5 Great Books to Learn WordPress

5 Great Books to Learn WordPress

WordPress is taking over the web, seriously. There are over 70,666,336 WordPress websites in the world and over 374 million people visiting WordPress sites each month, that’s insane! With more and more people switching their websites over to WordPress comes the need for more and more people to learn how to use WordPress.

Lucky for us, the amount of online resources for WordPress is almost infinite, if you have any issues with WordPress you can simply Google them and be on your way to learning how to solve them in minutes.

Beyond the greatness of WordPress support forums, stackexchange, and various other online WordPress resources, there are some very informative WordPress books out there. Here I have compiled a small list of 5 great books to help you learn WordPress.

These books range from beginner status for those of you just looking to learn the basics, to expert status for those looking to dissect WordPress and dive into some code.

1. WordPress for Dummies

Category: Beginner

WordPress for Dummies is a great book for those of you who are just starting out with WordPress and wanting to learn the basics. Before I even got into web development I had purchased this book to learn how to quickly set up a website using WordPress (it was an older edition).

The book starts out covering the very basics of WordPress like how to set up a WordPress site, learning how to navigate through the dashboard, and creating and organizing posts. It also talks about choosing the right plugins, media management (videos, pictures, etc.), installing themes, and it ends with tweaking the WordPress themes (touching in coding and more advanced stuff).

WordPress for Dummies

2. The Tao of WordPress

Category: Beginner to Intermediate

Written by Jeff Starr (co-author of the popular WordPress book “Digging into WordPress”), The Tao of WordPress is a 300 page book that covers everything relating to WordPress for beginners to intermediates. This book guides you through the process of setting up, configuring, customizing, securing, and optimizing your WordPress website.

Although I have not purchased this one yet because it’s fairly new, I plan on getting it soon, mainly because I trust the author. Jeff is an experienced developer, and designer and he also helped co-author one of the most popular WordPress books out right now; not to mention he is the WordPress editor for Smashing Magazine.

The Tao of WordPress

3. Smashing WordPress

Category: Intermediate to Advanced

Smashing WordPress is an amazing book, in fact, I still use it as a reference from time to time. I purchased this book over a year ago to help improve my WordPress knowledge and coding skills while I was interning at a company that developed websites using WordPress.

This book helped me to better understand custom post types, the loop, and got me from a novice WordPress user to a full on WordPress developer. You can trust this book as it is backed by Smashing Magazine (a well-known web blog in the industry).

Let me iterate that this book is not for beginners. It will take you through the WordPress install but then it jumps right into the WordPress syntax, themes and template tags, child themes and so forth. This is a great book if you are looking to skip all the basic beginner WordPress stuff and dive right into customizing and development.

Smashing WordPress

4. Digging into WordPress

Category: Beginner to Advanced

Written by CSS-Tricks owner Chris Coyier and WordPress editor at Smashing Magazine Jeff Starr, Digging into WordPress is a jam packed 400+ page book covering all aspects of WordPress. I do own this book, but have only made it through the first chapter (I basically learned everything I needed in the Smashing WordPress book), but I hope to make time to finish reading it.

This is a great WordPress book for people who are in the beginner to intermediate range looking to move into the advanced category. Digging into WordPress will give you a great understanding on site configuration, theme customization, performance optimization, SEO, and WordPress security. This book was written by two big names in the WordPress industry so you can trust that you are getting the right information.

Digging into WordPress

5. Professional WordPress: Design and Development

Category: Intermediate to Advanced

Professional WordPress: Design and Development has great reviews by plenty of WordPress guru’s on various blogs. The book starts off with the basic WordPress introduction, feeding you some interesting stats and what not; it then jumps into the install and wp-config setup.

The authors cover the WordPress core, the loop, custom post types, custom taxonomies, theme development, and plugin development so you can be on your way to creating a fully custom WordPress site. It doesn’t stop there though, it goes on to cover things like content aggregation, WordPress site security, getting your site found, responsive design, and even user experience principles.

Professional WordPress: Design and Development

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