10 Spectacular Free WordPress Themes

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WordPress has become the most popular CMS on earth over the past decade and is being used by some of the worlds top companies including The New York Times, CNN, Forbes, eBay, BestBuy, Tech Crunch and more. With thousands upon thousands of free WordPress themes out on the web, it can be an overwhelming task trying to choose the right one for your WordPress website.

That is why I decided to put together this list of 10 spectacular free WordPress themes that you should consider using for your next website. These themes are well constructed and up with current trends and are sure to stand out from the crowd.

1. Spun by Caroline Themes

Spun is a clean and light-weight and responsive theme perfect for photographers who want to showcase their photos in an elegant manner. This theme supports widgets which can be used in the footer andĀ also supports the Image, Quote, Status, Gallery, and AsideĀ post formats.

Spun Free WordPress Theme

2. Photography by SMThemes

Photography by SMThemes is a ready to go theme that is fully responsive. Great for photographers and bloggers, this theme combines the portfolio style with a blog format. This theme supports custom sidebars, is shortcode ready, and slider ready.

Photography Free WordPress Theme by SMThemes

3. Photo by WP Explorer

Photo is another great theme to use as a portfolio featuring a fully responsive grid style layout. The minimal layout brings focus to your logo and focus to your work.

Photo Free WordPress Theme by WP Explorer

4. Xenastore by Web2Feel

Xenastore is a great theme if you plan on setting up an online shop. This theme features vibrant colors and a simplistic layout so users can focus more on the products you have to offer.

Xenastore Free WordPress Theme by Web2Feel

5. Architekt by Dessign

Architekt is another great theme for a portfolio and features a grid style layout that focuses on images. You can download a free version or opt for the paid version which is responsive.

Architekt Free WordPress Theme by Dessign

6. Shuttershot by Web2Feel

Shuttershot is a full screen slideshow image theme that is perfect for photographers. This is a great minimalist theme that will have users focus towards your photos.

Shuttershot Free WordPress Theme by Web2Feel

7. Simple’n’Bright by Site5

Just as it’s name says, this theme is a simple and bright WordPress theme that is widget ready (footer and sidebar). It’s Google web fonts supported and custom logo and favicon supported. Activate the homepage slider and you’ll have users drooling over your website.

Simple'n'Bright Free WordPress Theme  by Site5

8. iRibbon by Cyber Chimps

iRibbon is a great theme that is fully responsive and includes drag and drop page elements. This theme runs off of the trusted Twitter bootstrap and features a homepage slider and ribbon backgrounds for main heading elements.

iRibbon free WordPress Theme by Cyber Chimps

9. Clippy by Site5

Clippy is a bit girly I’ll admit (with the pink highlights) but this theme features some beautiful fonts and a minimalist layout in Pinterest pin board style. The best part? This theme is fully responsive.

Clippy free WordPress Theme by Site5

10. Lefty by Authentic Themes

Featuring a left fixed side bar, lefty is a great theme that steps outside the norm. This theme is fully responsive, W3C valid, supports Google web fonts, and widgets in the sidebar and footer area.

Lefty free WordPress Theme by Authentic Themes

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