6 Most Ignored Ways of Increasing Traffic

6 Most Ignored Ways of Increasing Traffic

6 Most Ignored Ways of Increasing Traffic Web

If you’re dismayed by “poor” search engine rankings of your website, I’m here to tell you that you can increase traffic following these powerful methods. Very often we overlook simple and innovative ways to connect with prospective clients and improve traffic in an attempt to please Penguin and Panda.

You should not blindly follow your competitors and adopt their methods. In today’s rapidly changing time, a one-size-fits-all marketing strategy will fail miserably. Explore and strike a synergy between various offline and online mediums. Your decision should be based on detailed analysis of your company and target audience.

You must review several mediums to engage with prospective customers. Here are a few highly effective methods to improve traffic to your website.

1. Virtual Trade Shows

Virtual Trade Shows

Virtual Trade shows are the online equivalent of a traditional trade show or exhibition. It eliminates bottlenecks associated with traditional trade shows and exhibitions such as transport, logistics, hotels, hospitality, or overwhelming costs associated with booth space in a traditional trade fair.

The best part about a virtual trade show is that you don’t have to be a computer whiz to design your online booth. It is very easy to set-up a booth on virtual trade show sites. You can engage with target audience from across the globe without the fear of blowing your annual budget. Naturally, this increases traffic to your website and improves your brand identity.

2. LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups allow you to position yourself as a thought leader and an expert in your niche. LinkedIn allows you to start a poll, post questions for fellow members to answer, and participate in discussion threads.

Depending on your activity level, you can become a Top Influencer in your group which will improve your credibility. LinkedIn Members will follow your posts closely. You will gain trust of members and they will be eager to read your opinions, visit your website to get more information about you, and ultimately buy your products and services.

3. YouTube

YouTube Logo

With more than 800 million monthly unique visitors, YouTube is the second largest search engine next only to the mighty Google and way ahead of other search engines like Yahoo and Bing. If you still think YouTube is just about watching movies or candid home videos, get your facts checked. You can upload videos on YouTube for free, optimize videos, and strategically gain mileage from your videos to increase website traffic.

4. Offline Marketing

Offline Marketing

In a bid of using online methods to increase traffic to your website, don’t forget good old traditional methods that have worked wonders for decades. It is a cardinal sin to ignore mediums such as brochures, flyers, and the good old Yellow Pages to advertise your company URL.

5. Freebies


Nothing in life comes for free. This is precisely the reason you need to give away things for free to attract visitors to your website. Give customers a complimentary eBook if they sign up for a newsletter or refer a friend’s email, special discounts on your services, or free trial period.

Freebies spread like wildfire and such information goes viral pretty quickly. People like to share such information with friends. They post it on various social networking sites and promote it among their friends and contacts which directly increases traffic to your website.

6. Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging

One of the most effective and easy ways of obtaining quality back-links and increasing traffic to your website is guest blogging. Guest blogging is a proven strategy of writing for another blog with the aim of networking and reputation building. In the process blog owners, in return for your contribution, allow you to give a general author bio with links to your site/blog/ or social media profiles.

However, guest blogging is not about delivering a direct sales pitch to your prospective clients. It is more about gaining credibility, reaching out to new clients, and inspiring trust among people who will in turn visit your website and most likely buy your products and services.


Are you effectively using these mediums to gain mileage? These methods aim at pulling your customers towards your brand and not pushing them to buy. Ignoring these mediums could prove to be a costly mistake. Rethink your strategy for maximum visitors.

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Daniel Rusling is a Digital Marketing Strategist associated with VITEB, a full-service web design company in India that offers web design and development services. He likes to write articles on various topics related to web design, website development, mobile app development, internet marketing and social media.

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7 Responses to 6 Most Ignored Ways of Increasing Traffic

  1. Chetan Chaudhari says:

    Hey Daniel.. Thanks for sharing all this valuable tips. Have been thinking of trying to use you tube for quiet a sometime.

  2. Lee Johnson says:

    My next project is to create a free ebook as you suggested above as a way to get people to sign up to my website newsletter.

    I have never come across virtual trade shows so that’s a definite suggestion I’ll be looking into!

  3. Amanda says:

    Outstanding post. A blog service you should include in your list is blogionaire. It gives bloggers an opportunity to become famous instantly.

  4. Market Analyst says:

    I wouldn’t count LinkedIn groups as ignored way of increasing traffic as popularity of LinkedIn has escalated in the last six months.

  5. Victor says:

    LinkedIn? yes if you want to sell your company shares. I would better G+ community or Facebook community.