25 Clever Mobile App Icons

Mobile app icon design is a very important part of marketing when it comes to getting noticed in the app store. I’ll be the first to say, when it comes to choosing an app, for me it usually comes down to how cool the app icon looks. Ultimately because I will be looking at it every time I get on my phone. So it’s important for companies to make an icon that will stand out.

Below I’ve compiled 25 app icons that will definitely get the consumers attention.

**Please note that most of these are just “for fun” and may not have actually been endorsed by said company.**

1. Coke Machine by Aaron Sampson

Coke Machine App Icon by Aaron Sampson

2. Chuck by Marc Clancy

Beef Chuck App Icon by Marc Clancy

3. Backpack by Skelet Art

Backpack App Icon by Skelet Art

4. Nutella by Julian Burford

Nutella App Icon by Julian Burford

5. Dominos Pizza by Julian Burford

Dominos Pizza App Icon by Julian Burford

6. Skippy by Julian Burford

Skippy App Icon by Julian Burford

7. Tic Tac Box by Jackie Tran

Tic Tac Box App Icon by Jackie Tran

8. Whiskey by Konstantin Datz

Whiskey App Icon by Konstantin Datz

9. Donut by Konstantin Datz

Donut App Icon by Konstantin Datz

10. Spray Can by Konstantin Datz

Spray CanApp Icon by Konstantin Datz

11. Campbell’s Soup by Julian Burford

Campbell's Soup App Icon by Julian Burford

12. Spam by Julian Burford

Spam App Icon by Julian Burford

13. Heinz Beanz by Julian Burford

Heinz Beanz App Icon by Julian Burford

14. Boxing Glove by Ramotion

Boxing Glove App Icon by Ramotion

15. Super Nintendo by Raphael Lopes

Super Nintendo App Icon by Raphael Lopes

16. Playstation by Raphael Lopes

Playstation App Icon by Raphael Lopes

17. Nikon Camera by Gianluca Divici

Nikon Camera App Icon by Gianluca Divici

18. Jack Daniel’s by Valery Zanimanski

Jack Daniel's App Icon by Valery Zanimanski

19. Tennis Ball by Mike Beecham

Tennis Ball App Icon by Mike Beecham

20. Waffle by Eddie Lobanovskiy

Waffle App Icon by Eddie Lobanovskiy

21. Scout Trooper by Michael Flarup

Scout Trooper App Icon by Michael Flarup

22. Darth Vader by Michael Flarup

Darth Vader App Icon by Michael Flarup

23. Grocery Bag by Alexander Lukyanov

Grocery Bag App Icon by Alexander Lukyanov

24. Record Player by Roman Jusdado

Record Player App Icon by Roman Jusdado

25. Oreo by Julian Burford

Oreo App Icon by Julian Burford


  1. Tahseen says:

    amazing and useful app icons… thanks for sharing !

  2. pyto says:

    useless as hell but looks nice

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