15 Amazing Parallax Websites

Puma Mobium Featured Image

One of the hottest web design trends in the past couple of years has been the parallax scrolling effect. Parallax scrolling happens when layers are scrolled at different speeds in a simulated parallax motion effect when the cursor is moved. The end effect gives a cool user experience and some web developers have taken it to new levels and have made some pretty amazing parallax websites.

Although recently popular as a design trend for websites, parallax has actually been around since the original Nintendo days. Here we’ve gathered 15 amazing handpicked examples of parallax websites below.

1. Nike Air Jordan 2012

Update 2-17-14: This site is no longer online, but you can view a video of the parallax scrolling effect here.

Nike Air Jordan 2012 Parallax Website

2. Lost World’s Fair Atlantis

Lost World's Fair Atlantis Parallax Website

3. James Bond 007 Cars Revolution

James Bond 007 Cars Revolution Parallax Website

4. Range Rover Evoque

Range Rover Evoque Parallax Website

5. Iutopi

Iutopi Parallax Website

6. Flight of the Fireflies

Flight of the Fireflies Parallax Website

7. Unfold

Unfold Parallax Website

8. Oakley

Oakley Parallax Website

9. Puma Mobium

Puma Mobium Parallax Website

10. Mario Kart History

Mario Kart History Parallax Website

11. Scroll for Your Health

Scroll for Your Health Parallax Website

12. The Rise and Rise of David Bowie

The Rise and Rise of David Bowie Parallax Website

13. GLP Creative

GLP Creative Parallax Website

14. Lexus LS

Lexus LS Parallax Website

15. Inception Explained

Inception Explained Parallax Website

16. Design Week Portland 2012

Design Week Portland 2012 Parallax Website

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10 Responses to 15 Amazing Parallax Websites

  1. David says:

    another one : springcourt .com/univers/

  2. David says:

    Beautiful collection, minimalist design and great art! I really love these kinds of designs. Only one thing, are they responsive?

  3. Carla Dawson says:

    Nice Collection..We did a SEO Parallax Scrolling website. It is not as pretty as the onces in this collection but it is SEO friendly.

    You can see it here. posicionamientowebenbuscadores .com

    We used parallax scrolling as a design concept to be applied to each URL rather than putting the whole website on one URL.

  4. Enfuzed says:

    I’m not sure I didn’t test any of them, only one way to find out!

  5. Ivan says:

    Great collection. Many funny websites for example Mario Kart History

  6. curlywink says:

    This one’s awesome, too. http://www.thesearethings.com/