidoo, AIM, Technorati, Google, Google Drive, W3C, Wikipedia, Zynga, Rdio, Bing, Feedburner, Pinboard, Friendfeed, Google Talk, Last.fm, Pandora, Photobucket, Folkd, Slashdot, Disqus, Xbox, Playstation, Joomlas, 500px, Gravatar, IMDB, jQuery, Kickstarter, Klout, MySQL, PHP, Treehouse, Basecamp, Bebo, Design Float, Etsy, Newsvine, Zoo Tool, Yahoo! Messenger, and Pocket.


  1. Bob Rush says:

    I’m really wondering… You create these flat icons, give them away for zero currency… But really, HOW is it useful to you ? I don’t say one must make profit for everything in the world, but you’re the first I ask such a question to.

    1. Enfuzed says:

      Hi Bob, good question. I did it because I’ve downloaded free icons in the past and I know how easy it makes things when you don’t have to pay for icons, everyone loves free stuff! I do it in good faith I suppose :).

      1. Bob Rush says:

        And this is very kind of you. I really think I should learn how to be valuable to the world too (not worth a Nobel Prize, but hey), I have a few skills but don’t know how to use them. I’m getting old but it’s never too late to do something good.

  2. Ed Myers says:

    Hey! This is a fantastic icon set – I’d like to use them on some of my future projects, but was wondering if you would mind if I converted them into a symbol font. I assume it’s OK based on your license, but I always like to check. I find symbol fonts offer a bit more flexibility sometimes. If you want, I’d be happy to send the font files back to you so you can host them here to share. Please let me know!

    1. Enfuzed says:

      Sure Ed, be sure to send me the files when you’re done

      1. Ed Myers says:

        Great! Please let me know how best to send them to you – I think you should have my email address on the admin end from when I registered so feel free to send me an email with return address and I’ll forward them along.

        I built the font using the awesome IcoMoon app (http://icomoon.io/app/) which is a great resource as well!

        Thanks again for your awesome work.

        1. Enfuzed says:

          Hi Ed, you can email them to info@enfuzed.com

  3. Scot Self says:

    First: GREAT icon set. So nice and clean, the gray option along with the colors makes the possibilities endless…I almost said comprehensive but I couldn’t find an email icon anywhere in here! Not to complain about a freebie, but just something to consider adding. Also somewhat possible that I’m an idiot and overlooked it, but I looked at it a couple dozen times to make sure…Thanks again! I love that you included Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, JQuery and lots of other open-source technologies as well.

    1. Enfuzed says:

      Thanks Scot! We’ll be sure to add an email icon in the next icon pack we make.

  4. Carolyn Capern says:

    Hey guys– FANTASTIC icon set! I tried to give you credit via the Pay With a Tweet, but it seems to be broken. Anyway, much appreciated :)

    1. Enfuzed says:

      Thank you Carolyn!

  5. Darth Dave says:

    All good but… no email icon, damn!!

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