20 Innovative Resume Examples

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Your resume can make or break you, in some cases it is the first impression that you will make on the person/company that is hiring. With that said, it is vital to your career that you create a resume that will stand out and set you apart from the pack. Statistics have shown that the average person only spends a few seconds looking over a resume, so having it make a good impression is important.

Now being a Web or Graphic Designer gives you a few advantages, because more than likely you will have a website or online portfolio showcasing your work, but having a good resume that stands out is still an important aspect. So, in an effort to help spark some inspiration, we’ve gathered below 20 innovative resume examples that stand out and can give you some ideas on your resume or CV design.

1. Riccardo Peddio

Riccardo Peddio Resume

2. Sara Catanzariti

Sara Catanzariti Resume

3. Gabriel Ghnassia

Gabriel Ghnassia Resume

4. Katie Briggs

Katie Briggs Resume

5. Chuck D. Lay

Chuck D. Lay Resume

6. Melissa Washin

Melissa Washin Resume

7. Mohammed Mahgoub

Mohammed Mahgoub Resume

8. Edwin Giraldo

J. Edwin Geraldo Resume

9. Blaine Levy

Blaine Levy Resume

10. Gabriel Mello

Gabriel Mello Resume

11. Robbie Bautista

Robbie Bautista Resume

12. Stefan Irava

Stefan Irava Resume

13. Pau Morgan

Pau Morgan Resume

14. Elliot Hasse

Elliot Hasse Resume

15. Riccardo Sabatini

Riccardo Sabatini Resume

16. Errol Veloso

Errol Veloso Resume

17. Stuart Mayhew

Stuart Mayhew Resume

18. Pat Schlaich

Pat Schlaich Resume

19. Navdeep Raj

Navdeep Raj Resume

20. Adam Wouldes

Adam Wouldes Resume

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18 Responses to 20 Innovative Resume Examples

  1. Hector says:

    Puede ser este también :P

  2. Your site is simply awesome. Very good desing. Being a designer I like it very much.

  3. tssveloso says:

    Great selection, guys!

    I’d like to leave here a couple of links that might be interesting:

    First, there’s a great discussion going on on LinkedIn about the practical use of Infographic Resumes. It’s happening in the Visual Thinking Group, under the title “Infographic CV – would you use it?” and has several interesting insights and tips.

    And if you need even more examples, we created a Pinterest board with over 200 infographic resumes: http://pinterest.com/visualoop/infographic-resumes/

    Keep up the good work!

    @TSSVeloso | @visualoop

  4. I had no idea I had been featured here – thank you! :)

  5. Dan says:

    Great selection of resume designs.

    I would like to recommend something similar that might be interesting as well: creative-resume-templates .com

    Keep up the good work ;)

  6. Jensen Hoper says:

    Need a good resume template? Head over to resume-help.org. I needed a resume and used the free samples and advice on their site and was able to put a resume together in about an hour… and through their help was able to land a job. The free advice they have on the site is outstanding and helped me in creating a resume in about an hour.

  7. I had no idea either that I had been featured and I wished they would have spelled my name right…It’s Edwin Giraldo lol – Thank you anyway!

  8. caumardegan says:

    Do you have a compete exemple the Riccardo Peddio resume? Or a larger image?

  9. Sargatal says:

    This resume, called “Curriculum Vitae Bundle”, is the most complete I’ve ever seen

  10. ponmalar says:

    this resume is different

  11. dandylion says:

    no guns, zappa, or beer on resume please.

  12. mmayer says:

    Any psd file that you can share please

  13. Ali Attarwala says:

    Nice collection but not exactly print friendly; unless that’s out of scope.

    Anyway, I recently worked on mine. There’s a free source (Ai) included for someone looking for a more cleaner, print friendly design.