25 Bootstrap-Based Joomla Themes

25 Bootstrap based Joomla Templates

Website design is not something you change every three months, but many businesses wait too long to refresh the look of their web page. When a design was created a decade ago, it usually shows, plus new features come along every day, and it’s unwise to deprive your site’s visitors of them!

If you haven’t revamped your website for too long because you think it will take lots of money and time, here’s the good news: with a predesigned template, your new web page can go online in a matter of days, and the cost of a theme will not be more than a hundred dollars.

For the proud owners of Joomla-powered websites, whose sites are crying for a revamp, we have selected twenty-five top Joomla templates, based on Bootstrap framework.

What’s Good About Bootstrapped Themes?

Bootstrap is one of the best front-end frameworks that allows building flexible, great-looking templates with rich functionality. The best thing about Bootstrap-based designs is that they are mobile-friendly, which is vital these days. As more and more people browse the Internet on smartphones or tablets, you want to make the website handy for them.

Why Buy a Ready-Made Theme?

These Joomla themes, as you already know, are cost-effective, fast to install, and mobile-ready. Here are other benefits you get when buying a Joomla template from this collection.

Licensed Images, Easy to Replace

Images are usually the heart of the design. If you want to use a theme as is, with the carefully selected images, feel free to do so. You will get all the images and a license, permitting you to use them on your website. If your business needs other photos, though, you can easily remove default images and use your own.

Part of the Biggest Collection Online

All themes are brought to you by TemplateMonster.com, the resource that features the biggest collection of designs and has been in the business for over a decade. So, if twenty-five is not enough – feel free to check out hundreds of others on TemplateMonster’s website.

Expert Help and Support

If you don’t have an in-house webmaster to take care of the theme you buy, you can order installation and customization at TemplateMonster.com. Plus, you will enjoy 24/7 support to help you with your design template.

Now it’s time to look through the themes collection, may be the perfect one for your new website is right there.

1. Glossy Car Models

This big-resolution design puts the emphasis on the sleek lightbox with photos of luxury cars. It’s a great theme for an online car magazine or a car dealer’s website.Glossy Car Models Bootstrap Based Joomla Theme

Details | Demo

2. Comfortable Home

With a pleasant combination of beige shades, orange, and white, this theme looks clean and elegant. An apartment rental business will find it just right for its website.

Comfortable Home Boostrap Based Joomla Theme

Details | Demo

3. Informative Business Site

This professional-looking website features an informative homepage and will make an effective corporate website.

Informative Business Boostrap based Joomla Theme

Details | Demo

4. Stylish Flats

Nothing extra in this clean and stylish design: pretty photographs in the grid look especially good on white. It’s a perfect design for an apartment rental firm.

Stylish Flats boostrap based Joomla Theme

Details | Demo

5. Wild Life

Combining warm beige with green, this big-resolution template matches the wild life theme perfectly. It’s the right choice for a charity foundation that works with wild life.

Wild Life Bootstrap based Joomla Theme

Details | Demo

6. Karting Star

The photos in the big lightbox add some dynamics to this clean design. It’s the perfect theme for the website of a karting club.

Karting Star Bootstrap Based Joomla Theme

Details | Demo

7. Multi-Colored Pasta

The colors in the header menu harmonize with the colors on images and brighten up this clean design. With its pretty fonts, the theme is great for a website on Italian pasta.

Multi Colored Pasta Joomla Theme

Details | Demo

8. Trendy Portfolio

Colorful macro photos on the simple dark background leave a lasting impression – and that is exactly what a photographer’s portfolio needs.

Trendy Portfolio Bootstrap based Joomla Theme

Details | Demo

9. Clean & Dynamic

This reserved and clean design has a bright blue accent in the lightbox that adds color to it. It’s a fresh option for a corporate website.

Clean & Dynamic boostrap based Joomla Theme

Details | Demo

10. Italian Cuisine

The vivid, mouth-watering photos in the lightbox look especially good on the plain black-and-white background. It’s a perfect theme for an Italian restaurant.

Italian Cuisine boostrap based Joomla Theme

Details | Demo

11. Reserved Gray

Done mostly in gray shades, this theme looks reserved and professional – the right fit for the consulting company’s website.

Reserved Gray boostrap based Joomla Theme

Details | Demo

12. Industrial Business

With a metallic gray background, angular elements, and straight lines, this is the right theme for an industrial company.

Industrial Business boostrap based Joomla Theme

Details | Demo

13. Minimalistic Grid

With its simple grid of monochrome photos, this minimalistic theme is perfect for a design studio that creates high-tech interiors.

Minimalist grid boostrap based Joomla Theme

Details | Demo

14. Friendly Corporate

With a nice color scheme and pleasant photos, this corporate design has a friendly feel about it.

Friendly Corporate boostrap based Joomla Theme

Details | Demo

15. Rich Harvest

With colorful images and interesting backgrounds, this warmly colored theme is created specifically for an agricultural business.

Rich Harvest boostrap based Joomla Theme

Details | Demo

16. Contemporary Dance

Combining black with bright colors and dynamic photos, this design conveys the atmosphere of a modern dance studio.

Contemporary Dance Joomla Theme

Details | Demo

17. Simple & Elegant

Using simply-shaped elements and gray shades, this design has an elegant look. It will work well for an architectural bureau.

Simple & Elegant boostrap based Joomla Theme

Details | Demo

18. Trustworthy Business

Multi-layered and rich in information elements, this design will be a good match for a corporate website.

Trustworthy Business boostrap based joomla theme

Details | Demo

19. Orange Business Site

Soft orange is pretty unusual for a corporate website, but in this design it harmonizes perfectly with the sepia-styled photos and images.

Orange Joomla Theme

Details | Demo

20. Modern Gym

This clean design has a modern look, and the photos in the lightbox make it the right choice for a gym’s or fitness club’s website.

Modern Gym Joomla Theme

Details | Demo

21. Clean Architecture

With an original lightbox, this clean big-resolution responsive design looks incredibly stylish. It will work well for an architectural bureau.

Clean Architecture Joomla Theme

Details | Demo

22. Exquisite Restaurant

With the delicious-looking images as a background, this responsive design has nothing extra, and looks exquisite and attractive. It’s a great theme for a top-notch restaurant.

Exquisite Restaurant Joomla Theme

Details | Demo

23. Seafood Restaurant

The cute background and great images in the lightbox make this template the right choice for a seafood restaurant.

Seafood Restaurant Joomla Theme

Details | Demo

24. Paradise Island

With the lovely images as a background, the design speaks for itself. It’s the perfect template for any travel agency.

Paradise Island JoomlaTheme

Details | Demo

25. Electricity

Darkly colored, with several bright accents, this is a professional-looking design for an electricity services company.

Electricity City Boostrap based Joomla Theme

Details | Demo

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