11 Imaginative Toggle Switches

Toggle Switch by Aric

Toggle switches, or toggle, are something that has become increasingly popular since the takeover of mobile devices, so much so that they have made their way to computers. Dribbble has had a recent playoff on toggle switches with feelings in which a few designers have created some very imaginative toggles that are beyond the basic yes/no, on/off switches that you see, these toggles have feelings :). Which is your favorite?

1. If switch has feelings by Aric

If switch has feelings Toggle Switch by Aric

 2. Switch by Morcha

Switch Toggle Switch by Morcha

 3. Animated Emotion by Star UX

Animated Emotion Toggle Switch by Star UX

4. Feeling Switch by Jacky Zhuang

Feeling Switch Toggle Switch by Jacky Zhuang

5. Like by Han Wang

Like Toggle Switch by Han Wang

6. Love Button by Quan

Love Button Toggle Switch by Quan

7. Switches x Stitches by Trevor Van Meter

Switches x Stitches Toggle Switch by Trevor Van Meter

8. Adventure Time by Ela Ganor

Adventure Time Toggle Switch by Ela Ganor

9. Idea Switch by Jamie Heuze

Idea Switch Toggle Switch Toggle Switch by Jamie Heuze

10. Switches Playoff by Pro Web Design

Switches Playoff Toggle Switch by Pro Web Design

11. Rock On by Marcio Gutheil

Rock On Toggle Switch by Marcio Gutheil

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