5 Minimal Packaging Designs

5 Minimal Packaging Designs

A minimal design is one whereby all elements or details that are not directly related to the overall composition of the product or features of the design are deemed irrelevant and, thus, omitted.  It fundamentally strips down the design to such a simple outlook that it forces you to focus in on the quality of the product without being distracted by the aesthetics of the imagery.

This technique has been employed within the packaging sector for decades and today we are going to discuss 5 products that use minimal designs and the effectiveness of these designs.

1. Sliced Bread Notebook

The packaging of Sliced Bread Notebook uses simple typography, rather than advanced imagery, in order to emphasize the quality of the product. By choosing to use this minimal design instead of, say, a huge image of a slice of bread, plays on the consumer’s mind. It forces the consumer to take a second look, as it leaves them wondering as to what exactly the manufacturer is trying to sell.

After the first glance, they will begin to wonder if the product is a notebook or a loaf of bread. The use neutral colors were also extremely smart, as it allows the typography to stand out on the packaging.

Sliced Bread Notebook Packaging

2. Water in a Box

Designate – an advertising agency in Brighton – were responsible for creating this beautiful minimal design. Their objective was to produce a clean and simple design that would greatly enhance the marketability of the product. The blue and white color palette with the water drop icon, which was used for the main product, is what they opted to use to market the product.

This simple, minimal design speaks of the quality of the product. By simply looking at the design, the consumer’s mind is lead to imagine the level of purity and cleanliness that the product has and pushes them to purchase the product, in order to test the taste. The use of bold text also grabs the attention of anyone who comes across it.

Water in a Box Packaging

3. Meat Gift Wrap

The meat gift wraps are as minimal as you can get. They have a simple design that comprises of a clear exterior with an address paper attached for you to address the meat to your gift receiver, as well as any messages you may have for them. Unlike the traditional gift wraps with overbearing colors or a dark brown paper bag, this minimal design allows the consumer to clearly see their cut of delicious meat and makes them want it even more.

Meat Gift Wrap Packaging

4. Thelma’s Cookies

The simple minimal design of Thelma’s packaging smartly plays on the term ‘fresh from the oven’. The box opens beneath four range top burners that have been printed on the top of the box. Although simple, this package speaks of the quality of the product, as well as heightens the marketability of Thelma’s brand.

Thelma’s Cookies Packaging

5. Nike Air

The new packaging released in Berlin for the classic Nike Air trainer employs a minimal design that plays on the air aspect of the brand. It comprises of a transparent air filled container, used in place of the traditional shoe box. This allows the consumer to clearly see the product at first glance. The labeling and branding of the product is also clearly visible, which creates a greater appeal to the consumer to buy the product.

Nike Air Packaging

All in all, these minimal designed packages help to enhance the marketability of the products by drawing appeal to their quality, without the distraction of irrelevant imagery or content. These packages prove that sometimes “less is more” and, as displayed above, its use can heighten the salability of the product by attracting consumers and playing on their senses of sight and touch.

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