2013 Web Design Trends Infographic created by Enfuzed

2013 Web Design Trends Infographic

Just as with everything, the web has it’s trends that come and go too. 2013 carries with it some web design trends from 2012 and makes some new ones of it’s own. Enfuzed (that’s us) created Infographic showcasing web design trends for 2013. Even though the year is half over, it’s also only half begun. Webdesign trends of 2013 include responsive, metro or “flat”, minimalism, typography, parallax, infinite scrolling, content first, fixed header, single page websites, and large image backgrounds.

Obviously there are many more, but for the sake of load times on this Infographic we cut some of them out. The ones we cut out include retina ready websites and svg images. I decided to cut svg images out because it has not yet caught on completely yet. Retina is slowly rising as well, some people don’t fully understand it yet and I think that is why it hasn’t been adapted by many yet. Be sure to check out our other infographic: Top 10 Reasons People Leave Your Website.

Anyways let’s get to the Infographic, here are some of the latest web design trends. If you see any errors in this please feel free to comment them below. (click image for larger version)

2013 Web Design Trends by Enfuzed

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2013 Web Design Trends Infographic created by Enfuzed

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      A written content is can’t explain the massage to people and most of people have no interest in reading contents. Infographic is a best way to express your massage. Thanks for Interesting post.

    2. Michelle Tecson

      That’s true. Especially now that mobile and tablet based browsing is becoming prevalent. Responsive design offers flexibility and long-term maintenance cost savings that businesses can benefit from.

  1. alexjuvion

    Really a nice post and keep it up with your bright knowledge…
    Good infographic and i like it very much…..

  2. Ren Ventura

    Awesome info. I really like the metro concept for websites. However, I’m not sold on it as a desktop UI. I enjoy large image backgrounds and I love one page designs because they are very efficient and user friendly. My own design philosophy revolves around minimalism and mobile UX. I really enjoyed this article. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Ana F. aka MizMoBile (@MizMoBile)

      Yes, responsive is really the way to go. You can now turn an existing site into a fully responsive one without having to code it. Wubiquo can automatically convert an existing website into completely responsive site. This is great for all websites that are struggling to cope up with device fragmentation. Wubiquo is basically a DIY too that prevents several man hours of frustrating task for sites that have a lot of content.

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    All throughout 2012 there has been an enormous surge in new web design trends, 2013 is a lot bigger in this sense

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    One thing that I am going to look forward for 2014 is the usage of CMS – content management system.

    Content management systems usage have always been increasing and I believe it would be the same during 2014, as 2013 had a slight downfall with some CMS, such as Magento.


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