9 Stunning Websites with Sectioned Layouts

Sectioned layouts in web design is one of those big trends that is really taking storm. The thing that users like most about it is how the content is sectioned out on the page making it easier to read and tell things apart. Sectioned layouts are mainly used in single paged websites because it helps divide the different “pages”. A great example of how this trend has caught on is it’s use in the new twenty thirteen WordPress theme coming in WordPress 3.6. If you are indecisive on wanting to create a website with a sectioned layout, we can hope to persuade you with these 9 stunning websites that use sectioned layouts perfectly…

1. Valentina Gallo by AWD Agency and Cooder

Valentina Gallo Website

2. HelloWallet by Viget

HelloWallet Website by Viget

3. Donaflor Mobilia by Cargo Collective

 Donaflor Mobilia Website by Cargo Collective

4. Acolytes by Alexandre Desjardins

 Acolytes Website by Alexandre Desjardins

5. Tinke

 Tinke Website

6. Squarespace

 Squarespace Website

7. Oatiful by Refresh

 Oatiful Website by Refresh

8. Dreamer WP Theme by Ava Themes

 Dreamer WP Theme Website by Ava Themes

9. Yield Design Co. by Andrew Deming

 Yield Design Co. Website by Andrew Deming

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